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Texas Tornado (Freebirds #5)

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James had plans for his life. Those plans were derailed by the surprise arrival of his daughter. His life revolved around her. Then she arrived with her beautiful brown hair that was made to wrap around his wrist, and a butt that was to die for in a tight pair of jeans. Nevertheless, he didn't need any more drama in his life. His ex-girlfriend was stirring enough of that up for ten women. Yet, there was something about her that soothed his soul.

Shiloh’s made it her life’s mission to protect the innocent children she can from the big, bad, scary things that lurk in the darkness. She has an inane curiosity for life and craves knowledge. Which is why when she starts poking around in her father’s business, she inadvertently starts something in to motion that threatens her very existence. Her father, the one man that was always supposed to be there for her, drops her off with a brother she never knew she had and leaves. Making her question the father she obviously never really knew at all. Then she meets him, and she doesn't think her life’s so bad after all. The sexy biker turned SWAT officer sets her nerve cells to igniting, and she relishes in every single second of it.

He knew life could change in an instant. One soul crushing instant.

When he’s presented with the aspect of losing Shiloh before he’s ever even had her, he decides it’s time to grab life by the handlebars and ride it like he stole it. Then that threat not only touches his woman, but his daughter. And there’s no power on God’s green earth that can protect them from a father’s wrath.
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Freebirds Series by Lani Lynn Vale

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Chapter 1

You can tell a woman’s mood by watching her hands. For instance, if she’s holding a gun, she’s probably angry.

-Earl Dibbles, Jr.


I sat in the wooden chair twiddling my thumbs. I was cold, tired and hungry...not to mention a tad bit angry. Glancing down at my watch and realizing I’d been here for nearly an hour and a half with still no sign of him, I finally gave up and stood to leave. Work came first or I didn’t pay my bills.

Hesitantly, I started to leave.

Except I didn’t get too far.

“Hold her.” Winter said as she thrust the tiny little baby in my arms when she came barreling into the office.

Winter was the wife of one of my brother’s men, Jack.

Jack and Winter got married when they were both young, and were ripped apart after only being married for a month.

She had a shock of red, curly hair, and she was a paramedic for the Kilgore Fire Department.

Following the frazzled woman, I entered the office and stared. I’d been in there earlier, but with no one answering, I felt uncomfortable about staying inside and I sat on the chair that was propped outside the office instead.

Once her hands were free, she started pacing like a caged, rabid porcupine ready to attack with the phone to her ear. If steam were anatomically possible in a human’s body, it’d be coming out of all her orifices right about now.

The sound of a big truck backing up filled my ears, and I glance to the side and stilled.

“Holy cow! What happened to that bike?” I asked

Winter’s eyes flicked from the paper she was reading to the window, studying the tow truck that was bringing in the mangled hunk of metal.

“I haven’t the slightest idea. What the heck do they expect Free to do? They’re mechanics, not miracle workers.”

Cat stirred in my arms at the sound of her mommy’s voice, but with a little jiggling and bouncing, she slipped peacefully back into sleep once again. “I’ve got to go, Winter.”

The sound of my voice was booted out into left field when Winter’s voice rose to an almost too high octave.

After listening to a few seconds of her conversation, I surmised that she had a reason to be pissed. Winter was currently on the phone with her cable provider while trying to sort out why five hundred dollars’ worth of porn was charged to her monthly account.

“No, you listen to me, jack wad. I’ve never watched a porn in my life. I don’t need porn with the hunky piece of man flesh I have in my bed. If I’m in the mood for porn, all I have to do is watch him move for 2.4 seconds and I’m gone. I have no need for ...” She said picking up the bill that was crumpled and scrunched up from her tirade. “Throbbin’ Hood, or an Edward Penis Hands.”

I stifled my giggles, or at least tried to, but I wasn’t successful. Winter’s glare in my direction didn’t relieve me of them either. Only made me laugh all the more.

I stopped when Cat started to squirm, but the smile stayed on my face.

Winter made a shooing motion with her hand telling me to go while she listened to the man on the line. Winter’s face got darker at whatever the man said, and I decided now would be a good time to leave since she looked like she was ready to lose her shit.

Grabbing Cat’s blanket from the chair, I wrapped it around her tight and then cradled her close to my chest as I exited the office into the fresh morning air. Today was a nice day for Texas at sixty-two degrees, but I knew it wouldn’t last long. It never did.

Texas had two seasons. Summer, and not summer. For October, this was fairly normal temperature at seven thirty in the morning. By noon, it’d likely be in the nineties. The black clouds in the sky also had something to do with the temperature. We were in for one heck of a storm according to the Channel 7 weatherman, Mark Scirto.

I’d gotten a Thundercall from them not even ten minutes prior telling me that the storm was headed for my neighborhood. I’d been ecstatic when I found out that the local news did that. Back in Galveston, they had something similar, but still different enough that it was a novelty.

In Galveston, they’d call when the hurricanes were approaching.

The sharp crack, crack, crack of the tow truck’s bed being pushed up and lowered to the ground drew my attention, and I watched and winced as they let the motorcycle practically drop to the ground.

“This where you want it?” The operator asked from the controls.

James, the unbearably hot man I’d had a crush on since I met him eight months ago, came from the other side of the tow truck grumbling, and my heart started pounding a mile a minute. That man was sexy.

Today, he was in coveralls that were only half way on, tied by the arms at his trim hips. The bottom parts of the coveralls were covered in grease, which clearly showed that he’d done quite a bit of work today already. A black wife beater showed off his excellent upper body, allowing the tattoos on his muscular arms to be seen perfectly. His hair was a deep rich blonde that was cropped closely to his head, and he had a beard.

Although it didn’t look like much, it had to be as long as his hair all the way around. Normally I didn’t do beards, but this man sure could pull one off with excessive ease.

“Well, since you already dropped it on the ground, guess it’s there to stay, isn’t it old buddy?” James rolled his eyes as he wiped his hands with a red rag.

“Sorry, man. It’s not like I can do much with this one. No wheels. Ya know?” He shrugged.

“Yeah, I do know.” James said gruffly.

Turning away from the emotion I saw on his face, and totally avoiding thinking about what the man did to me, I walked further into the garage, studiously ignoring the sign that said ‘Personnel Only.’ and kept scanning the garage looking to see if my brother was in there.