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Aww. I had the best Owner ever. Now I just had to make sure he knew I belonged to him and wasn’t on loan like some kind of library book. – Emerson

Bouncing through life, the only things Emerson knows for sure are that he has the best job ever and one day he’s going to meet the Dom of his dreams. Working at Leashes & Lace has given him a fascinating job and wonderful friends, and now it’s given him Luca…the corset designer who is meant to own him.

Hiding from everything he knows he shouldn’t want, Luca has spent a lifetime building up his business and fighting against his fantasies. Funneling his passion into his work, Luca’s become one of the most sought-after designers in the country and a desperately lonely Dom…until a mesmerizing model sweeps into his life and past every defense.

Sparks and corsets fly when a wickedly sweet doll meets the Owner of his dreams, but even with his stubbornly sexy Owner dragging his feet every step of the way, Emerson knows fairy-tale romances like this always end with happily ever after.

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Chapter 1


“Now please take this in the way it was intended. You’re a wonderful model, and I think this is the perfect opportunity to use your skills.” My boss’s overly professional smile as he sat perfectly straight in his chair behind his desk only made me more suspicious.

What had he done?

What skills?

Was his wonderful new opportunity figuring out how to hide Eli’s body because he’d killed him?

Preston was never nervous, so the whole thing was confusing. He was the ultimate cool cucumber because he’d been baptized by fire working with so many drama queens. Not me, of course, I was sweet and calm.

It was the rest of them that were nuts.

Leashes & Lace was a magnet that drew in more interesting people. Something about modeling male lingerie and fetish gear like puppy play tails pulled out people’s more passionate side. At least, that was how Preston had described it the last time a prospective new employee had asked him to describe us.

“I just don’t want you to take this the wrong way.” Preston’s polite insanity had Roman, one of the main photographers and Eli’s partner, snorting from where he was leaning against the far wall behind Preston’s desk.

“He’s not going to go complain to HR if you say something sketchy. Stop pussyfooting around.” This was so weird. But Roman was right, Mateo wouldn’t be any help because hearing about all the shenanigans going on around the office turned him on.

He was sweet and calm too.

Sure, he’d be great if I were actually upset—he could even yell at Eli when he got worked up enough—but I couldn’t imagine Preston doing anything like that. However, there was something weird going on because Preston turned around and glared at Roman. “I’m trying to be professional and make sure he understands he doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to.”

Preston’s response was good to hear, but it made Roman snort…and it wasn’t informative at all. The frustrated photographer simply folded his arms over his chest and gave Preston a look like he thought our boss was stupid.

“The only thing anyone does unwillingly around here is get hard.” He might’ve had a point because Preston had said more than once that we could turn anyone on, no matter how straight they were.

However, I wasn’t going to mention that…or what we’d accidentally done to the pizza delivery guy yesterday.

Thankfully, Roman didn’t seem to know about that because he just continued his rant. “But he’s never hated that, and that’s what Luca wants him for.”


Who was Luca?

The small part of my brain that ran on logic instead of caffeine and erections said I should probably ask about the hard comment first. But I was really good at ignoring the sad, boring part of my brain, so I focused on what seemed to be the most professional aspect of this fascinating conversation. “Who is Luca?”

Yep, that was much better than asking about how my erection had come up in a conversation.


Preston seemed to like my question because his whole body relaxed several degrees and his smile looked genuine. “He’s an artist.”

Well, it wasn’t helpful, but he wasn’t being weird anymore.

I was trying to figure out how to respond when Roman snorted. “You’re terrible at this.”

Agreeing seemed rude, but I wasn’t sure what else to say, so I focused on looking cute and innocent. It generally worked for most situations from speeding tickets to getting yelled at in Walmart by angry old ladies.

Roman rolled his eyes, not buying it at all, but that was only because he’d photographed me too many times for it to be believable. “Stop looking at him like that. We’re never going to get to the point.”

Preston on the other hand still thought I was sweet, kind of dirty, but sweet and somehow innocent too. I wasn’t sure how he’d reached that conclusion, but I wasn’t going to talk him out of it. “Just ignore him. We can take as much time to talk through this as we need to. Your comfort comes first.”

Oh, was it going to hurt?

Eli had spanked me a few times, and that’d been fun, but what was the mysterious artist Luca going to do?

Work was so much fun.

Everyone should be able to have conversations like this at work. People would definitely be happier if they had colleagues like mine. “Thank you, Preston. I appreciate that.”

Hmm, what could get this moving along?

Roman looked like his head was going to pop off.

“Artists can be very unique and they come in a lot of varieties. Is he like Eli? Oh, or Wilder?” Too many Eli’s in one area might make the Earth turn on its axis, but Wilder was sweet. He was my coworker Lane’s sexy boyfriend, a tattooed cutie who was an artist and did the best drawings.

Preston’s lips twisted as Roman snorted.