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His Hart's Command (Nothing Special #6)

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Lennox Freeman (Free) is one of the best hackers in the world which has caused him to spend most of his life on the run. Never able to put down roots, he couldn’t trust anyone not to take advantage of him, even his own family. If it wasn’t for his best friend, Tech, shielding him, Free’s father would’ve sold him and his skills to the highest bidding crime family when he was still a student at MIT. Free owed Tech his life; so when his friend called for him to come to Atlanta to work with him, he couldn’t say no. However, he wasn’t expecting the overprotective group of detectives that made up Atlanta PD’s most notorious task force. And he certainly wasn’t prepared for the large-and-in-charge SWAT Captain that was responsible for their safety.
Ivan Hart has lived and bled one creed all of his life: To Serve and Protect. His intense focus and determination in law enforcement has led him to finally commanding his own team. He’d worked hard to put together a squad of badasses capable of backing up a very dangerous team of detectives. Being God and Day’s last line of defense came with a lot of responsibility that he took very seriously.
After his divorce was final Hart turned right around and remarried his job. He had his good friends there in the office with him every day, so it was easier to ignore the few quiet hours he spent at home alone each night. He’d settled well into his new routine and was comfortable with it. Then God decided to disrupt everything by hiring another tech specialist for his department. A man whose brains, trendy looks, and voice would leave Hart tongue-tied and captivated at their first introduction.
Free quickly awakens a passion in Hart that he long thought was dead. An attraction he didn’t know existed. He couldn’t fathom that the sexy cyber genius could be interested in an over-sized, big-bearded brute that served criminals the bottom line for a living. No matter what his best friend, God said.
A future with Hart could be potentially dangerous and often times full of terrifyingly close calls; but little did he know that so could falling for the most hunted hacker in the world. All Lennox Freeman wants in life is security, love and protection… Hart had all that to give and more.
This novel is a part of a series and contains previously mentioned characters, but CAN BE read as a standalone. No cliffhangers.
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“Okay, we’re gonna take a little shortcut, fellas. Make a left onto the dirt road right before the next stoplight.”

“We’ll lose them if we get off this street, Free,” Ruxs said.

“No we won’t. I still got eyes on them.”

“Then you’ll lose us,” Ruxs countered.

“Not for long.” Free was as calm as he always was, even with his good friends chasing down three heavily armed men.

“What’s the name of the road, Free?” Green asked.

Free could see the detective through his cabin dashboard camera as he masterfully handled the powerful F350, while Free navigated him through the sticks of Gainesville from the station. Free’s hands moved over his keyboard so fast, he no longer thought about it—only the results. He had multiple maps up on the screen to his left. “Hmm. It doesn’t appear to have a name.”

“Every road has a name, Free,” Tech argued.

Free saw his best friend’s scowl as he was jostled around in the back seat of Green’s truck. He zoomed in closer on the grainy satellite image. No street marker. Hmm. “Well this one doesn’t. Turn now!”

“Shit.” Green cursed.

The sound of squealing tires reached Free’s ears.

“Um. I don’t think this is an actual road, Free,” Tech said.

“We’re in the goddamn woods, Free!” Green yelled.

He flinched when he checked the monitor displaying Green’s forward camera. Branches and brush flew up in all directions, hitting the truck’s windshield.

“This is killing my truck,” Green rumbled. “You’re gonna pay Furious to fix all these dents, Freeman!”

“This isn’t even a road,” Steele grunted. “It’s probably called ‘Last-Minutes-of-Your-Life Trail’.”

“Keep going,” Syn commanded calmly.

The team’s sergeant stood behind Free while he worked, only chiming in when he absolutely needed to. He knew how to let Free do his job.

“The vehicle is still in my sight. Suspects are turning left on E Hall. Another seventy-five meters and you’re there,” Free said confidently, still watching the monitor displaying the satellite image of P Davidson Rd.

“Roger that,” Green gritted out through the radio.

Free never took his eyes off the screens. Over the thirty years he’d been engrossed in computer technology, he’d gotten used to simultaneously operating multiple devices and systems. It appeared difficult to outsiders, but hacking through satellites and databases was second nature to him. He was just happy to be doing it for the good guys, now.

The door to their office swung open, but Free didn’t turn to see who it was. Instead, he focused on his job. Four of Atlanta’s finest were in the field, in harm’s way and relying on him, so they had his complete attention. He’d been working with the amazing group of detectives for the past two months, and as of yet, he’d never let the team down. They all made one pretty impressive unit that the Mayor couldn’t have been more pleased with.

“Hart’s team is finished with their assignment. They’re finally on their way home,” God’s voice reached him from the other side of the large office.

Hart. Coming home. Free turned his head so fast he heard a slight pop in his neck. His lieutenants were both settling at their desks, powering up their computers. God and Day oversaw the Atlanta police department’s most successful narcotics task force unit. His best friend, Tech, had worked with them for the last three years before he’d decided he no longer wanted to be a technology specialist behind the scenes, and wanted to be front and center, kicking ass in the field right beside his lover. Free got it. When his best friend had called and asked for Free to replace him in his position, he couldn’t say no. He owed Tech his life.

“I hear the chief is happy as hell with Hart’s team and the job they did.” God’s grin was wide as he spoke about his friend.

“What else is new?” Day mumbled. “You and him thrive on praises and commendations.”

“Not true.” God frowned. “We’re good at what we do. Not our fault it gets recognized. I’m just glad my dog is coming home, though. And right in time for football season.”


Syn’s heavy tap on his shoulder jolted him before firm hands turned him back to his monitors. Oh shit. He scrambled to keep up with what he’d been doing, and what Green had just asked him.

“Not much longer,” Syn answered, instead.

“Thirty meters,” Free finally responded, suddenly feeling out of sorts.

“What’s in thirty meters?” Green barked.

“Huh?” Free blinked. He couldn’t stop himself from homing in on Hart’s name again. The big SWAT captain had been on his mind for weeks.

“Did you just say, ‘huh’?” Ruxs snapped.

“It’s the road. You’re about to intersect with E Hall. You’re already ahead of them,” Syn answered.

Free checked the monitor, swallowing roughly as he tried to drown out God and Day’s conversation in the background. His team cursed and hissed through the comms system. After taking a quick breath, Free fought to concentrate.