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Jessa Kane

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Kaylee Hale never expected to become a spy. Yet here she is, infiltrating the office of her father's mortal enemy, Matthew Borden, in order to dig up proof of his real estate schemes. Little does Kaylee know...Matthew is well aware of her true identity and he has a plan of his own. Seduce Kaylee and send her back to daddy in tears.

One moment with the girl, however, and Matthew's dark plans are thoroughly derailed. Brought together by fate, they bond in a heartbeat, unable to be apart. Insatiable. Connected on a level they didn't think possible. Still, Matthew must know if Kaylee's intentions are pure. Will their love pass the test?
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Jessa Kane

Chapter 1


I do a double take, positive I’ve misheard my CFO. “They what?”

Randall props a hip on the edge of my desk and takes his time repeating himself. “McGraw-Hale, our biggest competitor, is sending in a spy.” With a flourish, he checks his watch. “She is on her way here now to interview for the temp position.”

“What temp position?”

He blinks. “Do you seriously not remember firing your secretary last week? She was the fifth one in a month. At the board meeting, we decided you were going to hire on a temporary basis only. Our lawyers are getting sick of dealing with wrongful termination claims.”

“I didn’t wrongfully terminate any of them. They were all horrible. Not fit to greet people at the door downstairs, let alone handle billion-dollar real estate transactions.” Me and my overflowing inbox do not have time for this conversation. “How did you know McGraw-Hale are sending a spy?”

“We have someone on the inside.” His eyes gleam. “Naturally.”

“Well done. But who is the spy?”

“This is the juicy part.”

“I’m on the edge of my seat,” I counter, dryly.

He makes a show of straightening his tie. “They are sending in Hale’s daughter.”

“Wow.” My hands drop from my desk onto my thighs. “She must be expendable. Since I’m obviously going to chew her up and spit her back out.”

“Obviously.” He gestures to the wall of framed photographs. “It’s the Borden Enterprises way.”

I make a sound of agreement and lean back in my chair, perusing ten years’ worth of pictures on the wall. Me breaking ground on new developments. Me standing in a group of men in hardhats on the top of a half-finished skyscraper. At dinner with the mayor, both of us in tuxedos. It only took me ten years to conquer half of this city and no one is going to stop me from claiming the other half.

Especially not McGraw-Hale.

“If those bastards are sending in a spy, they must be desperate,” I remark.

“Why wouldn’t they be? You’ve been buying property out from under them before the opportunity is even made public and they want to know how. If they lose one more investment to Borden Enterprises, we will knock them from their throne. They’ll no longer be the biggest real estate corporation in the city.”

“It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when,” I say smoothly, letting him read the cold, hard promise in my eyes.

Randall flinches, easing off my desk. Whatever he’s glimpsed in my expression has unsettled him—and that’s fine. I’m not here to be boss of the year. I’m here to bring this fucking town to its knees. No one is going to stand in my way of that. Especially the corporation that sent my parents to prison when I was ten years old. I’ve made it my business to dismantle McGraw-Hale, top to bottom. And if they’ve gone low enough to send a spy? One of their own daughters, on top of it? The gloves are finally off. No more pretending to be polite.

“Tell me about Hale’s daughter.”

My CFO nods and reads from his phone. “Kaylee Hale. Twenty-one. She’s been raised by an army of nannies out on Long Island. Kept out of the spotlight. Bored, spoiled and stupid, no doubt. My contact isn’t clear on why she is going through with this plan to infiltrate Borden. They aren’t offering her a board position in exchange for taking the risk. No one over there has even met her.” He lowers his phone. “There are reports of increasing discord among board members. You must be right. They’re sinking. Desperate.” He lowers his voice, glancing over his shoulder toward my closed office door. “They obviously want to know how you manage to buy property that isn’t even for sale.”

“Obviously.” My tight smile lacks humor. “But some spoiled brat in a skirt sure as hell isn’t going to unearth my strategies.” I wave a hand. “Let me see a picture.”

“Of course.” He taps his screen a few times before laying the device down on my desk. “Pretty little thing. And why wouldn’t she be? She probably hasn’t lifted a finger her whole life.”

I hear what my CFO is saying, but the words are bleeding into one another, sounding more and more like an echo. I’m…arrested by the girl looking back at me from the screen. She’s…angry. Her golden eyes are like twin infernos. Chin firm and raised. Shoulders square. It’s a portrait, so I can’t see beneath her collarbone and goddamn, I wish I could. I need to see the place where her long, dark mane of hair ends. At her tits or at her waist?

The girl—Kaylee—is beautiful in an artistic way. Like she’s been painted, instead of born among humans. A full, pillowy mouth that should only be possible to achieve with a paintbrush. A delicate chin. But it’s those eyes. Those eyes keep drawing me back in.