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The Forever Girl

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When Jackson Sparks came back from deployment to find his wife had betrayed him with another man, he just walked away. No muss, no fuss. His only interest was in his two kids and the new business he and the guys from his squad were trying to get off the ground. Then she walked into his life. Tall, blonde and stacked, he wasn't interested. But Casey wasn't about to let this marine get away. She was tired of the rich boys in her circle, and one look at Jackson told her he was all man, not someone her daddy could buy off with his check book. Jackson didn't stand a chance...
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Chapter 1


“Fuck, ease off.” I smacked her ass but she only squeezed harder and laughed playfully. My cock was ready to blast and it was going to be a big one I could tell. She’d worked me over with her mouth, like she was on a mission before hopping on my dick and impaling herself.

As usual, all it took was the feel of her hot pussy to make me lose all train of thought and a tit in my mouth to finish me off.

My fingers in her ass had sent her into overdrive and she damn near broke my cock off at the base, but now it was time for her to pull off so I could jerk my shit off on her tits or her ass. That’s what we’ve been doing here lately since her birth control had gone on the fritz or some shit. “Babe, get off my dick.”

“Uh-uh, it feels too good. Cum inside me.” She dropped down hard and did a little twist and my balls drew up. “You’re a very bad girl.” She pushed her tit in my mouth again and rode my cock harder. It was too late anyway. Even when I flipped her to her back and took over I was too far-gone to pull out and she got a belly load of my spunk.

I damn near fucked her into the bed as she screamed and dug her nails and heels into me. I took her mouth and swallowed her tongue while riding out the last of my climax in her. Damn this young pussy’s going to kill me. I looked down at her glowing face and felt my heart seize up. She smiled and cupped my cheek. “That was amazing, do it again.” No respect.

“You’ve had enough. I’m pretty sure I just bred you.” She just smiled and stretched like the cat that got the cream.

She didn’t care now but I was pretty sure when the glow from my hard dick wore off she’d start her griping shit. She wrapped her legs around me when I made a move to get up. Greedy fuck, she’s insatiable.

“I’m not done with you yet big boy.” She did some kinda flex with her pussy muscles and reached down to grab my balls. My eyes damn near went back in my head and my cock jumped inside her. Fuck! I had shit to do, but if she kept this shit up I’ll be jacking off work again and I’ll never hear the end of it.

“Aren’t you playing it a bit close babe?” My dick was already two steps ahead of my mouth; I was already fucking into her nice and slow. “Can I get on my knees this time?” She didn’t wait for an answer just pulled herself from under me faster than I could blink and the next thing I knew her ass was wagging in my face. I bit her ass before slamming into her hard enough to make her screech.

Wrapping my hand around her throat I pulled her back roughly on my quickly hardening cock. “This what you wanted, huh?”

“Yes.” She reached a hand back for my hip and dug her nails in.

“Oh Jackson, that hurts so good, don’t stop.” I hate hurting her when we fuck but after all these months her tight little pussy is still no match for my twelve-inch monster. That doesn’t stop her from trying though. I had about eight inches in her, eight fat long inches that were already splitting her pussy in two.

“You want me to go slow baby?” I nipped her ear and eased my cock halfway out of her tight grip. She shook her head wildly and arched her back. The hand around her neck squeezed and I felt the answering tightness in her gash. “I’m gonna pull out and give you my mouth until you cum, then I’ll take you again.”

I pulled out before she could argue and put my mouth over her wet quivering pussy. Her taste, I will never get enough of it and she can never have enough of my tongue. She likes having her pussy eaten almost as much as she loves to fuck.

I ate her sweet cunt until she pounded her fist on the bed and gushed into my mouth. That was my cue to kneel behind her again and feed her my dick. “That better?” She nodded and took another two inches. Pretty soon she’d be able to take all of me, all I have to do is fuck her all day for about a week straight and open her up a little and that should get the job done.

I haven’t been able to do that yet because I had other obligations for now, but soon. I planned to devote some serious time to breaking her pussy in so she could take my dick just as soon as I got my shit squared away.