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Santino DeLuca - Savage

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Kenya Wright

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Santino DeLuca planned to die as a bachelor,
but Don Enzo has other plans.
And now Santino De Luca must go to Paradise City and embark on an unexpected marital mission dealing with Kashmere Jones—a fiercely unapologetic alpha women.
Kashmere didn’t chose her gangster life, it chose her. Deadly violence pulses through her veins. Now that Kashmere sits on her family throne, she discovers more blood must be shed and even more casualties are necessary. She has a legacy to protect even though many keep trying to stop her and she won’t let Santino get in her way.
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Kenya Wright


Carnal Possibilities



ithout death, life was a bore. What could be better than seeing blood spill from an assholes neck?

Outside, a full moon glowed over Tokyo’s bustling and shimmering nightlife.

Inside, sex throbbed in the Jaded Pearl—the top pink salon of Kabukicho District. It was three levels of pleasure within obsidian walls and blood red marble floors. Here, blow jobs cost only 30,000 yen, and intense erotic heat pulsed and vibrated in the air.

I sat in my VIP suite, taking in the lush sight before me.

Three nude women lay on the bed. Various white furs covered parts of their slim bodies. And they gazed at me with desire blazing in their eyes.

They were ready to please. Ready for me to fuck them to my liking.

And I struggled with which mouth to stuff first, which wet pussy to slip my fingers inside, which nipples to lick, which clit to toy with, which woman to make moan, and which woman to make scream.

My cock stiffened at all the dark, carnal possibilities.

I pulled two small, copper balls out of my pocket and slowly rotated them in my palm, making sure they never came in contact with the other.

Will fucking them relieve the tension?

Even when I was poor, I never had a problem with getting women. I’d been told that I had haunting, sleepy eyes—ones that women loved to gaze into. Others claimed my black hair boasted the sexy just woke up look which made me exude coolness. Of course the muscles and tattoos helped.

But I’d learned long ago that pussy was like candy—temporarily satisfying.

Let’s hope these women can calm the blood lust.

I hadn’t killed someone in five days. My body grew restless. I was bored, searching for something to believe in, for something to look forward too.

I needed to get rid of this rising violent energy. Hopefully, slamming my cock into several pussies would keep the brutality at bay.

I circled the cooper balls in the opposite direction.

On the bed, one woman blew a kiss at me. Another giggled. The other winked.

And then Hana entered the suite, wrapped in a black kimono that showed a naked woman in swirling water and floating blossoms.

Hana carried a gold tray of whisky and pointed at the bottle. “Good evening, Santino. I found you a bottle of Yamazaki 25.”

“Thank you.” I kept my view on the bed.

Two of the women began to kiss. Subtle wet sounds rose over their giggling. Their tongues dove and dipped. Their breasts jiggled against each other.

My cock jerked in my pants.

The third woman slid her manicured fingers down to her pussy and strummed her clit. The movement triggered delicate moans to leave her parted lips.

I’ll make her scream first.

Frowning, Hana set the tray down next to me and poured a glass of whisky. “Santino, I wanted you all to myself this evening.”

“It’s Wednesday.” I took the glass with my free hand.

Hana rolled her eyes. “Can we change your tradition and get rid of them? I already share you enough.”

I sipped my glass of whisky. Fruity and floral notes coated my tongue. I tasted honey too, drenched in orange and chocolate. The liquid finished with a hint of Japanese oak.


Hana’s frown deepened. “Santino?”

I placed the glass back on the table and returned to spinning my copper balls. “I can’t be what you want me to be.”

She sighed.

“I’ve been honest about that from the very beginning. This is only a service. Nothing more.” I stopped moving the balls and looked at her. “Do you want this to end, Hana?”

Desperation filled her eyes. “Never.”

“But, your heart is opening.” I rotated the balls in a new direction. “One day we’ll need to end this.”

Hana pursed her lips and took off the kimono. The silky material slipped down her slim body and fell to the floor. “Not today.”

But soon. You want more. I can’t give you that. It’s not inside of me.

Hana slid her hands up to her breasts and pinched her nipples. “How can I please you this evening?”

I pointed to the bed. “Please the one in the middle.”

She pouted. “And will you fuck me too?”

I gestured to my hard bulge getting bigger with each second. “You’ll get my cock soon enough.”

She licked her lips and strolled away, twisting her hips with each step.

My phone rang.

Hana spun around. “Santino, why is your phone on?”

“Don Enzo comes before pleasure.” I put the balls away.

Hana whined, “Does he not sleep?”

“Use your mouth for that one’s pussy.” I reached for my phone. “And I’ll worry about the Don’s sleeping schedule.”

Don Enzo DeLuca controlled mafia operations in the U.S. and many territories around the world. My father considered the Don to be his brother, although the Don was an only child. Don Enzo had been the best man at my parent’s wedding. Then an enemy crew killed my mother and father. Don Enzo and my father’s brothers helped raise me.