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One year ago Colin Stewart met the young and beautiful Amber Stevens while on holiday in the Greek Isles. It was love at first sight for the business tycoon and the young girl; but on their return to the states something went horribly wrong. Now out for revenge Colin has tracked her down with only one thing on his mind. To make her pay for her deception. What will he do when he finally finds her and uncovers the secret she's been hiding?
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Chapter 1

I pulled up to the abandoned cabin in the woods reluctantly. My GPS had led me here to this place but this couldn't be right. There's no way Amber was living, more like hiding in this dump in the middle of nowhere. I loosened the Hermes tie that was beginning to choke me. If the Intel I had received was accurate then the woman I had spent the most wonderful two weeks of my life with was in there, and she was not alone. If this was true then I would make her life a hell on earth, no one took from me and walked away, not even the one who had stolen my heart. It was almost a year since our idyllic time in the Greek isles, two weeks of love and promises between two strangers who had fallen fast and fallen hard for each other. Until we had returned to the states and she disappeared without a trace, it had taken my people this long to find her. Almost one year of frustration and sleepless nights, one year when the only thing that kept me going was the business and my burning need for revenge.

I got out of my Aston Martin and looked around hardly believing that this is where my search had led me. I couldn't imagine the soft spoken genteel woman I had met being anywhere near such a place, but then again there was a lot I didn't know about her; the lying little bitch.

I walked cautiously towards the dilapidated porch looking for any signs of life. There was nothing, not even the sound of birds in the trees, of course I could've disturbed them with my presence and they went into hiding. The sagging structure looked as if it was about to fall in and I was about to turn around and leave when I heard a faint sound coming from behind the door. Heart racing and senses on high alert I reached out to turn the knob. It opened without too much effort, onto a scene that boggled my mind.

"You conniving little bitch."

"Ahhhh." She screamed and turned around shielding the tiny bundle she held cradled in her arms.

"Co...Colin?" She stuttered in fear, her eyes wide with terror. She was right to be afraid because before this day was done I would destroy her completely.

Almost One Year Earlier.

"Colin you really need a holiday, you work entirely too much."

"Mom, don't start." I kissed the exasperating woman on her cheek as she came into my office. I think I've been hearing that same refrain or something like it since I was about eighteen.

"Well it's true, when's the last time you took a real holiday hmmm? Right after college if I remember correctly. Good Lord son that's a little more than seven years."

I gave her my signature smirk to try and distract her, I know her. When she gets like this she’s like a dog with a meaty bone. If I’m not careful she would have me in the middle if the Mediterranean on a yacht before I knew what hit me and I didn't have time for that. No matter how much the papers liked to peg me as the carefree playboy, nothing could be farther from the truth. I worked hard, and okay when the opportunity arose I played hard too, but those times were becoming more and more rare.

Ever since granddad had retired and passed the reigns to my brother Don and I I'd given up my late nights and party hat for long days and strategy meetings at the office.

"I'm too busy right now mom."

"But your brother always finds time to relax and get away."

"Mom Don’s a family man, besides you and I both know that Cindy would drag him by the balls..."

"Such language Colin really." Her scolding didn't quite work since she was fighting not to laugh. Mom is a real firecracker, in her cashmere twin sets and Prada heels. She is the picture of a high society maven; hosting garden parties for whatever charity or cause she was interested in at the moment. But at home with her nearest and dearest she was a force to be reckoned with. She kept dad on his toes that was for sure, at least that's what he's been telling me my whole life.

"What is it that you want now mom?"

"Is that anyway to talk to your dear old mom?"

"Pffft yeah right, what is it? Spit it out."

"Weeeelllll..." She ran her fingers across my desk. Uh oh.

"No." I started shaking my head before she could finish; whenever she starts a sentence like that it never boded well for whoever was on the receiving end. I don't know how many times she had caught me out there like that.

"How rude Colin, you didn't even let me finish."