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Only His

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Natasha Madison

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I had no idea he was a sought after movie star and one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. I thought he was only mine, until one picture turned my life upside down.

She can fight it all she wants, but I knew the moment we met that she'd be mine, and I'm never giving her up.

I tried to deny it, but in the end I know I'm Only His.
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“In today’s top news, Roger Ruck reportedly has a new girlfriend. This news normally wouldn’t come as a surprise to many, since Mr. Ruck has a new woman on his arm weekly, but due to the age gap between the thirty-two-year-old and his twenty-year-old love interest, Emma Davis, the rumor mill is turning.”

Hitting pause, my heart stutters in my chest. “Oh my God. Oh… my God. Oh my God!” I drop my forehead to the table, knocking it there three times in a row. Lifting my head, I find a picture of me and Liam on the TV staring back at me.

Looking at the picture, I bite my lip, remembering how pissed Liam was last night when the photographers ambushed us and took the photo. I can actually feel his rage as I look at it now. My long blond hair is tied up in a ponytail, my body in profile, leaning into his side. His arm is around my shoulders, holding me close, trying to keep me hidden. His face is glowering toward the cameras, his strong, angled jaw tense in annoyance. Those blue eyes surrounded by thick lashes flash with the same aggravation as his hair is pushed back, but the unmanageable pieces still fall across his forehead.

The paparazzi caught us leaving a quiet little restaurant near my apartment. Until that moment, I had no idea who the fuck Liam was, or that he is actually known as Roger Ruck.

Action movie star Roger Ruck.

Most eligible bachelor Roger Ruck.

“My parents are going to flip,” I whisper to myself, and like the devil can hear me, I listen as my cell phone rings from my bedroom—my mom’s ringtone. “I came in like a wrecking ball….” blazes loudly through the silence. Rushing across my apartment, I stumble over my clothes that are thrown all around my room and snatch the phone off my nightstand, putting it to my ear.

“Oh my God!” my mom screeches, and I cringe.

“Hey, Mom. How’s it going?” I ask, trying to keep my voice normal when my heart is in my throat, making the task difficult.

“How’s it going? How’s it going? Are you kidding me? I’m guessing you forgot to fill me in on a few things during our last conversation.”


“Your dad just took off to go on a drive, and you know him, so you know what that means,” she says, and I fall to my ass on the floor and bring my legs up to my chest, resting my forehead on my upturned knees.


“Honey, you could have warned us before we had to learn that you’re seeing a man. And I mean a maaan.” She drags out the word, letting it hang. “Because he’s old. And not only is he old, but we had to learn about him from the news… on the television!” she shrieks.

“He’s not that old.” I sit up to defend him. And he isn’t old. He is older than me, but he’s also sweet, and so damn gorgeous that looking at him makes my knees go weak, my stomach flutter, and my teeth ache. I didn’t even know who he actually was when we met. I don’t watch movies often, and if I do, they tend to be the kind of movies that are full of romance and make me cry.

Yes, I knew he looked familiar, but I seriously had no clue he was famous. Who the hell would meet a famous actor at a café they frequent? I had gone there to study like I normally do. He sat with me, and I tried really, really hard to ignore him and the fact he sat next to me, but his presence was hard to disregard. Before long, we were chatting and laughing, and the next thing I knew, he was asking me for my number.

I didn’t expect him to call, like… ever, so I was shocked when my phone rang that evening and he asked if I wanted to have dinner with him. Of course I said yes, because there was something unbelievably charming about him, and honestly, no guy had ever asked me out, so I took the chance. He came over for pizza that night, which was three months ago. Yet it seems more like a lifetime ago, because we’ve spent almost every second together since then.

“Are you even listening to me?” my mom cries into the phone, and I let out a long sigh.

“I’m listening.”

“So how long have you been seeing him?”

“I don’t know. A while,” I murmur, not sure if I’m going to be seeing him anymore. I mean, it’s one thing to see women checking him out. It’s a whole different thing to know women all over the world have seen him half naked, judging by the views one of his videos had on YouTube.

“Lord, save me. I told your father that I wanted you in college close to home. But, oh no, his baby needed to get out and see the world. Look at us now! You’re dating a famous manwhore!”