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Naughty or Nice

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Claudia Chambers has gotten herself into a situation she can’t get out of. Her brother is mixed up in the local mafia and now she’s indebted to the town gangster. One day when the big boss shows up on her doorstep and tells her she’s the incentive for his new client, she knows she has no choice.

Brian Carter trusts his instincts, and the day he sees Claudia he knows that she’s the one. When he realizes she’s caught up in something too dark for her innocent soul, it’s time for him to come in and protect what’s his.

Warning: This steamy Christmas treat will have you wondering what side you want more… Naughty or nice? Get festive and heat up your house with this hot little read.
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The day before Thanksgiving…

I watch Jensen leave my office to go to my apartment. I put my cell down and open up a new file on my computer to work on until my dad gets here. I’m going to meet the builder of one my new projects tonight and my dad needs to bring by the new blueprints. He emailed them to me, but I like hard copies when starting a project. It gives me a place to start from and helps cement plans to the contractors.

The next time I look down at my watch I curse and call Sage. I told her I was bringing Jensen home, but I should let her know he’s on the way. Just as the phone starts to ring my dad comes in the office with the plans in his hand. The call goes to voicemail, so I hang up and send Jensen a quick text.

“You sure you don’t mind taking these to the builder? I can do it, son,” my dad says, and I shake my head.

“Nah, it’s on the way home for me. You and Mom need to make sure tomorrow is ready to go.” I wink at him as I grab the plans and my bag. “I’m already doing my stomach exercises so I can eat at least three times.”

“I’ll tell your mom,” he says before he’s out the door and I’m following behind him.

My phone buzzes and it’s a text from Jensen telling me he’s there and so is Sage. I feel better. I wave goodbye to my dad, then tell the cab driver my destination and pull out my phone. I shoot a text to the builder and get one back immediately saying they’re waiting.

I roll my eyes because these guys are all the same. It’s a hurry-up-and-wait mentality and it’s tiresome. I’m a workaholic and travel all the time to oversee projects I’ve got going on all over the country. I’m not one to take a break, but even I’m surprised the builder is working this late the day before a holiday. I guess it’s a good sign. I’ve never done a development with this company before, but it’s one that Jensen found for me. He’s got a brilliant mind and I can’t begin to understand how it works. I just know he comes across as an asshole, which is why I’m the one that talks to the clients.

When the cab pulls up to the vacant lot, I get out and glance around at the chain-link fence.

“Leave the meter running. I’ll be back,” I tell the driver, then close the door and walk towards the gate.

I see a light in the distance and I think I see someone there, but it’s so dark out.

“Hello!” I call out as I hold my hand over the light so I can see where I’m going.

“It’s about time,” I hear someone call out and I’m surprised when it’s a woman’s voice.

I hear gravel crunching as she comes closer and I put my hand down. I blink a few times at the blinding light, but finally she’s in front of me. I’m shocked silent at the sight of her. I’ve never seen a woman so stunning before. She’s got blonde hair pulled back in a messy bun with a scarf around her neck. She’s wearing a construction jacket that looks too big for her, and baggy jeans with boots. She’s dressed like a much larger man gave her the clothes, but she’s so goddamn beautiful anyway.

Her bright blue eyes stare at me for a second, then they narrow. “Do you have the plans or not?”

Her abrupt tone takes me off guard so quickly I actually laugh. “Yeah, I do,” I say, holding them out for her. “Are you Aaron Slate?”

“No,” she says, taking the plans from me and tucking them under her arms before she shoves her hands in her pockets.

I wait, but she doesn’t offer anything else. It’s cold enough that I can see her breath in a soft cloud in front of her and I wonder why it makes her look like an angel. Something about this woman has me trying to figure her out, but she’s not giving me an inch.

She looks so sweet, like the girl next door, but the way she’s glaring at me between her shivers makes me think that there’s a wild streak in her.

“Okay, so if you’re not him, then who are you?”

“The person you’ve been texting about getting these plans. I’m taking them to Aaron now.” She turns to leave and I grab her arm.

“Wait a second.” I panic because I don’t really have anything else to say to her but I’m not ready for her to leave. “I was supposed to go over this with him.”

“He said he’ll call you,” she says as she jerks out of my grasp.