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When I was younger, I believe I almost stumbled upon something I shouldn’t have. Something that upset my mother and made her abandon us all. It was all my fault.
I grew up wondering how she could leave us? My older brothers never blamed me, but I’ve blamed myself. So much so I never asked questions when I was thrown into the family business. Then I had my little girl. I thought I could take a vacation from being a Di Lorenzo.
However, my selfish wife has ensured my return to the life. I will no longer be able to remain an outsider to what my brothers and I have been handed.

The Di Lorenzo’s have secrets. I know a lot about having those. When Gio Di Lorenzo hired me five years ago, I knew those secrets would come out. His younger brother Dante doesn’t know who I am and now I’m stepping into shoes I never thought I’d fill.
When this becomes personal, all thoughts of keeping my secrets go out the window. In the blink of an eye, I become who I was created to be.
Will the truth tear everything apart? Will there be one secret too many? Or will it all go according to plan in this unexpected love?

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Not everyone is worthy of your love. If they can’t respect you, respect yourself enough to walk away.

―Blue Saffire


Black Sheep’s Sacrifice


“It’s taken care of,” Jace whispers in my ear.

I nod and narrow my eyes as my brother, Dante, stands before me at the altar. My little brother is making a mistake. I understand why. However, he’s a grown man, so I’m going to allow him to make this decision on his own.

That doesn’t mean I’m not going to cover him. It’s only one more secret I’m going to own. As the oldest, I’ve learned some things he’s yet to understand.

Life is about sacrifices. I’ve made many. I’ve been making sacrifices since I was told all the things I’ll never be. In their eyes, I’m the weak one.

Funny, it’s the weak hand that moves while the strong one strikes. In this life you need the weak hand to distract from the real power moves. I play the hand I’ve been dealt, but this isn’t about me.

I’m getting ahead of myself. One day—and I say this with confidence—I’ll right all the wrongs done to Ava Di Lorenzo’s boys. All the secrets will be out and there won’t be a weak link to be found.

First, my brothers have a few lessons to learn. For now, I’ll leave our secrets to rest. Even my sister-in-law will be allowed a reprieve from the monster she has woken.

I’m patient. I had to learn to be. If nothing else I’ve said is remembered—remember this. When you bite a poisonous snake, don’t be surprised when it bites back.

Chapter 1

Trick or Treat


Laughter surrounds me and I roll my eyes. I’m at a great part in this book and all I want is some peace and quiet. Too bad all employees are required to come to these company parties. It’s supposed to be a bonding experience.

For an introvert like me, it’s like being boiled in hot grease. The only saving grace has been the fact that I get to dress up. Although, I had to dial back from the cosplay costume I had in mind as this is a work event after all.

Everyone already thinks I’m weird. I can only imagine what they would have thought if I showed up as Nubia. I sigh as I mourn not wearing my Black Wonder Woman costume. It would have been a representation of my hero. My big sister, she’s the versions of me I wish I could always tap into.

“Happy Halloween, Lizzy.” I look up and give a kind of grimace smile to one of my coworkers. I can’t think of his name at the moment. He’s one of the interns. He likes to talk a lot. I don’t want to encourage that tonight.

I want to be left alone so I can finish this chapter. The main point of this costume was to be able to get away with reading with no one being the wiser.

As soon as I arrived, I found the first high boy not occupied by humans. I’d much rather spend the night with my book friends than these people.

They’re not all bad. However, I don’t like peopling. I’d rather stab my eye out than talk to people who look at me like I speak another language. I learned a long time ago; I’d rather not speak than be made to feel like I need to dumb down for others.

“Is this what I have my brother paying you so much for?”

I grin and get ready to say something snarky as I turn around. I freeze in place as I look up into the eyes of Gio Di Lorenzo. I’m startled at first by the white contacts he has in—they’re such a stark contrast from his intense hazel eyes that always seem to be consumed by secrets. Even with the pale makeup, long blond wig, and fake blood dripping from his lower lip, he’s still breathtaking.

All of the Di Lorenzo’s are. However, this man has been a force from the first time I met him. Our meeting always brings a smile to my face. Gio lifts a brow and gives a dirty grin as if he’s reading my thoughts.

“You and I both know this isn’t what your brother pays me for,” I say before leaning in to whisper. “Nor is he the one who pays me.” I wink.

He winks back and places a finger to his lips, then glances around swiftly. “You look stunning. I don’t regret a dime.”

I laugh. “But that’s not what you pay me for either and we know the pumpkin will return at midnight.”

He frowns at my words and looks me deep in the eyes. I have to look away from his gaze as if I’m being burned. Gio is hot. I mean, melt your panties off hot, but I’m not a match for him or his tastes.