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I call him the puppet master for a reason. They slept on him and woke a monster. You don’t touch his queen and you steer clear of his Knight. Well, they f*cked up and came for his entire army. They’re all going to learn Don Gio is the wrong one. They done f*cked around and found out.

They say it’s lonely at the top. Well, from my view I say f*ck them. Everyone who’s meant to be here is here. I always finish what I start. They want to bring this to my doorstep. Andiamo. I want all the smoke.

To my last breath. That’s how far I’m willing to go for them. I know what I want, but I want them happy more. My silence is their real power. Because while you’re listening for them, I’m coming.

Will we all get our wish? Will the title of Don come with too heavy a price? Or will the ones left behind be the last ones standing?

*This a Novel in the Work Husband Series it is highly suggested to read the series in the order intended. Blue Saffire’s books are written to weave, loop, and intertwine with one another. You will find that the series builds up to the end for a greater experience.

**This book has strong language and sexual content. This Book is for Mature Readers 18+

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Love is a beautiful thing. Especially when taken out of all the boxes we create. If I surrender my love, I’m surrendering my heart and I trust you’ll do the same. It’s not meant to be betrayed in any form.



Sealing Fate


Thirty-four years ago…

“That was so scary, G,” Ny whispers from the top bunk bed.

I feel bad. I knew it was a really scary movie, but once Jace left, I had her all to myself. Instead of holding both our hands, she only held mine.

There was no Jace on the other side of her. We never have that. It’s always the three of us. I wanted to comfort her by myself, so I went with the scariest one I could find.

“You don’t have to worry, I’m here to protect you.”


“Always. I’d never let anything happen to you.”

“Do you think we’ll all be best friends when we’re big? You know, me, you, and Jace?”

I sit and think about it. Jace is like a brother to me. He saved my life. We’ll always be friends. However, when I think of Ny, I see more than a friend. When we’re older, I want to buy her pretty things and take care of her.

“I hope so.”

“It’s going to be so great, we can all get a house together,” she yarns. “And when we watch scary movies, we can sleep on the couch together and protect each other.”

“Yeah, that sounds cool. I’ll buy you any house you want. As long as you’re happy.”

“It’s going to be great,” she says sleepily. “Night night, G. Love you.”

“Love you too, Ny. Good night.”

Her little snores make me smile. I toss and turn in the bed a bit. Something doesn’t feel right. I sit up and throw my legs over the side of the bed and rub my eyes.

I’m a little thirsty so I get up to go down for a glass of water. I stand and look up at the top bunk. Ny’s safe and sound asleep with her hand hanging over the side of the bed.

She doesn’t know it, but I never plan to leave her life. I smile and turn to head downstairs. The doorbell rings as I get to the top of the steps and start down.

“Oh my God, Jace, what happened?” Beth says as she waves him into the house.

I rush down the stairs. Something’s very wrong. He’s shivering uncontrollably, his pajamas are soaked through, and he’s barefoot.

When I get to the bottom of the stairs, I see the blood on his pajamas and hands. He’s not answering any of the adults.

I open my arms and he rushes into them. I hold my friend tight. I know something is terribly wrong, and I’m going to hurt whoever hurt him.

“They killed my papa. Mama is gone too,” he says in Danish.

“What?” Ma yells. “Someone go to the house. Find out what’s going on, now.”

I rock Jace in my arms and squeeze. He never cries. I’ve watched kids pick on him at school and he remains quiet. Always allowing them to tease him without saying a word, not shedding a tear.

“Shh, it’s going to be okay. Don’t cry,” I whisper.

I look up and Grandpa Riccardo is staring at us. He has a glare on his face as he watches us. I don’t like him, and I don’t think he likes me either.

Beth catches him watching us and comes to place a hand on both our backs. “Come, boys. Let’s get Jace into some dry pajamas and get you guys in bed.”