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Be a great leader. Check. Avoid a third world war. Check. Breed the Vice President’s daughter. Check. Shit. I am not supposed to be doing the last thing, but it is the first thing I intend on doing.

My name is Hayden Blake and I am the President of the United States. My entire life has centered around this outcome. Hell, checklists have been a way of making sure I don’t stray from the course since I could write. I was a nerd. The ambitious one. The golden boy. The straight shooter. Nothing was going to stop me from making it here and up until this moment, nothing has. I am where I said I was going to be. The leader of the free world. Everything was going according to plan until she walked into the oval office. My Lanie. Then everything went off the rails.

Her father, my Vice President introduced her to me, and when her hand landed in mine and her smile lit up the room I was gone. I was no longer just POTUS. I was a man. A virile, dick-throbbing, possessive, obsessive man and she was my future. Never mind the fact that breeding her could make this my first and last term in office if her father doesn’t kill me first.

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Two Years Ago

“Dalton, I want to introduce you to someone.” I turn toward my running mate Clint Broker. “My daughter Everleigh.” Just as I am about to offer my hand the air is knocked from my lungs. The most gorgeous angel I have ever seen. I find myself speechless for the first time in my life. “Dalton.” Fuck. My brain cells have gone to my cock and balls. I literally have no words swirling around in my head at this moment. Thank fuck my jacket is long and can cover my raging hard-on. “Dalton, are you stroking out?” I force myself to blink. It brings me out of it enough to appear alert.

“I’m sorry. I have had a long day. It is nice to meet you…” I know I am holding her hand too tight, but damn does it feel good inside of mine.

“Everleigh.” She says, thank fuck repeating her name because I heard nothing else her father said once I saw her face. I keep reminding myself he is standing here watching us, thank fuck because otherwise I might end my political career right as it is starting.

“Nice to meet you. You let your dad drag you out onto the campaign trail?” Remind me to send him some sort of anonymous gift as a thank you.

“Yeah. She is on vacation from boarding school, and I thought it would be good for her to get her feet wet.” Clint puffs his chest out, obviously proud. Too bad for him all I heard was the word wet and it has my mind conjuring all sorts of shit. Then it hits me.

“Boarding school?”

“Yep. My little girl is a junior. Top of her class.” Holy shit!!! I am lusting over a teenager. The more messed up part of this is that I don’t feel dirty like I should. Am I pissed that I am going to have to wait two years or so, hell yeah. But fuck if I am not spitting in my pants thinking of that young virgin pussy and how tight it is going to be when I slide into it. But for right now, I have to get away from her.

So, with much regret and a hastiness that is mandatory to keep me off the sex offenders list, I drop her hand I was still holding and step back. “Well it was great to finally meet you. I am sure we will see more of each other soon.”


One year ago

Oh my gosh. My legs have been permanently pressed together since I met this man a year ago. Hell, I went to co-ed college, and I never had an inkling that I could have feelings and sensations like this until I met him that day. Now, here I am interning for Dalton Lore, the President of the United States, while my father, his VP is down the hall.

The next day after meeting him I told my dad I wanted to home school and shadow him so I can have career options. He was thrilled. Dalton, not so much. He has grimaced and growled at me since I became the White House intern and when it should make me scared or affronted, all it has succeeded in doing is making me walk around wet all darn day. You have no idea how many panties I go through in a day. Either I am smelling him, so close to him I can touch him, or he is barking orders at me with a voice so deep I want to jump in his lap and hump myself on him. Yes. I am in so much trouble.

“Miss Broker, did you need something or are you just going to stand there?” Jumping, I blink a few times, looking at his gorgeous scowling face. Like every time I look at him I am transfixed, mesmerized by his chiseled jaw and pronounced Adam's apple. The size of his big hands imagining how they would feel all over me. “Stop licking your fucking lips, Everleigh.” He puts his head down and braces his hands on the desk.

“I didn’t realize I was.” I lie and tell him, biting my lip now trying to cover the moan. I am so damn wet; I feel it coating my thighs. I don’t know what possesses me, but I lean against the wall and stare at him, willing him to come to me. Never mind the fact that I am right by his door, and anyone could walk in.

“Leigh what are you doing?” His voice seems a bit raspy now and my nipples begin to bead thinking I am the one turning him inside out.

“Nothing. Taking a break.” I run my hand down my chest, braver than I have ever been.

“Don’t do this right now, angel.” He whispers it, almost like he is talking to himself, but I heard him loud and clear.