Taking What’s Mine Read Online Alexa Riley (Forced Submission #1)

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Taking What's Mine (Forced Submission #1)

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Alexa Riley

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Alone at night in the middle of nowhere. The town sheriff pulls me over. I should be safe. I'm not.
Nothing could have prepared me for what he had planned. And my darkest desires should have remained a secret. But it seems he knows everything about me. I'm his now, and only I will do.

Warning: This book contains situations involving forced submission and dubious consent. The hero is obsessed beyond control. Nothing can stop him from the only woman he'll ever have. These themes are triggers for some but sweet candy for others.
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Forced Submission Series by Alexa Riley

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My dick pushes against the front of my uniform pants at knowing what’s coming, and I don’t mean my cock. Today I get a taste of my sweet little Rose. I’ve been planning this for weeks. I laugh at the thought of the word “planning.” Planning is putting it mildly. It’s more like obsessing, and invading my every thought. Being sheriff of Kirksville, Nebraska, only makes this that much easier to do.

I don’t care how much she fights this; I know she wants it. I hope she fights; it will only make my cock harder and her submission so much sweeter. By the end of this weekend, she’ll know who she belongs to. Her life will begin and end with me, and I’ll take nothing less.

Glancing over, I pick up the naked pictures I took of her. It’s easy to slip the little camera around her bedroom and bathroom, without her knowing. Of course I always have my eyes on her; she’s mine, after all. She’s been mine since the day I first saw her. A fresh-faced second-grade teacher over at the elementary school. So innocent and pure. She needs me just as much as I need her. I can protect her, because if anyone else felt a tenth of what I did for her – I squeeze the pictures in my hand just thinking about anyone else wanting her. I grind my teeth together in anger. No one else can have her.

The photos range from her in the shower, a few of her changing out of her clothes, and one of her masturbating. In that picture she’s tempting me with her pussy, making me want it. My blood boils thinking that it wasn’t me making her cum, even if that someone else was her. It’s crazy that I’m jealous she got herself off, but it doesn’t matter at this point, because I’ve gone past crazy when it comes to her. There is no going back. At least I know what she was thinking about when she touched herself. Innocent and pure little Rose has dirty fantasies. I’ve read all about them in her diary she thought she’d hidden away so well. I’m going to give her what she wants, even if she begs me to stop, and trust me, there will be all kinds of begging. I can already hear her pleas in my mind, making pre-cum leak from my cock.

Kissing one of the photos, I stack them back together and place them in my glove box with her diary. I slide out of my cruiser, closing the car door behind me, with a smile on my face. She walked right into my trap.

Each day when she leaves the school, she takes the same route home. In the country, many of the houses are spread out and hers is one of them. She takes a shortcut, but the road she uses is all farmland and not paved. It’s just loose gravel that cracks under my boots as I eat up the distance to her.

The summer just started and today was her last day until the next school year begins. I knew she’d be working late, and I used it to my advantage. I’ve waited long enough for this day, and she’s going to make it up to me with her pussy, her mouth, her ass, and her complete submission. I’ve been hanging on to a thin rope with her, and I can feel myself cracking. I need to touch her, bury myself inside her, and cool some of the raging desire she causes.

She did this to me. Never in my whole life have I felt this need for someone. She woke this beast inside me, and she’s going to take him. Only she will do. Since the day I first saw her, the thought of another woman only pisses me off. She worked her way into my system, and now she’s going to stay and give me what I need. What we both need. She’s going to wrap her sweet mouth around me, and milk all this lust from my body. I’m going to fill up every one of her holes until she’s dripping with my cum, then maybe I can calm down.

When I reach her car door, I give two hard knocks to her window, forcing her to roll it down. Her big sea-green eyes look up at me, her bottom lip pouting, and it drives me crazy. Her whole look says “innocent,” and I can’t wait to turn her into my little slut. The things she’s going to do to me, for me – and no one will ever know. It will be a piece of her that only I possess.

“Sir?” The single word seems to stroke my whole body.

“Ma’am, I’m going to need you to step out of the car.” Without waiting for a response, I reach my hand in through the window to open it from the inside, making the lock pop up and the door open. Tentatively she unhooks her seatbelt and steps out of the car. She’s hesitant, but complies. Her sweet vanilla smell fills my lungs as she exits the vehicle, and it’s all I can do not to lean in. I don’t give her much room, so she has to sidestep me and slide further down the side of her car so I can slam the door shut.