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Lover in Lingerie (Lingerie #15)

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I know this has no future. Only heartbreak.
Bosco Roth may be the man I've fallen for, but he'll never be the man I marry.
He's too dangerous. Too risky.
When our three months is over, I'll walk away.
At least that's what I keep telling myself...
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Lingerie Series by Penelope Sky

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Vanessa’s pregnant belly had gotten so big that it limited our positions during lovemaking. She was almost finished with her seventh month, and her distended stomach became rounder and rounder. My son was going to be a big boy, judging by the way he constantly needed more room in her tiny body.

Now I liked to stand at the side of the bed with her ass hanging over the edge. I cradled her legs in my arms and thrust inside her, careful not to hit her stomach. She was getting uncomfortable in her pregnancy, her back and feet hurting, so I did all the work.

Not that I minded.

She held on to my wrists as I gently thrust inside her, moving my big dick through her tightness. Despite her dull aches and pains, she was still just as aroused by me as ever.

I watched her come for me, finding pleasure for a moment before she returned to her constant discomfort.

She dug her nails into my skin and whispered my name over and over, full of my cock, my baby, and my love.

I came as she ended, filling her pussy with my seed. I didn’t know how I would feel about her pregnancy before she became pregnant, but now I knew it was another thing that turned me on. Seeing that belly every day got me aroused in a way nothing else ever had. I loved watching her waddle around the house, my son growing stronger inside her every day. When he was born, it would be time for me to be a father. But until that moment, I was just a husband obsessed with my knocked-up wife.

I pulled out of her then kissed her belly, smothering every curve with my lips. She was as petite as she ever was, making her belly look even bigger. I trailed my lips up her body then kissed her mouth. “I love you, baby.”

She ran her hands up my chest. “I love you too, husband.”

I kissed the corner of her mouth before I pulled away. It was nighttime, and all the lights were off in the house. After Bosco stopped by last week, I was a little more paranoid than I had been before, but he hadn’t shown up again. He didn’t seem to be a threat, but now that I had a pregnant wife, even a hint of a threat was too much for me.

I went downstairs and checked on the rest of the house one more time, including the infrared cameras that filmed throughout the night, before I came back to bed.

Vanessa was under the sheets with her head against the pillow. “Everything alright?”

“Yes.” I got into bed beside her, still slightly uneasy about Bosco’s visit. Just when I thought all our troubles were gone, Carmen had to sleep with the devil.

Vanessa picked up on my tension. She turned over and faced me, her hand over her stomach. “What is it?”

I never lied to her, so I chose to be silent.


“Go to bed, baby.” My palm moved to her stomach, my fingers reaching out and covering most of her belly. He wasn’t kicking right now, but I could still feel the life inside her, the life we made together.

She gave me that sassy look that told me she wasn’t gonna drop this. “You’ve been weird all week. I’ve waited for you to tell me yourself, but you obviously are never gonna fess up.”

I looked into her green eyes, the eyes that brought me comfort during my darkest times. I’d never told her about Bosco and the conversation we had outside. I didn’t want to scare her. But since we both knew what Carmen was doing, it seemed strange to keep it a secret. “I know about Bosco.”

Her eyes immediately lost their hostility. She tensed in a new way, her stomach even shifting slightly.

“I noticed her shop was closed one day, so I went to her apartment. It was obvious she hadn’t been there in months. Her mail hadn’t been checked either. I spotted her car on his property, and that’s when I knew.”

All she did was sigh in response.

“Bosco and I talked about it.” I skipped the part where he came to the house, but I didn’t actually lie about it. “He told me about their arrangement, but he also made it clear he would let her go at the end. He threatened to hurt all of us if I said anything, so I agreed to be silent. Since their relationship is gonna end, I didn’t see the point in fighting it. As long as Carmen isn’t a prisoner, I suppose there’s no real harm. I confronted Carmen about it and told her how disappointed I was. She assured me she would leave him when their arrangement was finished, understanding her family would never accept him. He isn’t husband material, and he can’t give her the life she wants.”