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My Bully's Father

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Jordan Silver

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Jenna, or Geneviève as she'd been born, was a rather unfortunate child. Born to a single mom on the lower end of the poverty ladder, she was a homely little thing when she was a child. By the time she was twelve, she was about forty pounds overweight on top of the worst acne outbreak known to man. Her existence was not helped any by the presence of her bully and nemesis. Not only was this bully the only daughter and child of the town's wealthiest man, who spoiled her for all the world to see, but the mother was not much better than the child. These two made Jenna's life more of a misery than the poor child could handle.

Years later, things have changed, and a new Jenna returns to the town where she'd had her worst experience, but no one recognizes her, not even her worst enemy. And that's just how she planned it. She's here to destroy her nemesis cushy life, and seduce her newly divorced father.
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Jordan Silver


I hadn’t meant for it to happen; no one ever does. But as I rode up and down on his cock I couldn’t seem to care. My arms tightened around his neck as he slid his finger gently into my ass. I hissed and licked his ear as unbridled lust ran rampant between my thighs.

“Oh, Mr. Jarvis, your cock feels so good.”

“You like that? Huh? You like having my cock in your tight pussy?” How could words be so electric? They sent shocks directly to my pussy, making me cum harder. The slop-slop sound of our bodies coming together was loud in the room, coupled with our panting breaths.

He pushed me back and away from him so he could reach my barely-there tits. His fascination with my tits is one of the things that make my pussy wet for him. No one, not even myself, had ever found anything even remotely attractive about my flat A-cup chest. But Mr. Jarvis can’t seem to get enough of them, which is weird because Mrs. Jarvis has size DD tits according to her bra.

My bony hips rocked back and forth as I felt his thirteen-inch cock pounding up inside me. His finger slipped out of my ass, and his large hands gripped my hips and started lifting me up and down on his tumultuous cock. My mouth started doing that slack-jawed thing it does when I’m about to cum.

My pussy sprung juice all over his chest and stomach and ran down between us. I’m a gusher! He licked my face where some of my cunt juice had flown, and my pussy grew hotter. I could smell my sweat and his as they mingled together in the hot room. His breath on my ear made me shiver, and my eyes closed when his fingers found my clit.

He sucked on my little titties, taking each of them into his mouth and play chewing. Everything he did make my pussy hot. And if that wasn’t enough, just the thought of who he is can make me ejaculate like a frat boy on speed.

Now he threw me back across the bed and kept pounding that cock into me while feeding on my tits. My hips bucked like a bronco as I tried to get even more of him inside of me. I’d have taken his nut sac if I could fit it in me.

“You’re a hot little bitch, aren’t you?”

“Yes, yes, I am, now fuck me.” My eyes rolled back in my head when he laughed, and I felt the throb of his tummy in my clit. I flung my legs out wide without being told to and threw my pussy up at him like the wanton slut he’s so fond of calling me.

“I’m going cum in your pussy bareback.” He whispered the words in my ear, and my eyes flew open. This wasn’t part of the deal; he’s never supposed to cum inside me. I’m not on birth control; I can’t…..

“Mr. Jarvis, you can’t; you promised.” My mouth said those words, but my pussy’s grip got tighter, and I gripped his ass, pulling him harder into me, belying my words of denial. I wanted him to cum in me, to plant one of his children in me. I wanted to be his hot little slut forever.

“OH HI, Jenna, I didn’t know you were here? Have you been waiting long? Wait, I didn’t know we had plans tonight.” I smiled at my harried friend as she came through her parents’ door.

“Yes, we had plans, but I figured you’d be too busy to remember, so I came over here instead.”

I walked over for a hug and hoped she could smell cum on my breath. “Oh, hi dad, sorry I’m a bit late, traffic was killer. I’ll be right back. Where’s mom?” She called out as she headed up the stairs. “Last I saw, she was in her bathtub having a soak.” We both watched her feet disappear up the stairs and reached out for each other. His tongue was halfway down my throat before she’d even reached the room.

“Give me my panties.” I grinned against his mouth and pretended to steal them from his pocket. He bit my lip then moved his teeth to my neck, where he marked me. My nipples grew hard and pressed against the silk of my tank top. Silk, who’d have thought I’d ever be wearing that?

“I wanna fuck you right here right now. Will you let me?”

“With your daughter just up the stairs and your wife in the tub?”

“Ex-wife.” He didn’t wait for permission as he backed me up against the sliding glass doors that led out to the backyard.

My skirt was pulled up around my waist for me to hold, and since I wasn’t wearing any panties, he just unzipped and fucked his already cock back into me. “Haven’t you had enough?” I caught his lips with mine before he could answer, and he fucked me against the door.