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Hotel O

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Pleasure is business.
That’s our motto here at Hotel O.
No strings attached gratification is what we provide. Nothing is off limits. And all of it stays within these walls.
My job as the organizer of these events requires a personal sacrifice. Girlfriends are a liability I can’t afford.
So I get my own satisfaction somewhere else.
Online. Anonymous.
Nothing beyond a one-night stand… And I’ve found the perfect toy to play with.
A persistent, equally wicked girl that I can’t say no to.
The girl who’s going to make me risk it all.
Welcome to Hotel O… Enjoy your stay.
Author’s Note: Hotel O is complete and utter filthiness. Expect lots of debauchery… with multiple people. Please do not read if you’re easily offended or do not enjoy romances that explore the boundaries of depravity… Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
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Pleasure is business.

That’s our motto here at Hotel O.

No-strings-attached gratification is what we provide. Nothing is off-limits. And all of it stays within these walls.

My job as the organizer of these events requires a personal sacrifice. Girlfriends are a liability I can’t afford, so I get my satisfaction elsewhere.

Online. Anonymous.

Nothing beyond a one-night stand …

No one has to know. No one will find out.

And the more time I spend on this chat site tonight, the more I’m starting to think I’ve found the perfect toy to play with.

Chapter 1


Name: NaughtyKitten.

Age: Twenty-seven.

Currently Wearing: Blue tank top.

My profile is blank with the exception of two small tidbits.

As dirty as can be. Humiliate me.

It might sound wrong, but that’s what these chat sites are for. People don’t discuss the weather or work here. No one cares who you are in real life, and no one wants to get to know you. Everyone just wants to have fun. That’s why I love this site so much.

Being cooped up in my tiny one-story house with little breathing room in my private life has made me eager to try new things, and this … this little gem right here is proving to be one of my favorite things to do late at night.

Or any time of day really.

I’m a sucker for exciting things. Or rather … dicks.

I can’t help myself. Growing up so sheltered has me wanting to try literally everything out since I’ve been living on my own. Nothing’s too thrilling for me, and I haven’t yet found a line I don’t want to cross.

That’s what you get when you’re not allowed to date, and your parents are protective as hell. You resort to being a sneaky bitch and having boyfriends climb up to your room in the middle of the night. But all that fades compared to what I really want. To what I’m thinking of when I play with myself.

I want to be taken. Used. In every way possible.

I’ve wanted it for so long, but no man who came into my life after I moved out was ever up to the task. Most men shy away when I tell them my dirtiest wishes. Guess I’m a lot of maintenance in the bedroom. Or maybe they’re just not into experimenting. Who knows. So I resort to online stuff instead. It makes it easier to quit without even having to say a word.

I can just exit the window and be done with it or hop on to the next. Quiet and under the radar.

Privacy is a big thing on this chat site. No one will ever know it was me who was on there, which is the most important factor. If my friends and family ever discovered what I really liked, they’d run for the hills. Hell, if my boss found out, she’d probably fire me on the spot for lewd behavior.

Especially if she knew I sometimes go to this chatroom at work. But no one has to find out. It’s my dirty little secret.

And now it will be his too.

Because someone has already pinged me for a private conversation … and when I check out his profile, I’m pleasantly surprised.

Name: D.

Age: Thirty-three.

Currently Wearing: Suit. Commando underneath.

Description: No commitment. No strings. Just pleasure … and you doing everything I tell you to.

A wicked grin spreads on my lips as I take a sip of my coffee and press the accept button.

His picture appears too now. Second surprise of the day. It’s not a dick pic. It’s a picture of him buttoning up his sharply creased shirt.

Well, now I’ve seen it all.

A man who won’t show off his dick the very first chance he gets? Color me intrigued.

And not only that, but he looks rather … buff too. Because I can definitely see those pecs underneath his shirt.

My mouth is already watering.

But I have to remind myself that this is only a fantasy. Once I close the laptop, he’ll be gone forever.

With a smirk on my face, I start typing. If he won’t be the first to say something, I’ll break the ice. I’m not that shy … but maybe he is.

NaughtyKitten: Hey.

No response.

I can see him typing, though. What kind of greeting takes so long to write?

D: Take off your clothes.

I frown. What’s this then? Going all out right away?

NaughtyKitten: No ‘hi’ first? Maybe we should talk first? See if we match up?

D: I take no pleasure in formalities. Are you here to play or not?

I take another sip of my coffee and narrow my eyes. He’s very straightforward. I haven’t decided yet whether I like it, but I’ll play along. See where it goes.

NaughtyKitten: Yes. What are you here for?

D: To get off.

NaughtyKitten: Then we have a mutual interest.

D: My interest is you. Now take off your clothes.

NaughtyKitten: What gave you the impression I’ll do what you say?