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Hate Mates - The Alpha Shifter Collection

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Sam Crescent

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Since birth, Landon and Alexa have been told they will be together as true mates. There is no fighting destiny in the pack.

But they hate each other. As kids, they couldn’t stand each other, but later, when the time comes for their mating, the pack wants them to finally come together. For three years, they ignore one another, never acting on nature’s gift. When one of Landon’s friends attacks Alexa, their alpha has no choice but to impose a punishment. They are to be bound together until they realize they are mates. Forced to live side by side, they are dnied privacy from the other.

The only problem is that they don’t truly hate each other. Spending time as a couple isn’t a punishment. Constantly being together, they can’t fight their needs. They want to mate, to love. They want it all. But is it too late to finally take each other?
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Sam Crescent


“They’re so cute together,” Gertie said, staring down into the crib her little boy shared with a little girl. They’d been born just a week ago, on the same day, at the same time. Within pack wolves, it was very rare to have two babies born together. Landon Gorman and Alexa Coin were their names.

Marcel gripped her shoulder, and she looked up into her mate’s and alpha’s eyes, and smiled.

They had done good. A beautiful baby boy.

“You two need to get a room,” Penelope said, laughing.

Gertie smiled and rested her head against Marcel’s shoulder before turning toward Penelope and Dan. Their little girl rested so quietly in the crib, curled up, hands wrapped in small little mittens to stop her from scratching, just like her son.

“Do you think the rumors are true?” Dan asked.

Dan and Marcel had been best friends since children. They’d done everything together: hunted, transitioned, and learned how to be wolves. Together, they ran the Gorman Pack, keeping the whole pack safe while also building a tourist attraction and town. They allowed the pack to run businesses, to have a chance at a future.

Gertie’s old pack, they hadn’t allowed such things. They had to be kept to the shadows, secretive, hidden. Ashamed of who they were. Meeting Marcel was the best thing that had ever happened to her, and she was so grateful to him for stumbling onto her pack that day so many moons ago.

“That our children are destined to become … mates?” Gertie asked, smiling.

Just the thought of it was enough to make her happy. Her baby boy, already finding his mate. It was so hard to find your one true mate. She had to wait so long for Marcel to come and find her.

Not all mates were found within one pack. They did if they were lucky, but that also accounted for all wolves.

“I hope so,” Penelope said. “I never knew true happiness until I found you.” She kissed Dan.

Marcel tightened his hold on Gertie, and she smiled up at him.

Staring down into the crib, she couldn’t believe how beautiful, how sweet these two babies were, and she hoped the rumors and myths were true. That two babies born within the same pack were destined to be mates. If that was true, then her son was a very lucky boy.

Chapter One

Five years later

Screams filled the air. Penelope closed her eyes and sent a prayer to the heavens that it wasn’t her baby girl. That sounded exactly like her daughter, but then, she also recognized the alpha’s son as.

“I hate you!” Seconds later… “Mommy!”

Her name being called had her turning toward her little girl.

One of her little pigtails had come loose, and tears ran down her face.

“Alexa, baby, what’s wrong?”

“I hate Landon. He … he … pulled my hair.” Her hands were screwed into fists as she started to sob.

Of course, her little girl was never one to take much in the way of an attack, and Landon came running toward Gertie, holding his stomach.

“She punched me in the stomach!” He was trying to hold in his tears, but Penelope knew differently.

It was moments like this when Penelope doubted if the rumors of fated birth mates were true, seeing as Landon and Alexa were … well, there was no polite way to say it, but they seemed to fucking despise each other.

They couldn’t get along. Not even for ten minutes without something going wrong.

When they were babies, and even toddlers, they were fine. They played together, and she’d seen them snuggle.

Since going to playschool, everything had changed.

She didn’t understand what was happening.

“You pulled my hair,” Alexa said, drawing Penelope’s attention back to her daughter.

“They’re pigtails. You’re a wolf. Not a pig.”

“I hate you!”

Penelope quickly wrapped an arm around her little girl and smiled at Gertie. “I am so sorry about this.”

“It’s fine.” Gertie was doing the same thing with her son.

Their children were not mates. Not even close.

This wasn’t the first time this had happened. A few weeks ago, Landon had thrown mud at Alexa, and her little girl had shoved him over and forced him to eat it. She wasn’t proud of her little girl’s actions, but at least she knew her baby girl could take care of herself.

It wasn’t good though.

“What is going on here?” Marcel asked.

Their children, a little terrified of the alpha voice Marcel put on, stopped wriggling and bowed their heads.

“Nothing,” Alexa said.

“Nothing,” Landon said.

“Good, if this is nothing, then go and play together.”

The two glared at each other, but like other times, they held out hands. Then under Marcel’s watchful eye, they went and joined the other children for play.


Five years later

“What’s the matter, son?” Marcel asked, seeing Landon with his arms folded, glaring across the town square, or more importantly, at Alexa, who was enjoying a slice of cake. It was their birthday. Like every other time, they had a shared birthday and the whole town celebrated.