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Trying It (Metropolis #4)

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Frankie Ramirez never figured helping a twink-in-need would lead to him finding a bestie, but that's exactly what happened with Evan. Living with him at Metropolis has been a dream come true. Evan's sexy, kind, knows how to make Frankie smile, and he's both hilarious and confident when he sings his heart out during karaoke. Evan's been dealt a bad hand, and Frankie likes being there for him, but Evan does the same for Frankie. When life gets heavy, nothing fixes it like movies, Chinese food, and Evan.

After the betrayal of his dick-of-an-ex, Evan Lockhart has a hard time getting close to people. But the one guy he can always count on is his laid-back, adorable, beanie-wearing bestie, Frankie. Frankie is fiercely loyal and protective-exactly what Evan needs in his life right now. Evan tells him everything, but when he finds himself curious to explore something a little unusual-maybe a little strange-he worries about what will happen if Frankie finds out.

But who better to explore your closet kink with than your best friend? Evan and Frankie know they're strong enough not to let something like this get between them. And really, is there any harm in just TRYING IT?
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Metropolis Series by Riley Hart

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“How’s that wrist feeling?” Frankie asks as he escorts me back to Metropolis.

“It’s fine,” I mutter.

Considering I just met him tonight, it was nice of Frankie to offer to walk me back to my condo building after my ex, Peter, injured me. But even though it hurt when that asshole grabbed me by my wrist and demanded I stay at the bar to listen to more of his lies, it’s not my arm that hurts the most.

It’s my heart.

“The rumors aren’t true, by the way,” I blurt out as we round the corner. Nice as this guy’s being, I would hate to discover he’d bought into whatever everyone’s been saying about me behind my back.

“Evan, if it makes you feel better, I’m not sure what rumors you mean.”

Well, that’s a relief, especially considering I kept hearing the whispers of gossip even as I was making my way through the bar tonight.

Frankie seems nice, but I’m feeling particularly guarded right now, especially after what happened back there with Peter.

“Wanna talk about it?” Frankie asks. “I think the rumor mill can vouch for my incredible listening abilities.”

I laugh, appreciating a joke on such a shit-tastic night. He doesn’t have to do this. He doesn’t even know me—yet here he is, walking me home and asking if I want to talk.

But just as quickly as he got me laughing, I find tears streaming down my face again.

I stop on the sidewalk. “Sorry. I just need a moment.”

God, I’m so emotional sometimes. I thought I’d be able to keep my cool around this hot guy. Just seeing Frankie back at Pump got me all giddy and excited, but the relief was short-lived because I’m still just me…in the middle of a fucked-up breakup with a bastard of an ex.

Frankie leans down in front of me and rests his hand on my shoulder. “Hey, buddy, any chance you like Chinese food?”

“I love Chinese,” I say, my voice cracking as I speak the words.

He slides his phone out of his pocket and asks, “Any requests?”

I should be polite and say, “No, thank you,” but Chinese sounds so good, and I really don’t want to be alone right now.

“General Tso’s chicken,” I mutter.

“You’ve got it.”

Frankie orders some Chinese through an app while escorting me back to my unit. He doesn’t push me to talk, even when we enter my place. He just sits with me on my couch.

As I start to regroup, I’m finally able to look at him again. He notices some magazines on my coffee table before saying, “Holy shit. Are these you?” He riffles through them, checking out the covers, which I’m on.

“Um…yeah,” I say. How embarrassing. “Sorry. I must seem pretty vain. I would hide them, but Peter liked to have them out…to show people. At least now I can put them away.”

“Sounds like you had a real catch,” Frankie says facetiously. “So you’re a model? That’s cool.”

“Ex-model. I’m looking for a new job. It’s kind of something I fell into during high school, and I can’t say it’s been the best thing in the world for me.” I worry I’ve said too much, but he seems too focused on the images to notice.

“These pictures don’t look all that much like you. What’s this face you’re making?”

He tries to imitate it, pursing his lips and squinting his eyes.

“Oh, you mean sexface?” I ask. “That’s my signature expression since I started out.”

I make the expression and he laughs. I feel a little more at ease. I have a sneaking suspicion Frankie’s doing it—finding ways of getting me to relax—on purpose, and I appreciate it.

He leans back into the corner of the sofa, spreading his arms out like he lives here.

He has this sympathetic smirk on his face, the beanie he’s wearing looking adorable with just a bit of dark hair pushing out from under it, angling across his forehead. While I’m glad he came in here with me, I’m nervous he might want to mess around tonight.

I’m not ready for that.

I’ve never been the kind of guy who could mess around with someone I didn’t know. I’ve always felt guarded, protective of that. And of course, that led to me sharing my first time with Peter, the asshole who just broke my heart.

“So you wanna tell me what the deal was back there?” he asks. “Why that asshole Peter was grabbing you like that?”

His jaw tightens, and he balls his hand into a fist.

“No, it’s okay.” I shake my head. I can’t imagine telling someone I don’t know my business like that. Who else would I tell? It’s not like I have any friends I talk to either.…

“Come on. I’m good at listening. It’s kind of my specialty.” He gives me a grin that I can’t help but return. “Please?” he asks again.

There’s something about Frankie…in his laid-back manner and that gentle expression on his face…that makes it easy for me to open up to him. Considering he brought me all the way home and ordered Chinese food for me, I feel I at least owe him an answer. Plus, in case word does reach him through the rumor mill, I’d rather him know my side. “Long story short—when we met, Peter told me he and his boyfriend, Gary, were in an open relationship, and he was so hurt because he’d basically been bullied into it. Then he acted like no one would ever fuck him because he was so old, and his boyfriend was so young.”