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The Devils Baby (The Devils Soldiers MC #2)

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Heartbroken and a tank full of gas, Niya has no destination in mind the only thing she can even see is the blurry road ahead of her. Landing in a small beachside town she tries to start her life, but with the pain of Colt’s betrayal she struggles to come to terms with a life without him. She misses the adoptive parents she’s come to love Razor and Maggie but can’t seem to make that step into calling them. Niya’s life takes a turn when she finds herself pregnant and missing her biker family even more. Finally giving in she calls Maggie breaking down.

Colt falls apart with Niya gone he’s fighting with all of his brothers and drinking away the pain, it’s not until a well needed intervention that he cleans himself up and fights for the women who is everything to him. Colt will stop at nothing to get Niya back into his life and bed again, but she won’t make it easy for him.
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The Devils Soldiers MC Series by Cilla Lee

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As I drove away from the clubhouse, my heart was breaking into a million tiny little pieces and all I kept hearing was Pixie's smug little jab ‘I told ya so’. I pulled over and jumped out slamming the door screaming “FFFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK” I screamed so loud until no more air would leave my body and I collapsed on the ground. The thought of Colt and Star breaking my heart and turning my stomach, my hands shook so hard I was that angry, sad, fucking pissed off and heartbroken all at the same time. The tears wouldn't stop either (why? how could he do this to me to us)

“Are you ok” a voice says and I looked up to see a woman in a jogging suit looking at me, I nodded my head and wiping the tears away. “Are you sure, have you broken down?” she asks but I shake my head

“No, I just needed a minute” (and to go back twenty-four hours)

“Are you sure” I stand up and face her wiping my hands down my dress, she looks me up and down, I know it's a judgmental look but she smiles.

“I'm fine thank you” I get back in my car and look out the front windscreen (what the fuck do I do now) I start to head home, as the turn comes up I just keep going, every time I closed my eyes there they were naked both of them in bed together. I drive for so long I having no idea where I was, fully on auto no destination in mind every road was just another mile to escape my broken heart…


Chapter One


I pulled up to a motel on the fourth day, my body running on gas station hotdogs and energy drinks and I was starting to feel it. I cried for so many miles that I had nothing left, my phone died after the millionth call and texts. I just needed to get away I couldn't face Colt, Maggie, Razor any of them especially not Star. I think if I saw either of them at the moment I would snap and my new gun skills definitely would have come into play, no I needed space time and in time courage to face them again.


The women at the reception desk looked up as I entered the office giving me the once over, I was still in my dress from the party so her next comments where understandable

“You alone” she asks me a cigarette hanging out of her mouth


“You sellin' yourself”

“No, I'm not selling myself” I tell the bitch as she looks at me again

“I don't want no trouble”

“Just give me the dam key”

“Checkouts at noon”

“I'll be staying a while” I tell her

“Humph you sell yourself I get a cut”

“I'm not a fucking whore” I grab the key and leave slamming the door on my way out “Fucking bitch” I mumble as I walked to my room. I had no luggage, no bags of any kind. I had my emergency money that I always kept in my car and that was it, but even that wasn't going to last for too long. The room wasn't too bad double bed, TV the usual motel looks to it, but what did I expect for twenty-five dollars. I lay down on the bed and just stare at the ceiling, how could my life go from amazing to shit in a matter of hours, but then my life has always been one shit moment to the next.


I'd been in the motel a few days and I felt so run down, I survived on vending machine food, not willing to leave my room for too long. I was still bursting into tears at the drop of the hat and still cried myself to sleep every night, images of Colt and Star together forever etched in my brain. I would wake up, remember and throw up it was never ending. My dress was starting to smell after the first week when I decided I needed clothes, I found a charity shop just down the block so I grabbed just a few things shirts, jeans a pair of flip flops and a pair of sand shoes. I also stopped in at the grocery store and picked up food that wasn't in a vending machine, as I was walking to my room a women's voice stopped me

“Hay girl, your new” I turn around to see a very pretty girl with brunette hair and curves that would make a pin-up jealous “Brandy” she says holding out her hand

“Oh, um I'm Niya” I lick off the Cheetos from my fingers and shake her hand

“What room you in?” she asks me

“Twenty-four you” she nods towards her door

“Nineteen where practically neighbors, how long you been here?” she asks me

“About a week I think” not really sure of how many days have gone by