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Three years ago Tyler Durant was living the life he's always dreamed of. Going in and out of some of the world's most dangerous places to get the story. Then his best friend dies naming him as guardian to his daughter. Ty wants no part of family life or the ranch that has been in his family for generations but how can he say no.

Now Dominique's all grown up and he finds himself in a situation that's more dangerous than any venture he'd ever undertaken before when she decides he's the man she wants.

This is a Short Story of approximately 11 000 words
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Chapter 1

“Come here Dominique.”


I flexed the strap in my hand and advanced towards her, in her haste to escape me she’d backed herself into a corner, one from which she couldn’t escape.

“What did I tell you?”

She didn’t answer me just kept her eyes trained on the thick length of leather in my hand.

“I asked you a fucking question.”

The harshness of my voice made her jump and she tried inching her way out of her trap.

I reached out easily and grabbed her by the front of her shirt pulling her to me.

“You want to fuck around huh? Did I not tell you about that shit?” The belt came down across her ass hard; it was the hardest I’d ever hit her, always before she’d been spanked with the flat of my hand but this time she’d gone too far.

“You can’t do this you have no right.”

“I can and I will.” I didn’t let her tears stop me as I rained lashes down on her little ass as she squirmed and pleaded with me to stop.

“Now take your ass in the shower and get to bed I don’t want to see you again until morning and if you pull that shit again it’ll be worse.”

“I hate you.”

“Yeah well right now I’m not too fond of you either.”

She stomped off with her arms folded and not for the first time I wondered what the hell I was going to do with her. This whole situation is fucked; I’m not cut out for this shit, who in their right mind would think it made sense to leave me in charge of a teenager? Two more weeks that’s all it will take, two more weeks and she’ll be nineteen and I can feel a little bit better about letting her go her way. I was about that age when I headed out on my own and I’ve made out okay.

She’s been with me for three years, three long years since my buddy wrapped his car around a tree doing a hundred and ten on the anniversary of his wife’s death. Asshole; he’d taken the east way out, couldn’t face life without her so he’d left his little girl alone in the world right on the cusp of becoming a woman. When the lawyers had told me I needed to be there for the reading of the will I’d had no reason to suspect. Greg and I had been childhood friends but we’d grown apart and gone our separate ways when we left high school. I’d gone out into the world to make a name for myself and I hadn’t done too bad travelling the globe as an investigative reporter, no formal training, just a knack for getting in and out of places that the average citizen wouldn’t dare trespass upon.

Greg had gotten his high school sweetheart pregnant when we were sixteen but his parents had picked up the slack giving them the opportunity to finish their education and they’d both done well for themselves, he in law and she as a social worker. Until she’d been diagnosed with a terminal illness and died within a few short months. I’d been at his wedding and her funeral having received missives from my mother about both occurrences. I’d only met Dominique a handful of times and had no real interest in kids so all I noticed was that she was a beautiful little girl with her mother’s smile and her dad’s winning personality.

One year after Anna’s death my father and mom passed within months of each other leaving me the ranch. A ranch that I wanted no part of, I’d gone halfway around the world to get away from this place out in the middle of nowhere, no one else around for miles, I hated cattle, hated hay hated the smell of the place, but suddenly it was mine. Land that has been in the Durant family for over three hundred years, a legacy, how could I sell it? Fuck. So I’d said goodbye to my life and came home to oversee the place as I knew my parents would’ve wanted me to.

Just as I was getting back into the groove of things Greg went and fucked himself and fucked me in the bargain.

When the lawyer told me he’d named me as guardian my first reaction had been denial. There was no way in hell I was going to take responsibility for a sixteen year old girl, but then I’d taken one look at her sitting in that room all alone looking so lost and alone, no mother no father and my heart broke for her.

She’d come down with mono not long after that and I’d been deathly afraid that we would lose her too, a whole family wiped out in less than five years, but she’d pulled through. She’d missed a year of school, that’s why she was now graduating at nineteen. That whole year I’d nursed her back to health when she didn’t want to live, she’d wanted to go with her parents poor little thing, but then she’d gotten better and all hell broke loose. It started with my girlfriend at the time, no matter what Lisa did Dominique found fault, granted Lisa was a bit much to take with her big city ways and always looking down on others. But maybe I shouldn’t have gone so far that day I’d overheard her putting Dominique down. I’d ordered her off my place and had soothed the crying Dominique by telling her that she was way more beautiful than the other woman; big mistake. It’s as if I’d opened up a can of worms. From that day on she’d done everything in her power to run off every interested female, I shudder to think about some of the things she’d told them to run them off. I knew what she was about, but at first I’d thought it was just hero worship; then I’d made myself believe that it was just abandonment issues, that is until she climbed into my bed three months ago and I realized I had a serious problem on my hands. I’d rebuffed her of course, not because she was too young, by then she was eighteen but because she was my best friend’s daughter, a daughter he’d trusted me to look after after he was gone. I wont lie and say I hadn’t grown to find her attractive that would be an outright lie. She was beautiful with a head full of dark brown curls and the brightest blue eyes I’d ever seen, her oval shaped face with beautifully sculpted high cheekbones and those lips that looked like hot sin, not to mention her body, she had a body made for fucking just not by me.