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Taking Care Of The Mobster

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Flora Ferrari

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It was too late… I had signed a binding contract before I knew who my patient was.
Now I had to take care of the infamous mobster, Carlos Rodriguez, whom the world thinks is dead. And that’s not even the worst of it…I have to live in the same house with him for three months.
It seems like the end of the world, but I can’t take back my decision.
I begin my duties in Carlos’s home, hoping just to survive three months and get my paycheck, but life has many surprises in store for us both.
Contrary to popular opinion, Carlos is a gentleman – and a very handsome one at that. I slowly start to get comfortable in his space.
In taking care of the mobster, I fell in love with him. But I’m just a girl with too many curves and insecurities – nothing compared to the type of woman he flaunts in public.
Would an older experienced man like Carlos Rodriguez be able to love a woman like me?
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Flora Ferrari



I twist my hands nervously in my lap, resisting the pressing urge to bite down on my lip or fingernails, an annoying habit that manifests whenever I’m nervous. I look around at the faces of the other women sitting in the reception area, and I feel my already near-zero confidence plummet like a popped balloon. They all fit the description of how a nurse should look, prim and pretty. On the other hand, I take a deep breath and try to remember my sisters' little pep talk before I left home.

You’ve got what it takes, Abby. You are the best fit for the job. You’ve definitely got this.

I wish I could find the courage to believe Beth’s words. I wish I were more like my courageous sister. Beth is never afraid to go after what she wants, even when the odds are stacked against her. She is bold and always liked wherever she goes – the exact opposite of me.

“Miss Smith?” I hear a voice call my name. I raise my head and see a perfectly proportioned woman with a gorgeous yet insincere smile. Her straight legs look unending in her pleated skirt and high heels. I would be jealous if I had the time.

I stand as sharply as I can while trying not to trip over my own two feet.

“Yes, ma’am,” I say with the most pleasant smile I can muster – not much considering my teeth are starting to ache from clenching them so hard.

“You’re up,” the lady says, gesturing toward the interview room with her pen.

I swallow down my nervousness and give her a small smile. “Thanks,” I murmur as I walk past her on my way to the interview room. I take one last deep breath and let it out in a big whoosh.

I knock once on the door and turn the handle.

I don’t know what I expected, but it definitely wasn’t the gorgeous blonde sitting on a comfortable armchair, leisurely swirling a glass of wine in her hand and generally looking bored.

Her shirt is unbuttoned to the point where it barely covers her sizable cleavage. Her short skirt emphasizes the endlessness of her long, statuesque legs so that it makes one want to look on and on.

She almost looks like a Barbie doll, except with an attitude and lots of makeup. As my gaze unconsciously drifts to her legs again, I can’t help but wonder if employees are employed here for their looks and long legs. I guess that just adds another item to the long list of reasons why I won’t be getting this job.

“Sit,” the lady in the chair says in a husky voice that borders on being seductive. She openly runs her gaze slowly over me. Accessing...judging...I recognize that glimmer in her gorgeous light blue eyes; it’s the look I would see in the eyes of my bullies in high school. It’s the same mock and disgust I’d see in the faces of everyone that ever looked down on me in college. It’s the same look I saw in Simon’s eyes before he dumped me so callously. I know about it all too well, and it’s safe to say that I won’t be getting this job.

I manage a small smile as I lower myself onto the couch she gestures. “Good day, ma’am,” I say.

“Call me Mandy,” she says, flashing a very insincere smile. She leans forward to place her wineglass on the table, and I almost gasp at the scandalous show of her cleavage. She picks up what must be my file and sits back in her chair.

She opens the file and flips through it, running her gaze up and down the pages. “Miss Abby Smith...,” she murmurs without looking up at me. “I see you’re fresh out of college. Although you graduated the best in your class, you don’t have any prior experience. Well, except volunteer jobs at local clinics and the university’s health care center.”

“Yes, ma’am...I mean, Mandy,” I correct myself immediately, seeing the sharp slit of her eyes.

“We have nurses from top hospitals with years of experience vying for this job,” Mandy says, raising her gaze to mine. “Now, tell me, Miss Smith. Why do you think you’re the best fit for this job?”

I clear my throat nervously and sit forward in my chair. “I...um...I’ve also volunteered in pet clinics and animal rescues...I....” Really, Abby? That’s the best you can do? My subconscious screams at me. Why the hell am I talking about animals? I clear my throat to start again. “You see...I’m...”

“Never mind,” Mandy cuts in, shutting my file. She picks up her wineglass again and takes a long, satisfying sip. “You’re hired.”

What?! “What?” I say out loud, blinking rapidly in surprise. “I’m...hired?”

“I believe I said so,” Mandy says, almost irritably. She picks up a new file from the table and hands it over to me. “Here. It’s your employment contract. And no, you can’t take it outside of this room. Read through and let me know if you are good with the terms and conditions.”