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My Curvy Belle

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Jordan Silver

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After years of playing the field, Logan Carter has been giving serious thought to settling down. Part of him believes that there's someone for everyone, but with his taste for kink and a very discerning palette, he's beginning to think that his 'one' may not be out there. Then one glance at the curvy gem and his taste buds come alive and he knows he'll do whatever it takes to get her in his bed.
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“Damn, now that’s one hell of a fine ass.” I damn near walked into a pole checking that shit out. After years spent living in a dry ass town with the anorexic brigade, where my preferred bedmate of choice were slim pickings, the sight was a most welcome one here in my hometown. “Yes!”

“What, where?” I slapped my boy behind the head and turned his ass around when he tried to have a look, but I kept my eyes on the denim-clad masterpiece as it moved across the parking lot. I was damn near salivating.

I hadn’t even seen the face that was attached to it yet. An ass like that needs time to appreciate before you move on to the rest of the goodies in the package. I do know the proper etiquette when it comes to these things.

I played a game in my head, imagining what her tits looked like. You have to have at least a double D cup to go with an ass like that. Yes please.

The first true stirrings of excitement I’d felt in a long time got started in my gut and made their way down south. My homing beacon slash dick was already lifting his head and shit. Game on!

Eye balling her I’d say she was about a size fourteen-sixteen. I know she was no less than a twelve because my cock never takes notice unless the ass is at least that size. And my boy was now howling at the mother-fucking moon.

“Down boy daddy’s gotta see the tits first.” I like my ass to come with tits; it’s a two for one deal. I’d already veered off from the entrance to the store where I’d been headed before I saw my next cock ride.

I was almost on her when she stopped at her little beat to shit car and popped the trunk. I got a quick flash of her profile when she leaned over and my boy damn near busted out of my jeans to get at her.

Oh yeah! Her babies were just about what I’d expect. The tight cotton shirt was stretched to the max across her chest and the deep cleavage showing between the v-neck only made me hungrier.

Damn, and that was just a side view. I just might have a fucking heart attack if I see her full on. She was the whole fucking package, from chest to toe at least.

The tits to ass ratio, was on point. And her legs were just right under those jeans. Thick, with that deep Vee where a man can slide in and get settled. It’s hard these days to find anything that fucking perfect in these streets. Can I get an amen?

My mind was already miles ahead on this shit. A nice hard as fuck back shot better known as doggy style while palming those babies from behind would set me straight right about now. Real talk!

I started calculating time in my head. Like how long’s it gonna take for her to give it up. More importantly how long did I want her to make me wait?

You see there’s a method to this shit. Do I want a one off, or am I thinking long term here? I like to be fair in my dealings with the opposite sex. Straight up, I’m a dog. I own that shit.

I can say this shit without being conceited, I’m a catch. Looks, money and manners, I have it all and know it. When you have those credentials you can have pussy on tap, if you’re into that sorta thing. And I was!

I left university, landed the job of my dreams, a job that put me in the midst of some of the most beautiful women this country has to offer. On a side note, it didn’t take me long to figure out most of that shit was fake as fuck, but I digress.

For the young man that I was back then, that shit was a dream come true. I fucked my way through my mid twenties to my now early thirties and didn’t give a fuck who thought what about it.

But the two things I always did, was keep my heart out of shit and play it straight with the female in question. As my country cousins would say, I was in hog heaven. Pussy overload with no end in sight.

But lately I’ve been thinking it might be time to put that shit behind me and do like my mama says and get her a daughter in law. She’s only been singing that song since I hit twenty-five.

I had no interest in giving up my lifestyle, all the free pussy in the world with no strings attached. I hit the pussy buffet everyday. And then about a year ago my shit got sidetracked.

One of my good friends bit the bullet or what I thought at the time was lost his damn mind. Josh was my partner in crime I guess you can say, until he met ‘the one’ and got hitched.