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Enraptured By You (Sibling Rivalry)

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Jordan Silver

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This story contains strong subject matter between consenting adults. If you're easily offended please do not read.

Hunter Sheridan is at the end of his rope. The woman he loves has just been promised to someone else in marriage, but that's not what's got the tattooed racecar builder in a tizzy. It's the fact that the love of his life has yet to say anything to him about it even though the whole town is abuzz with the rumors. Didn't he just see her two days ago, at their secret place? So why is it that she looked him in the face and said I love you, knowing that she was going to be meeting someone else down the aisle?

Deidre Delany is trying to get in front of the mess her daddy has made of her life. It's true that no one knows she and Hunter are an item, because she's been waiting to find the right time to tell her overprotective daddy for the past four years, but that time just never seemed to come. Now he's gone and promised her hand in marriage to some man she doesn't even know without so much as a warning to her. Moreover, she just knows that if Hunter hears anything about this fiasco, there's going to be trouble headed her way.
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I know what she thinks. She thinks I’m just a big dick to fuck her whenever she gets an itch. A shoulder to lean on every once in a while when things get too heavy on the home front. Nothing more, nothing less!

But I’ve got news for her little ass. I’ve warned her more than once, that I’m not the one to play with. She knows this, so why the fuck she insists on putting herself in the way of danger by fucking with me, is anybody’s guess.

I know she’s caught between a rock and a hard place. It’s either please me, or her dad. She knows where I stand on that shit. My woman, my rules I don’t give a fuck who her daddy is, or how much money he has. I don’t live my life that way.

I’ve let her slide here and there since we started this dance, and so she takes shit for granted. I usually just smile and brush some of her antics off, but now I’m thinking that shit might’ve given her the wrong impression. She’s one of those give her an inch she takes a mile types.

But this shit that she is trying to pull this go around, is the last fucking straw. I guess this is what happens when people don’t take you seriously enough. When hot little girls with tight pussies think that because they own you, they can get away with all kinds of shit.

I have no problem admitting that she owns my ass, just as I own hers. So why in the fuck she would let her old man browbeat her into marrying someone else is a mystery.

Of course that shit’s not about to happen. I’d level the whole fucking town first, so that’s not what’s got me riled. That’s not what has me on the brink of losing my shit for all the world to see.

Nope! It’s the fact that my woman climbed out of my bed, out from under me, looked at me with those big beautiful eyes that I get lost in, and didn’t say a word to me about it.

Of course I sensed something off with her, I know her after all. She’s mine, I’m supposed to. But when I asked her what was up, she shook her head and said nothing.

I’m sure she was afraid to tell me that shit, because she knew how I’d react, but now she’s only made shit worst for herself by keeping it from me. Now I have no choice but to show her and everyone else what the fuck is what. And I hate having fucking people in my shit. Damn!

I hate even more living up to stereotypes that most men with tattoos who’ve ever hopped on a bike have to live down. But what choice did she give me huh? Why the fuck would she do this shit?

She knows good and damn well how far to go and what lines not to cross. And one of those lines is that my woman never lies to me, not fucking ever. And she never has, until now. I’ma wait and see how she gets her ass out of this one.

I heard the rumors but didn’t believe it; I couldn’t believe that anyone could be that fucking calculating. The devious little bitch; she’s lucky I love her or I would’ve wrung her damn neck a long time ago and saved myself the misery.

I should’ve known once we came back here that some shit like this was going to happen. She barely thinks for herself when it comes to her dad, always letting him push her around. And she’s terrified of telling him no.

I don’t have that problem, and it won’t be the first time she put him before me, but this time she’s gone too far. She’s not going to use that little girl innocent shit on me this time, no way no fucking how. She’d be lucky if I stop at heating up her ass. Damn twit.

I’ve played by her rules because I’m in love with her and I’m always looking out for what’s best for her. I would’ve done anything for that love, short of murder, and sometimes that too was in question.

Even now, knowing what she’s done or was about to do rather, my heart still wants her, not to mention my dick. And no one else is ever going to have her, not on my fucking watch.

If she ever lets another motherfucker near what’s mine, it’ll be the last fucking thing she does and I don’t give a fuck who has something to say about that shit.

I’m not one of those abusive assholes who go around punching my woman in the face and shit, that’s for weak fucks who don’t have a heart.

But I swear to fuck if she ever fucks someone else I’ll end her and the fuck whoever the fuck he is. I had to rein my shit in because my thoughts were twisting me the fuck up. She’s going to have my ass on blood pressure medication before I reach thirty. This fucking girl!