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Hated You Then (Love Hurts Duet #1)

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M. Robinson

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From Wall Street Journal & USA Bestselling Author M. Robinson. A coming of age, enemies to lovers, contemporary romance filled with angst and all the feels.
I couldn’t remember a time before her... Harley Jameson.
Before she owned me. Hated Me. Needed me.
Before I hated her…
Things were simple. We had an understanding.
Bully. Fight. Hate. It’s what we did.
Mind. Body. Soul. It’s how we loved.
I thought nothing would ever change that, until everything did.
She was mine. Always had been. Always would be. Nothing altered that.
Not how much I hated her. Not how much she hated me.
Especially, not how much I hated…
That I LOVED her.
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Love Hurts Duet Series by M. Robinson

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Two plus signs.

A smiley face.

One plus sign.

Two pink lines.

One pink line.

And then the word...


Clear as day for me to read. I took six different pregnancy tests, and they all gave me the same exact result.

Never did I imagine this was where I would be at twenty years old.

Knocked up.

With child.

Bun in the oven.


How was I going to tell my family?

My daddy?

Or worse...

The father.

I was having a baby with the man I least expected.

Because you see, I hated him.

He hated me.

We hated each other.

Except after everything we’d gone through, done to each other, been through together. Deep in my heart, my soul, my entire being...

I loved him.

Chapter 1


Then: Six years old

My first word was fuck.

But only cuz my daddy said it all the time.

“Harley, are you listening to me?” Momma asked, shuttin’ the refrigerator door with a thud.

I nodded, but I wasn’t listenin’ at all. I just kept drawin’ a picture of my daddy in the unicorn notebook in front of me. Thinkin’ about him and not that butthole, Jackson Pierce.

My daddy was my everythin’.

Most little kids would say their daddies were their heroes, but my daddy really was a hero. I ain’t even playin’. He saved my momma’s life, like for real, for real. Daddy was the reason her heart was still beatin’.

Cuz his blood ran through her veins when he saved her life with a transfusion.

And that wasn’t the only time Daddy saved Momma.

He rescued her a lot, a lot. Like five times from all the bad guys tryin’ to steal her away from him.

Includin’ my Uncle Noah.

I know... crazy, right?

But Daddy says Momma saved him from himself, whatever that meant.

“Young lady, this behavior needs to stop. How many times have I told you—”

“Umm hmm,” I hummed, completely ignorin’ her.

My daddy was also a hero of war, which was like way better than Jackson’s doctor daddy anyway. He was a soldier for our country and brought the flag home. It was in the clubhouse in his office, along with all his other medals. He had lots of them cuz he was a real hero, not just a pretend one.

My baby brother Owen was even named after Daddy’s military brother who died in battle. Daddy said he wanted his memory to live on forever and ever, so Owen carries a very special name.

Like me.


Daddy named me after his favorite thing in the universe besides Momma, his bike.

Anyone who said Harleys weren’t the best piece of machinery known to man could kiss Daddy’s ass. His words, not mine. I wasn’t allowed to cuss. It always got me in a whole lot of trouble.

Just like Jackson did.

Luke was our middle brother. He was named after Daddy’s baby brother who died when he was little. I was the oldest, so that meant I’d heard all the stories of Momma and Daddy’s lives so many times I knew them by heart. Daddy was the best bedtime storyteller, ever. I told all my friends their stories, even though Momma said I couldn’t talk ‘bout those things.

I didn’t listen to her...

I talked ‘bout them anyway, cuz my daddy was the best daddy in all the world, and everyone needed to know it.

Especially Jackson Pierce.

“Harley, have you heard a word I said?” she questioned again.

“Yep,” I replied, poppin’ my p.

I still wasn’t listenin’. I knew what she was gonna say. It was always the same thing.

“Harley, you can’t hit Jackson.”

“Harley, why did you hit Jackson?”

“Harley, you have to stop hitting Jackson.”

And what she said the most...

“Harley, you’re grounded.”

This wasn’t the first or the last time I’d be in trouble cuz of fart-breath Jackson Pierce.

“Then what did I say?” Momma asked, stoppin’ in front of me, shakin’ her head.

“That Jackson Pierce is a stupid, ugly-faced booger.”

“Harley Jameson!”

He is!

Jackson was always sayin’ his daddy was better than mine, cuz his daddy saved lives.

Well, duh, that’s what doctors do.

It wasn’t that I didn’t think Jackson’s daddy was awesome. He was, but he wasn’t more awesome than mine.

Why couldn’t they be the same level of awesomeness?


Everyone said Jackson was the golden child, cuz he was good at everythin’...


He wasn’t as good as me, cuz I was way better than him.

At anythin’and everythin’.


And I made sure he knew that every chance I got, even if it got me grounded, forever. He needed to know he could kiss my butt, and I made sure he never forgot.

I ignored him for the most part. At least I tried to, but he was always gettin’ me in trouble with his stupid mouth. Momma said to pretend like he wasn’t there, but when I did, he was just a bigger bully with his huge reindeer ears and nose.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Jackson never stopped either. Sometimes he would pretend to be nice when adults were around, but he was always a turd.

A big fat one.

Sayin’ he was better than me, tryin’ to boss me around. Kickin’, pushin’, puttin’ me in headlocks, or holdin’ me down on the ground until I said or did what he wanted.