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My Little Book of Spicy Tales Volume 2

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Jordan Silver

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A compilation of erotic shorts
*****Story 1:
A scientist who just patented the hottest new fertility drug happens across a young girl while she's out shopping with her stepmother who isn't very kind to her. Something about the girl's innocent air touches something in him and he decides he can kill two birds with one stone. If he takes her, he'd surely be taking her away from a life of misery if the spectacle he's just witnessed was any indication of her life at home. And he'd have the added bonus of seeing his drug at work firsthand.
*****Story 2:
Her dad destroyed his, now he's out for revenge.He's not satisfied with just taking the other man's business and making him nothing more than his lackey. He's set his sites on his enemy's lovely untouched daughter who will be anything but once he's done.
*****Story 3:
It was supposed to be just a visit to the doctor for the shy young girl, but somewhere the waiting room and the stirrups she meets the doctor's eyes and her body ceases to be her own. The fact that her submissive nature is just perfect for his predilections gets her in even more trouble once he taps into her need to please him in all ways.
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“Come here little girl, daddy wants to fuck.”

She’d been sitting on the couch playing in her cunt for the last half hour while I read the paper. It was our evening ritual, one I’d taught her after taking her three months ago.

I’d seen her by chance one night when I’d stopped into a store while away on business. She was blonde, the whitest blonde hair I’d ever seen on anyone that age that hadn’t come from a bottle.

Her eyes were a perfect blue without a speck of anything else in it. But it was her lips that had held me captive. They had a natural pout that any porn star would pay good money to achieve at the closest Botox clinic; and red. A soft pale raspberry red that spoke of illicit pleasure.

My cock had started leaking pre-cum into my shorts, my skin had grown warm and I knew I had to have this creature no matter what it took.

The woman who I’d believed was her mother had been berating her.

I’d seen the abject sadness in those eyes and something about it touched me. She was like a perfect little angel in her school girl uniform, but I knew from her body, those high firm tits and rounded hips, that she was no little girl.

I followed them around the store listening in to their conversation without seeming intrusive. That’s when I realized the bitch was her stepmother and she hated the girl, whose mother was dead.

It was when she said the words ‘I can’t wait for you to start college come fall and get the hell out of my house’, that I knew what I had been thinking would become fact.

I followed them out of the store and all the way home. I kept going to the end of the street when they pulled into a driveway, before turning around and heading back.

I watched the house, a little ranch style, until I saw a light come on down the side of the little pathway between their house and the half wall that separated it from the one next door.

That night after I checked out of my hotel I went back after dark. I snuck into her room and took her. It was easy, just a little chloroform on a cloth and all that was left was to lift her out the window halfway until I climbed out and brought her the rest of the way out.

We’d driven all night until I reached my home. She’d awakened sometime in the car. Afraid. I reassured her that she was safe and that she was now my little girl and I was going to take care of her.

She’d cried of course, as was to be expected. But once she realized there was no turning back no matter how much she pleaded with me, she’d sat back in her seat and looked at me as if I were the Boogie man.

Once we reached my place I drove into my garage and took her into the house that way. I had some planning to do. First I had to put my house on the market, we couldn’t stay there; the neighbors knew me too well.

That night I took her cherry as soon as her back hit my head. There was no use in prolonging the inevitable as far as I was concerned.

Her pussy’s tight sweetness had confirmed that I’d done the right thing. After rubbing some salve deep inside her to help with the soreness, I’d fucked her little eighteen year old pussy all night and into the early morning until my dick couldn’t take anymore.

I put the house on the market the next day. In the meantime I started her training. By the end of that first week she craved cock almost as much as she did food. I’d taken all her cherries and got her use to calling me daddy. I was her new daddy now after all, responsible for all her care.

It wasn’t long before I found us a new home far away and a lot more remote than either of us had been used to. In that time she had become daddy’s little girl in every way.

She didn’t make a move without my say-so. Every night she went to sleep with my fingers in her pussy and her little hand wrapped around my cock, and woke in the morning to a nice hard fuck to get the day started off on the right foot.

Now she got up from the couch and made her way over to me, crawling on her knees, her eyes never leaving mine. I spread my knees to make room for her as she lifted her soft little hands to unzip me.

My fat ten inch cock popped out and bobbed in front of her mouth which I could see was already watering. I’ve taught her to crave cock and now she’s not happy unless she’s had me in one of her holes at least three times a day.