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Tossed Into Love (Fluke My Life #3)

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Aurora Rose Reynolds

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Can the best of enemies become the hottest of lovers? New York Times bestselling author Aurora Rose Reynolds proves that opposites can be compatible—and twice as combustible…

Libby Reed is over it. Or that’s what she tells herself. She’s lusted after one of New York’s bravest for years, but firefighter Antonio Moretti has doused her interest for the last time. As much as she wants the arrogant jerk (in a bad, bad way), they can’t even be in the same room without setting each other off…which might be a problem now that she’s volunteered to help out in his family’s restaurant.

Antonio’s been burned before. Now he knows better than to trust a pretty face and follow another pair of long, beautiful legs into heartbreak. But while Libby might rub him the wrong way, he can’t deny the heat between them. And it only burns hotter when she steps up in his time of need. The closer they get, the more he realizes he may have misjudged her. Then again, he doesn’t know the secret Libby’s keeping that could send their relationship up in flames before it’s even begun.
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Chapter 1



I hear the front door open, then listen as my sister Mackenzie tries to be quiet when she enters our apartment. The loud squeak of the hinges causes her to fail miserably. I roll over in bed and look at the clock. It’s early, not even five in the morning. I don’t know where she stayed last night, but I do know it wasn’t here. I also know that if I ask her where she was all night, she won’t tell me. She never tells me anything anymore, which is annoying as hell and highly frustrating. There was a time when we shared everything with each other, a time when both my sisters, Mac and Fawn, shared everything with me. That all changed around Halloween, when Fawn started dating her boyfriend, Levi. I don’t know why things changed then, but I know they did. I roll back over and close my eyes, ignoring her as she comes into the bedroom and fumbles around in the dark. I keep ignoring her as her bed squeaks as she gets into it. I hear her move around some more like she can’t get comfortable.

“Lib, are you up?” she whispers into the dark. I hold back a sigh of frustration. I’ve always had a problem getting back to sleep once I’m awake.

“Maybe,” I whisper back.

“Tony had a heart attack.”

“What?” I sit up and flip on my lamp, blinking as my eyes adjust to the light.

“Tony had a heart attack,” she repeats.

My heart sinks. Tony is the owner of Tony’s Pizzeria, just a couple of blocks from our apartment. When I moved to New York City to go to school six years ago, Tony’s Pizzeria was the first place that felt a little like home. The first time I walked into the shop, Tony welcomed me with open arms. Every time after that, he greeted me like he had known me my whole life, like I was a part of his family. He was always there with a warm smile and friendly hug.

Tony’s has become the place I go when I need a moment to think or someone to talk to—that someone being Tony’s wife, Martina, a woman I have come to care for deeply. She’s always, but always, given me her time, her ear, and her advice. She and her husband are two of the kindest people I know. They remind me of my parents in a lot of ways. Tony has a warmth about him, and Martina is sweet to the bone and generous with advice. Even when advice is not exactly what you’re looking for.

“When . . . ? Is . . . is he okay? Is Martina okay?”

“It was a few days ago. He’s okay. He had surgery. Antonio said he’ll be starting physical therapy soon. Martina is with him.”

Of course she’s with him. Martina is always at her husband’s side; where he goes, she goes.

“Oh god,” I whisper. “Who’s running the shop?” If Tony just had a heart attack, he can’t run it; Martina can’t because she won’t leave her husband’s side. And Antonio? Well, Antonio, their only son, already has a full-time job as a firefighter—and he hates the pizzeria. I can’t imagine him wanting to run the shop for his parents.

“Antonio’s been taking care of things,” she says.

I shake my head. Martina told me a while back, when I asked why Antonio didn’t work at the shop, that Antonio resented the pizzeria, that he felt like the business was slowly killing his dad. I’m sure his father having a heart attack has only made him hate the place even more now.

“He’s struggling, so I’m going to try and help out when I can.” Her words pull me from my thoughts. I look over at her once more.

“I’ll help, too,” I say instantly. It might be awkward, though, since I’ve had a crush on Antonio for three years and he doesn’t seem to like me much. Every time I’ve been around him, he’s growled or glared at me for whatever reason. Personally, I think he is a jerk—a hot jerk, but a jerk all the same. Still, I adore his parents and wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror if I didn’t at least try to help them out in some way while they are dealing with such a difficult situation.

“I know Martina will appreciate that,” she says.

I notice that her eyes are tired and her face is red, like she’s been crying. I want to ask her what’s wrong, but I fight the urge, turn the light back off, and lie down. I’m not a heartless cow; I’ve tried talking to Mackenzie until I’m blue in the face, but no matter what I say or do, she refuses to open up to me. As the baby of the family, I’m used to people . . . well . . . babying me. Still, it’s frustrating when it happens. I might be younger than my sisters, but I’m a grown woman who has the ability to think, give advice, and help out when needed. I wish they would see that.