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Lyon's Den (The Lyon #6)

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Jordan Silver

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Kat's about to drop triplet's, Mengele's up to some crap I can't get a bead on and there's a pedophile on the loose in my backyard. Welcome to my life!
Bad boy Colton Lyon can deal with pretty much anything that comes his way except maybe when it comes to his wife and kids. The once rough and tumble biker is now all in with being a family man and he's trying his best not to get any more blood on his hands. But since marrying Kat and her having daughters, it's getting harder to do.
Now some fool is loose in his neck of the woods and with his wife about to give birth any day, he has no time to waste cleaning up the mess the local law enforcement seem hard pressed to deal with.
"He better hope those boys with badges get ahold of him before I do, because there's a good bet he'd fare better in prison than he would with anything I have in store for him."
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The Lyon Series by Jordan Silver

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Chapter 1

My life is fucked. I’ve come to accept this fact since realizing that the women in my life have taken over. I have no idea when Kat took my balls, but sure as fuck she has ‘em. “You two ready?”

I mumbled some choice words under my breath and rolled my eyes at my annoying ass wife. My two girls were all smiles and excitement as they came towards me where I stood waiting for them at the door.

Last week I’d taken their brothers for a night out with the guys and their nosy ass mother and mine got it into their heads that I had to do the same with them. The fuck!

First of all, I know fuck all about daughters, unless their mother is there to lead the way. And it has been quite some time since she’s dragged my ass off somewhere with the whole lot of ‘em.

Suddenly I’m a neglectful father and I show the boys favoritism yadda-yadda-yadda. She knew just how to get under my skin, how to hit below the belt.

I think she’s been taking lessons from my mother or some shit. So as to keep the hen pack off my ass I’ve decided to grin and bear it, because these women are getting more vicious the older they get.

Before Elena has Char hex my ass like they did the pothead, I’ma toe the line and keep the peace. Kat’s ass is gonna get it though, some way somehow, when she least expects it.

She knows damn well that I love all my kids, but what the fuck am I supposed to do with two little girls, one of them a damn serial killer in the making?

Caitiebear is a little easier to manage, I know where her head is at. School and that damn boy. Mengele, not so much. Her squirrely ass can flip on a dime.

The two of them were all but jumping out of their skin with excitement though, so I figured there might be something to what their mother suggested. A night out with daddy, just me, and them.

I kept a wary eye on the little one as she sidled up to me and reached for my hand. She’s too damn

cute for her own good and that’s the problem. She has these ringlet curls all over her head that fall to just above her shoulders, wide bright blue eyes, and dimples. Total fuck storm.

That shit helps her get away with her fuckery. I wanted to tell her I wasn’t the one to fall for her batting eyes bullshit but figured why start the evening off on that foot.

Her mother had put a ribbon in her platinum curls and if she didn’t look like somebody’s innocent little darling I don’t know what. Fucking con. Then I noticed the bag she was holding like it held the secret to life.

“Mengele what you got in that bag?” Damn bag was almost as big as she is. Her grandma Tina for some fucked up reason got her into bags, like a five year old needs that shit.

If anyone didn’t need a cache it was this one. Who the fuck knows what kinda contraband she had hidden in there.

She bit into the corner of her lip and her eyes got fishy as fuck. My nuts were already looking for cover. Every other day it’s some shit with this kid.

“Nothing daddy.” She patted the leather and gave me an innocent smile. Yeah, like I trust that shit. “Open it please.” She pouted and opened the zipper while trying to keep me from seeing in.

“What the fu…KAT.” She lowered the camera that she’d been using to snap a million and one pics like we weren’t coming back and glared at me.

“Where’d she get this stuff?” There was pepper spray in there, which I’d given her, so I wasn’t worried about that shit.

It was the tubes of lip-gloss and some kind of glittery shit that I didn’t know what the fuck, that had me heated.

I held out my hand and she emptied the contents of her little stash. “What daddy?” she held the last tube of pale pink goop out of reach while her mother tried convincing me that it was nothing.

I didn’t even bother answering her, just threw the crap on the nearest chair, checked that Caitie Bear wasn’t wearing any gook on her face and headed out.

I made sure to slam the door so Kat knew I didn’t appreciate her underhanded tactics, but her laughter coming through the closed door told me she didn’t give a good damn.

Pregnancy has made her bold. She thinks she’s safe and Elena keeps putting shit in her head. I keep telling her ass that Elena isn’t going to be the one with a red ass in the future, but she seems to think I have a short memory or some shit.