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I’m addicted to my stalker.

He watches me at night, sneaking in through my living room window and making my blood turn to ice. I feel him all around me as chills snake down my spine. Each night he becomes bolder, getting closer and welcoming himself into my bedroom, feeding his addiction.

When I feel the warmth of his skin brushing over mine, I pretend to sleep, terrified of what he plans to do with me. But when he touches me … my whole body comes alive.

I’ve never seen his face, and don’t even know his name, but I want to. Every part of me knows this is wrong, but I can’t bring myself to lock the window, to tell him no.

He thrills me, but living life on the edge doesn’t come without consequences.

He’s sick in the head, addicted to this infatuation, and obsessed with his messed-up mind games. But maybe I’m just as sick as he is because, whether I like it or not … I’m addicted to my stalker.

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Raquel Stacy screams as my blade plunges through her chest, and I let out a heavy sigh, watching as her blood quickly pours from the wound, her body quivering as she chokes to death.

That was ridiculously unsatisfying.

She barely put up a fight or pushed me away. Hell, she tripped and fell three feet into the woods. I had to drag her ass deeper into the thick brush just to make it interesting. She tried to scream, hoping someone would come for her, but I chose this location wisely. I always do. Even if I killed her out in the middle of the road, I still wouldn’t be caught. I’m just that good.

As for Malibu Barbie here, what gives? Not even the blood dribbling from her mouth does it for me tonight. Though I have to admit, her sputtering is earning her a few points.

I’ve watched Raquel for the past few weeks, waiting for the moment she realized the person behind her had followed her around every corner, waiting for the surge of panic on her face when she noticed her bedroom window was open. I’m addicted to the rush, but the best feeling comes from watching a woman bolt upright in her bed as she feels that tingle down her spine that tells her she’s not alone. But I got nothing from Raquel. She’s either extremely unaware of her surroundings, or she simply doesn’t give a shit whether she lives or dies.

Fucking boring. This one had to go. She wasn’t even worth the chase. Not that she really gave one.

What does it matter anyway? She was considered dead the second I set my sights on her. The only problem is that this kill hasn’t satisfied me. So now, I’m going to need to find someone else, but this time, I won’t be so careless in my selection. This time, I’ll make it count, and when I take her life, I’ll feel the power pulsing through my veins, finally satisfying the ugly, cruel need within me.

God, it’s so good.

I need someone who’s going to put up a fight, someone who will run when they sense me coming, someone whose eyes will widen with fear at just the mere thought of what I could do to her. Yeah . . . that’s exactly what I need.

Shit. I start getting hard just thinking about it.

“Sorry, Raquel,” I mutter, adjusting my cock. Getting a hard-on while this woman’s life is fading from her eyes hardly seems professional, though, it wouldn’t be the first time. Now, sweet Jessica from Boston, she was a real go-getter. She was on her knees, and my cock was buried deep in her throat when my blade swiped across the base of her neck, but to be fair, that was an accident. I only meant to nick her enough to make her thighs shake, and I got a little carried away.

Sue me. Accidents happen, right?

Jessica was fun though. She really surprised me, and if I wasn’t so eager for that rush of death, I would have dragged it out another week or so. She would have liked that. She had a dark and depraved little soul. I opened her eyes to a new world of excitement, and if it weren’t for my fucked-up need to slaughter the women who walk into my life, she probably would have asked me to teach her the tricks of the trade. On second thought, perhaps getting rid of her before she could cause me any trouble was probably a smart move.

Fuck, no one ever said being a killer was easy, but as long as the feds struggle to identify me, then I’ll continue to play. Hell, they’ve never even gotten close, but that’s because they’ve never been able to link the deaths. They’re always different . . . random. Raquel was a simple stab wound through the chest, Jessica a slit throat, while Bonny out in Vegas was a bullet straight between the eyes. And never a shred of my DNA to go with it. After all, my freedom is important to me, and I’m not careless enough to get caught.

Raquel finally takes her last gasping breath, and I let out a heavy sigh, shaking my head.

What a waste of time that was. I took a chance on Raquel. I really thought she was going to go out swinging, but that’s my fault. I didn’t do enough homework—a mistake I won’t make again.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I love the fact that I’m a stone-cold killer, it’s just a necessary part of what I do. After all, once I’m through with a woman, I can’t just walk away. It’s too risky, and like I said, I’m not planning on getting caught. Ending their lives is just a necessary step I need to take in order to protect my freedom. The fact that taking their lives just happens to make me feel like a fucking God is beside the point.