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When Worlds Collide

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Jordan Silver

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He was the son of an old family, a family not only of wealth but a great history going back hundreds of years. As such his future had been mapped out at birth. He knew his duty and had never given it much thought. Until his years in the marines showed him a different world. Still, he was more than happy to follow the status quo, until he met her.

She was the daughter of the groundskeeper, someone they both knew would never be accepted by his peers and definitely not by his mother. But how could he deny the heat between them each time they meet? Or ignore what his heart tells him each time he looks into her eyes?

Will he defy convention, turn his back on his duty to his family name? Or will he give in and condemn himself to a life of misery without her?
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“And just what do you think you’re doing?” I stayed as far away as possible, not trusting myself to enter the room. Instead I leaned a shoulder against the doorjamb and folded my arms in wait of whatever tale she was going to tell.

The little imp looked back and down from her high perch on the ladder she’d climbed. Her face lit up as soon as she saw that it was I and I felt it in my gut, and places south, as usual.

Her smile did strange things to me, but I ignored it and kept my facial expression as stern as I could under the circumstances. She always did know how to get the better of me and one twitch of my lips would only encourage her in her madness.

I wanted to walk across the room and snatch her down from there before she broke her damn neck, but I didn’t dare get my hands anywhere near her. It’s been getting harder these days to keep my distance, to not give in to the invitation written so plainly in her young eyes.

“Oh hi, I didn’t hear you come in. And how was your day?” She sounded so much like a wife. She always does the way she looks after me. Get that shit out of your mind Ethan. I straightened away from the door but still didn’t venture farther into the room.

“I’ll tell you just as soon as you climb down from there.” I kept my eyes averted from her ass as she made her way down. She was chattering away about something, which went right over my head. I was too busy taking her in.

From the way she was dressed, tight fitting capris in a bright orange color, white shirt tied beneath her ample breasts and an orange scarf tied around her hair, it wasn’t easy to tell if she was about to clean the room or go out on the grounds for a picnic.

The spot of dust on her nose answered that question and I looked up towards the ceiling to see what it was she’d been cleaning up there. “What were you doing up there Lucia?” I had servants enough to clean the rafters if they needed it, so I was sure she was up to something that was sure to make me daft.

“Nothing, I just uh… I saw a spot, that’s it, a spot on the window up there.” What a liar. The damn window is more than forty feet off the ground, the house is over three hundred years old, and I’m pretty sure no one in their right mind had ever climbed up there to clean them before.

I pretended to believe her as I looked up at the dusty windows in the conservatory at the back of my family home. “I think you missed a couple hundred spots.” This time I wasn’t quick enough to hide the smile. She’s such a delightful little liar.

“Okay, you caught me. I was spying.” That sounded more like it.

“Spying? Spying on who?”

“On you of course and that ghastly woman.”


“Well you asked.” Now she was pouting and her beautiful smile had waned.

The little brat, at least she’s honest; she always has been. A refreshing change from the usual. “And why were you spying on me and Ms. Thorne?” As if I had to ask. She’d made no secret of her feelings where my intended was concerned.

Note I said intended, and not fiancée. I’m still finding it hard to pop the question. And this little minx I’m afraid, has a lot to do with my hesitation. It’s a whole fucking mess to be sure, and I’d almost prefer to be in the middle of the desert sniffing out assholes than dealing with this shit.

I never thought I’d find myself in this position it’s just not the kind of man I am. Emotion has never played a part in any of the life decisions I’ve made thus far, and to find myself held hostage by this slip of a girl was wreaking havoc on my well-planned agenda.

She’s too young Ethan; she has her whole life ahead of her, don’t fuck with her. That little mantra was losing its strength by the day. I’ve been fighting this demon for almost a damn year now, but instead of getting easier, the shit just seems to get worst.

“I don’t like her. I wish you wouldn’t bring her around or let her show up here willy-nilly.” She actually sneered at me, which I ignored, but there was no ignoring her words. “I’ve asked you not to talk like that. Uh-uh-uh, zip it.” I shushed her when she opened that mouth of hers to argue.

When it was just the two of us she could get away with anything, but if my mother or one of the servants should hear her disrespect it would cause all kinds of hell. I allowed her to speak her mind freely because I understood. Fuck do I understand.