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I’m a businessman. Level-headed. Always keeping my eye on the bottom line and nothing else. I’m not a creature of want, never have been. So why has all that suddenly changed the moment Julieta appeared in my life? I can’t seem to think straight, can’t stay focused on anything except obsessing over her. I don’t know if I’m losing my mind? Maybe so. But I do know that once I’ve had a taste of my Julieta, I won’t be able to let her go. Even if that means playing dirty for the first time in my life in order to keep her.

Growing up in the foster system, allies are few and far between. But I always had my best friend Raegan who could find the brighter side for us in the roughest of times. When Raegan calls for me to come home with fear in her voice I know her twin brother has likely brought trouble to their front door. I drop everything and rush to her side even if it means losing all I’d been working towards. She would do the same for me without question. What I didn’t expect was trouble to be a man with an iron grip and a smile that he only gives to me. It doesn’t take me long to realize I may be in deeper trouble than them all.
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I watch the security footage Graysen sent over to me early this morning. In the last month, two of my shipping containers have been hit. They were cleared out. Both times it was for the same company's shipment, already raising red flags. Their products aren’t the most lucrative thing that could be stolen around here.

That meant it had to be an inside job. People knew what was in their containers. The risk is lower along with the security on that section.

I have hundreds of containers delivered to that dock every day. To a random person, they all look the same. You’d never know what container belongs to what company unless you worked here.

The first two hits went off without a hitch, so I knew they’d be back. Thieves are always hungry for more. They get greedy, and that’s what always gets them caught in the end.

Sure, I could tighten things up and likely cut it off now, but I’m annoyed and probably bored too. This is happening in my own backyard. Something about it all is pulling at the back of my mind, and I can’t ignore it. In fact, these are the types of things that can draw out my obsessive personality.

I have shipping docks on each coast in America and even a few in other countries. This dock, however, is where my offices are. Someone is doing this right under my nose—while working for me, too.

I wanted to know who. So I let things stand exactly how they were. I didn’t change anything except for surveillance. I wanted every square inch of this place watched by human eyes all day and night long. I didn’t care how much manpower that would take. It was only a matter of time before I caught them.

Graysen had already narrowed down the list to begin with. My head of security and I are in a bit of a race to see who can catch this person first. It’s going to likely be a draw. With the information Graysen already collected, we could home in on those people.

I thought about crafting a fake intake from BNA Holdings and setting a trap, but something in the back of my mind told me not to. That it may send a warning to whomever was stealing from me. I knew I had to be careful. What if BNA was in on this? Robbing their own shipments so that Castillo Inc was responsible for the loss.

It looks like I was right to be cautious. This is why I always listen to my instincts. They’ve never let me down when it comes to life or business. BNA would have told whomever they had pulling these heists there was no delivery, and it would have spooked the person. I had to wait till a real shipment came in. Patience has never been my strong suit.

I watch as Travis Smith slips into one of the containers and takes out his phone and starts to take pictures before he slips back out. I rewind and play the video one more time to make sure I’m not missing anything else before I flip it off and go to the folder Graysen pulled on him. He’s done extensive intel on the four names he’s narrowed it down to.

The man has everything in here, down to the last time the person got laid and what toothpaste they use. I have no idea how he gets all this shit, and I’m sure it’s not legal, but I don’t care. I’m almost positive it has something to do with the ten years he spent working for the FBI before I snagged him for myself. I wanted the best, so I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Travis Smith is a loner, from the looks of things. He’s hopped from job to job. He never stays anywhere too long. Grew up in the foster system and his only family is a sister who he currently lives with. I flip over to the information page about her. It looks pretty clean. She’s had the same two jobs for the past two years: one at a diner and the other at a bar on the weekends. There’s no record of her being in trouble. Unlike Travis, who has been in and out of jail for small bullshit multiple times. No major charges, just drunk and disorderly conduct and a few small petty thefts when he was still a kid.

Those weren’t flagged when he’d been hired here to work the loading docks on the night shift. That was all in his juvenile record, which is sealed. We don’t dive that deep for an entry level position. Graysen, however, did once shit started going missing.

A knock sounds on my office door. “In,” I call. Graysen steps inside my office. “I’ve got him locked in one of the empty containers.” I flip the file back closed.