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Rebound (Passion #2)

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Matthew Steele is over it already. His last year of high school behind him and college looming ahead, the young heartthrob should be enjoying his last summer of freedom. Instead he's nursing a broken heart from the deception of the girl he thought he knew, until she started a campaign of destruction against his younger brother Josh and his new love. Now his brother is happy with his new bride, but Matt finds himself as a loss.
Everything he'd planned for his future has gone up in smoke. He's mad as hell at the world and he damn sure wasn't looking for romance, as far as he was concerned women were off the market.
Then she walked in and once again his plans are knocked off kilter; but this time he has his head on straight. He has no intentions on losing his heart to anyone ever again, no matter how much she makes him want.

Kadyn Daniels has come home to Sea Crest after years away. The young beauty is running from a horror no young girl should ever have to endure but she finds shelter in the little town where she's helping her old man run the town's only local diner. Still wary and looking over her shoulder, she's in no way ready for the way her traitorous heart reacts to the elusive Matthew Steele. With her dreams of happily ever after shattered, could she risk opening herself up to more heartache?
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Passion Series by Jordan Silver

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Jordan Silver Books

Chapter 1


My life is fucked six ways from Sunday. I’m in a place in my head that I never thought to be ever in my life, and I feel like my hands are tied. I’m the type of guy who likes to take care of shit that gets in my way but now find myself in a situation where I can do nothing, and it’s burning me the fuck up. I want to lash- out but there’s no one to lash out at. This shit was of my own making, because I was a blind fool. That’s what makes it so hard, the fact that I brought this shit on myself; that there’s no one else to blame. My trust in my own judgment has been shaken to the core. I can’t even think straight because of all the shit that’s going on in my head these days. My every moment seems to be consumed by anger and hate, two emotions that were never a part of me but were now my constant companions.

Never again, that’s all I’ve been telling myself for the past few weeks. I’ve become hard and disgruntled, pretty much disgusted with people as a whole and I can’t seem to drag my ass out of this funk. I’ve become disassociated from the life that I once knew. That seems to be the best answer for now; how can I face them really after what I almost allowed to happen? So what if I didn’t actually have a hand in the shit that went down? I still feel responsible; I’m still the one who had brought the shit to my family’s door. And no matter how much they claim I’m not to blame that doesn’t ease the guilt. Doesn’t erase the horror of what I’d almost brought on all our heads. I felt sick to my stomach just thinking about it; which is usually the case and one of the reasons why I can’t seem to kick the shit and move on.

My family have been watching me like they expect me to off myself any minute or some shit. I can’t or won’t talk to anyone about what I’m feeling; I have to bear the burden on my own. So right now they’re playing the guessing game and obviously coming to the conclusion that I’m gonna do something drastic to myself.

That too is a blow, that my loved ones would think me so weak. But what can I expect? Wasn’t it that weakness that had allowed that snake to infiltrate? Wasn’t it my weakness that had blinded me to who and what she truly was? My guts roiled and burned as I felt the gorge rise into my throat. It wouldn’t be the first time I threw up over this mess. But not today, I was done with that at least. I fought back the nastiness and focused on something else as I sat there sweating with my fists clenched.

I’ve spent the last few weeks hiding out and licking my wounds, not letting anyone get too close. Not even my baby brother, who’s the closest thing to me in this world. It was because of him that I was having such a hard time with the way things had transpired, because deep down I know I’d failed him somehow. Some days, I wanted to just crawl into one of dad’s cognac bottles and escape when the enormity of Patti’s actions became too much for me to bear. I don’t even drink but that’s what this shit has brought me to, I feel like I’ve aged twenty years in the last few months, like my life has ended before it really begun. How can one person cause so much pain and destruction through their actions? How can she have the power to bring me this low? Some days the anger was so strong it’s all I held onto but I know that’s dangerous and would only destroy me in the end.

I won't give that bitch the satisfaction though. My biggest problem now that the fog is finally clearing is that I can’t wrap my hands around her neck and finish her lying ass off for what she did to my family and I. I can’t sleep at night, tossing and turning with hate burning a hole in me. I can see myself going down a very slippery slope and there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do to stop it. My every thought these days are of revenge. How did I go from thinking I was in love with this beast to totally abhorring her very existence? Now all I can think of is destroying her completely. What she had set out to do, had in fact put into action was beyond evil in my eyes; something I would never have imagined her capable of.