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He’s the man on trial for a gruesome murder, she’s the DA who aims to put him away for life. But in this high stakes case that can end his life and make her career, something even more powerful comes into play.
Vanessa Donahue is a hotshot DA. As the youngest person to ever hold the position in the history of the city, she knows there’s a lot riding on this one, especially if she wants to follow her ambitions to the top.
She has no evidence, just a gut feeling and a seventeen year old puzzle, but she has no doubt she can make it stick.
But when the defendant starts to make even her doubt, she’s not so sure anymore. And after one careless night in his bed she knows the stakes just got higher.
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My mouth hung open as wide as my eyes as I knelt almost suspended on the bed. The only movement was the back and forth of my body, caused by his slamming into me from behind.

The comical expression on my face was put there by my surprise, not only at the size of his cock, but the finesse with which he used it.

“What happened to all that lip you had before huh?” He leaned over my arched back and bit into my nape. Not in the usual place that a man would mark a woman, but right in the center, over that place where the neck met the spine.

“I…” It was as far as I got before he pulled out slowly, and just when I thought the sweet pleasure pain was at an end, that maybe now he’d take it easy, he fucked back into me so hard he knocked the wind out of me.

His hands grabbed my breasts…hard, as he pulled me back on his hard thick length. No one has ever treated me so shabbily before, and yet, from my body’s response it was long overdue.


I like snippy little girls who think they can run me. There’s nothing like putting a high society bitch in her place, and no better way to do it than at the end of my cock.

I watched the pink of her pussy pull out over the fat head of my cock and squeeze around the thick trunk like I was tearing out her insides.

In the mirror across the room I saw drool and spittle fall from her open mouth at the enormity of what I was doing to her.

“I bet you never thought you’d be fucked by a Trojan.” I slammed her pussy like I owned it, which I’m pretty sure will be the case once I get done with her. It always is.

Big, small, rich, or poor, they all end up hooked and strung out on my meat; it only takes one. This one though had taken a little more work than usual.

I guess that’s to be expected seeing as she’s prosecuting my ass for some shit I did, but will swear to the death I didn’t.

Right now she’s not even thinking of the laws she’s breaking, or the trouble she could be in if I tell. My dick has that affect on the opposite sex.

She’s not the first rich bitch I’ve fucked, but she’s the first one to make me want to come back for seconds and I wasn’t even finished with the first. Maybe it’s the way her pussy grabs my cock.

They’re all too tight, or more to the point my cock’s too big. Long and thick from base to tip it measures thirteen and a half by four, that’s a lot of dick for anyone to handle.

Some of them bleed, some tear, some take it and run, but this pussy seemed to want me to bust it wide open. The more dick I threw into her, the more her ass wiggled.

I squeezed her mammoth tits in my hands and plowed into her depths as I watched the mark I’d just put on her take form.

The sop-sop sounds of her pussy juices being stirred by my cock rang out in the air. I have to admit to being just a little bit surprised at this one. I thought for sure she’d be a hard nut to crack.

But I knew when I looked across the aisle at her as she gave her speech trying to send me away for the rest of my fucking life. The way her nostrils had flared was a dead giveaway.

The sneer she gave me when I smiled at her in my special way, the blush on her cheeks, had told a different story. And five minutes after I got her alone was all it took to have her back here in my bed getting the cunt snot fucked out of her.

“Where do you want me to cum?” She didn’t even stop moving, greedy bitch. Most women freeze at that question. It’s then they realize that I’d removed the condom they’d seen me wearing before they spread their legs.

They never notice that I’d pulled out and tossed that shit before boring back into their sweet snatch. So when I ask they’d usually stop in surprise and then try to pull off my dick.

This one didn’t stop, just kept fucking that sweet cunt back at me hard. “Don’t cum in me I’m not on the pill.” Had she been watching she would’ve seen my smile in the mirror. Now usually I pull out. I haven’t cum inside a woman in too long to remember.

For some reason I wanted to cum deep in this one. There was something about her, something that made me want to bring her down a peg. How sweet would it be to breed the woman who held my freedom in her hands.