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I welcomed the isolation of the stony mountains. But there's one woman that haunts me to this day. For one night, I owned her. Her innocence. Her purity. It's been years and she has something that belongs to me: our daughter.
The icy cold mountains have nothing on Camillo. He has a thirst for dominance. Control. Power. Three years ago, I got a taste of what it meant to be with a real man.
Those few hours of ecstasy were worth losing my virginity to a stranger. But, when I learned the truth about him I ran as fast as I could.
Now he's shacked up in a cabin at the outskirts of town and I'm scared he knows my secret. Something tells me I can trust him, but I can't take any chances - no matter how badly I want to.

My nephew deserves a life free from violence and pain. I traded a dangerous world for one that promised a clean slate. But no matter how hard I try - there's one person that still haunts me. For one perfect night, I owned her in every way imaginable.
Now, she's the mother of my little girl. I'll do everything in my power to make Rose mine. And convince her I'm the family man she deserves.
But, a dark past is coming back to haunt me - and everyone I love. They have no idea the hell I'm about to release. Because no one is laying a finger on my family.
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I squealed as his hands pinned my arms behind my back, thrusting my chest out to him. Without any warning or any words spoken, he kissed me harshly. My lips automatically swelled underneath his touch while our tongues danced a familiar tango and I felt myself short of breath by the time he pulled away. All this time had passed, and his kiss could still render me speechless.

The attraction between us was so strong, I could feel it electrifying the stale air of the diner.

“Tell me what you’re hiding,” he said.

I turned my head away to try and disconnect what I knew was brewing between us.

“Now,” he said.

I tried to fight the animal magnetism between the two of us. I could feel my entire body trembling as he tugged harder on my arms. My chest wrenched out toward him and his lips descended to my skin, pressing his barely-there kisses while he watched the whole of my skin pucker at his touch.

“You’ll tell me, or I’ll get it out of you one way or another,” he said.

His words made me hot and I started to squirm in his lap. I remembered how his spanking made me feel last time. His lips pressed once again into mine, and I whimpered softly at his touch.

He bit my bottom lip, pulling a moan from my throat that caused him to growl. I started grinding down into his lap, feeling his erection swell in his pants while his hands traveled to my bra. I started to backtrack from him, trying to get off his lap as his grasp held me in his lap.

I knew the moment he saw the stretch marks that trailed up the sides of my breasts that he would know.

He pulled my bra down, and my breathing sped up. For a moment, my nipples were bared to the warm air of the diner. I could feel them puckering underneath his gaze, hardening as I spilled into my panties. His fingertips rose to the side of my breast, tracing every lightened stretch mark he could find as I visibly quaked in his lap.

I was panting with fear while my pussy was growing wet with desire.

Suddenly, his lips dipped to my pert nipples. He licked and sucked, the sensations driving me crazy while I continued to moan. The electricity that shot through my body could’ve powered the entire town and, as I bucked wildly in his lap, I could feel the vibrations of his voice echo off the corners of my mind.

“Tell me your secret,” he said.

He ground against me, causing me to gasp for air. I wanted him and I knew he could tell. But I hadn’t told him what he wanted to know. My nipple fell from between his lips and his knee pressed against my clit, causing me to lose myself in his body again while he moved me back and forth.

My arms stayed taut, and his hand stayed wound in my hair as my body shook with the pleasure coursing through my veins. He rocked me to my precipice, my clit swelling with lust and wanton passion as my body started to shiver. My body jolted and darted with my orgasm as he rocked my body faster and faster against his leg, his lips wrapping around my nipples and riding me through the wetness pouring out from between my legs.

I shook helplessly on his lap as my orgasm barreled over my body and, once I collapsed, I felt him readjust my bra and pull my shirt down.

My hazy gaze found his stern eyes, and even though I was flushed with the pleasure he’d just given my body, he still wouldn’t let me go. I stared back at him, truly unsure of what was coming next, but something inside of me chanted a very familiar tune.

You can trust him. You can trust him. You can trust him.


Shit here we go again.

Nothing good ever came in the mail. The first few days after the first of the month were the days when most of our bills came and I was reminded how dirt poor we really were.

Oh well. There was no need to prolong the pain any further. “Rip that Band-Aid off”, as my mom would say. I took a deep breath and opened the mailbox.

Stacked neatly inside were three threatening letters from the same credit card companies letting me know that I was ninety days behind.

No shit, Sherlock.

The hole I kept digging every month just kept getting deeper. I’m one straw away from breaking the camel’s back.

And when that happens… shit, I don’t know what I’ll do.

The one bright spot of this morning’s trip to the mailbox was the thick pack of coupons at the bottom of the stack.

I tucked the bills under my arm and tore into the coupons as I walked back up the gravel drive to the house I shared with Cassie, and my ten year old brother. Coupons were a necessity of life in Rose’s world.