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Taken by the Russian

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Anya is getting ready to go to college, but she’s sad to leave her bodyguard behind. Sasha has been everything to her over the year, even more than he knows. She’s fantasized about all the ways he could do more than just protect her, and leaving him is making her heart ache. What she doesn’t know is he’s got his own plans, and they include more than she could have possibly dreamed of.

Sasha is the big Russian bodyguard everyone stays clear of. He’s intimidating, rough, and knows how to kill. But there’s a soft spot inside him, and it’s name is Anya. He’s made a promise to her father and to himself that he won’t touch her until he’s fulfilled his duty. But that time is almost up, and her innocence is free to claim.

Warning: We know how our readers love it dirty with a side of sweet so we’ve stolen a book from Jessa Kane, and added our own little sparkle to it. It’s the filthiest ever, so bring a spoon. You guys are going to eat it up.
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Chapter One


Some would call her a curse, but I know better. Little Anya is an angel.

My angel.

Her father is speaking to me from the other side of his desk, but my attention is captured by the scene taking place outside the window, just over his shoulder. Anya is out for her daily morning swim in the backyard, jumping off the diving board in her emerald - green bikini. As she jumps, long, raven - colored hair flies out around her, musical laughter reaching through the window pane to fill the office. Her tits come free of the flimsy material beneath the water. I know this, even if I can’t see it. I’d love nothing more than to pluck her from the pool and bend her over that diving board, those ridiculous green triangles hanging from my teeth.


My fingers twitch where they rest on my knee, imagining the strings of her top caught between them. Yanking them open instead of tying them securely, as I’d done only an hour ago.

Uncle Sasha, will you tie me up?

A growl kindles in my throat. Yes, some might say I have been cursed, assigned as full - time bodyguard to a tempting eighteen - year - old who comes to me with her every whim, giving me big green, grateful eyes when I fulfill them. Men of this world want instant gratification. I am the opposite — and everyone will soon know this about me. My time has been bided for five long years, and my reward is almost ready to be claimed.

“As you know, Sasha, when Anya’s mother was taken from me…” David Orlov’s hand clenches into a fist and shakes over his neat stack of paperwork. “Anya was all I had left. She’s been homeschooled, kept within these walls from enemies who would target me. I’ve trusted her to no one, save you. And once again, I must ask that you protect her in this next phase of her life.” His expression wilts. “College.”

David is a congressman with deep Russian roots. Loyalties that he never forgot but keeps out of the public eye. He’s a man who doesn’t mind using his political influence to grant favors, when such actions benefit him. Such is my case. In exchange for David pulling strings to bring my mother and siblings to Chicago from Russia, I pledged him five years of fealty.

When I came to Chicago, my reputation preceded me. I’m a man who keeps his vows, even at the cost of death. Among my duties as David’s right - hand soldier, I have been tasked with keeping his precious daughter safe and happy. I have performed my job very well. A weaker man would have given in to his lust by now and bedded the girl. Snuck in while her father slept upstairs and claimed her perfection for his own.

Red coats my vision, crackling fire roaring to life in my ears. Just thinking of her in someone else’s hands makes me want to commit slaughter.

“If it was up to me, she would go somewhere local. Private.” David sighs, scrubbing both hands over his face. “But she wants her freedom. We can’t keep her locked up forever.”

Oh no?

A matter of opinion, perhaps.

I examine my knuckles. “You want me to drive her to college.”

“Yes.” David turns and watches Anya through the window. “Keeping her sheltered for so long…it’s going to backfire. She doesn’t know how to make friends or go places alone. Christ, she doesn’t know a damn thing about men.”

And she won’t. No men but me.

I grip the armrest of the chair so tightly, it begins to snap, but I release it in time. “No,” I agree, my voice grating. “She knows nothing of men.”

If she did, she wouldn’t be so comfortable sitting on my lap. Or parading around her rooms in nothing but flimsy panties when I can clearly see her through the open door. My cock has gotten hard watching those little cheeks jiggle inside lace so many times, I’ve lost count.

Her body is not the only thing that stirs my manhood, though. Oh no. Others tend to write off my Anya as a pampered brat who is spoiled thanks to her paramour looks. Little do they know Michigan State gave her a full academic scholarship. I can’t check books out of the library for her fast enough, and I’ve replaced her tutors several times because they couldn’t devise a challenging curriculum. The angel keeps me on my toes.

“I’ve asked a lot of you, Sasha. My work schedule doesn’t allow me to be home very often, and you’ve become Anya’s family.” He gives me a look ripe with meaning. “And you haven’t broken the promise you made me. You know the one. Hell, she even calls you Uncle.”

I know this. I don’t need a reminder of the purgatory I’ve been living in.