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Redneck Rebellion

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This is the edited version of the book that was originally titled Redneck which was banned and republished as T-Bone, which was banned. This is a work of fiction, and yes it's hot, proceed at your own discretion.

T-Bone Riley is a man of few words. Raised pretty much off the grid his whole life, he tends to see things a little different. Now that he's all alone after the death of his dad, he's thinking it may be time to find him some company. Seeing as he's a throwback to the old days when he sees the little filly's ass on the campus grounds, he doesn't think there's a damn thing wrong with nabbing her and taking her back to the farm to warm his bed and bear his children.
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Most people always want to be somewhere, seeing something, being something or doing something else. Anything other than what they are right then and there. No one’s content with their lot in life…. And then you have those who just don’t give a fuck. Like me. Name’s T-Bone!

I have a whole other way of doing things. I live by my own rules and don’t give that fuck about who likes it or not. It comes from having been raised off the grid most of my life I guess. Out here where I am, it’s just me and the land and whatever nature sends my way.

When you live the way I did the first half of my life, you learn to make your own rules and they mostly revolve around survival. My rules and this man’s laws don’t necessarily jive together. The law tends to be a bit confused as to what’s right and wrong if you ask me. And that’s where we part company.

For instance, like the time I came back home to the farm early, after heading into town, and caught my fiancée and some pampered dick heating up the sheets. I didn’t say nothing, didn’t make no fuss. I never was one to waste my time and energy.

I just stood in that doorway watching for a minute or so before I called out, ‘hey y’all.’ Then pulled my gun and blew them both to kingdom come. I made sure they were done for, even a wild animal deserves to be put out of its misery after all, and without missing a beat turned right around and took myself off down to the sheriff’s office.

“Sheriff, I just shot me two rabid coons in heat.” That was on account of if anyone had heard those shots outside of hunting season there wouldn’t be much of a fuss about it. Folks tend to stick their nose in sometimes where they not needed.

I’d headed back home to the farm and fed my hogs and that was that. Wasn’t much fuss to be made in these parts since no one knew too much about the gal seeing as she was an outsider and hadn’t been around all that long.

If she hadn’t traipsed her ass into town that one time to lord it over the town folk with her finery they wouldn’t have known she was here in the first place. But like I said, folks around here are nosy and they noticed a lot.

The story started floating around about how poor T-Bone had been done wrong. How his fancy fiancée had up and ran off with her beau. Now the thing is, most believed that, because to them I’m about the sorriest sight this side a Texas. I tend to like it that way.

I have a face full of hair, and the one on my head grows down past my shoulders. I could hardly remember what I looked like before the age of sixteen. That’s because it was about then that I’d started growing that beard a mine and covering half my face with a bandana and my eyes with some cheap Dollar General shades.

Well, the men might say all manner of things, but if they only knew what some of their women offer me with their eyes, they’d grow a beard too. But it’s none of my business, and I’m all about minding my own.

Now some might say I could afford not to give a fuck because of the money, but that ain’t true. I was just wired that way somehow and through life and circumstance it had only grown worse over time. Money didn’t have spit to do with it. A man’s mettle should never be measured by such a thing. No real man’s anyhow.

I guess you’ll be wanting to know how a scruffy scalawag like me came by so much money as to be able to thumb my nose at convention. Well now, that’s a story in itself.

My daddy was the meanest so and so this side a Texas, come to think of it on either side. Word around town is he’d worked my mama into the ground with backbreaking work and pure old cussedness and had started in on me as soon as I could pick my head up. Word ain’t worth shit.

I was all of six or seven when my mama up and died, and daddy took me out of school to help around the farm, which wasn’t much of one to begin with.

We had a few head of cattle, some hogs, and maybe a sheep or two. Not much when you think about it. What we did have; was a stud bull that bred just about every heifer in a thousand mile radius. He was mean too.

The town folk’s tongues got to wagging early on-on account of how pitiful we looked whenever we were out and about. Folks tend to judge a man by his clothes or what kinda truck he drove, more so than what he had on the inside.