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Eden High Finale

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In this conclusion to the High School days of Jace Sian and the gang, we have a quadruple wedding, a honeymoon on a private island and lots of adventure. Jace is watching over his new bride and their friends on Seychelles, while back in L.A. he's started a campaign of vengeance against Mandy and Stanley for their suspected involvement in the attempted murder of his wife. How will Many react to the news of Jace and Sian's marriage? Will she cut her losses and move on, or will she fight to the death to hold onto the life she's always thought should be hers? The clock is ticking and time is running out as the life of lies and deception she built begins to crumble.
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* * *

I knew it. Didn’t I say he was going to pull something else out of his hat? I was still sitting at the dinner table long after everyone else had left. Once the pied piper had spoken it’s like everyone went into work mode. Off to do his bidding.

I thought for sure my dad would object to at least some of this, but nope. He was just going along like…like what? Jace had disappeared with his dad and mine five minutes ago and I still wasn’t sure what was happening.

I think I’m getting married in two weeks, that’s about the gist of it. When I could finally feel my legs again I went in search of the mothers. At least I could expect to find some semblance of sanity there.

The men all seemed to operate under some other kind of mental state. I have no doubt that Jace could pull off anything he sets his mind to, but this is a bit much. And what the hell is the Blossom and Academy Room?

A quick Google search gave me the answer and my stomach really nosedived then. What a nut job. I need my girls. If only to assure me that my feet were still planted on terra firma.

I wasn’t worried about things moving too fast. That’s the only speed Jace has known since we met. But I am worried about why he’s going into overdrive now. And how he expects his poor mother and mine to pull this off with such short notice.

Honestly, I’d always thought we’d have a simple ceremony here in his garden or anywhere on this hundred-acre estate. Who knew he was going to choose the premier place for celebrity weddings in the damn country?

No doubt he has his reasons for choosing this place and I have no real objection. I just wish he didn’t feel like he had to go to these lengths. But I also know like his mom said earlier, there was no point in trying to reason with him, or talk him out of what he had set in motion.

I went to our room and grabbed my phone. Pretty soon I was in a conference call with the girls who all started hooting and hollering at the news. Not one of them questioned the haste. I keep forgetting they’ve lived here longer than I have. And even though they were never that close to my nut, they can’t help but to know some of what he’s like.

They had a million questions of course but I only had a handful of answers, which I gave to the sound of more squeals. Apparently, they knew about the Blossom and Academy rooms.

As usual we couldn’t stay on topic and it wasn’t long before we were delving into other things. And then Belle asked the question we were all dying to know the answer to.

“So, Valerie, what’s with that boulder on your finger?” You could hear a pin drop.

“Oh, you saw that did you? Well, I guess it’s not going to be a secret for much longer. Track and I are married.”

Another round of squeals and then we all went fishing for details. I could see why Track had chosen her. She’s as secretive as he is, and very diplomatic in her response. It’s amazing what you can learn and pick up on if you just sit back and listen.

Like the new lightness that was now more than evident in Cassie’s voice. Or the way she jumped right into the midst of the conversation instead of hanging back like she’s prone to.

Or the fact that we’d only hung out with Valerie one weekend and already she was part of the crew. And not just because she was Track’s girl, but on her own merit.

I found myself smiling secretly to myself when I remembered the way things were when we first moved here. How Belle and Tammy were practically scorned, and were now among the most popular girls in school.

I smiled because I knew we were going to have a kickass winter break and who knows what other goodness laid in store for the future. I have to make sure our little band of misfits stays together come what may. Oh crap, I’m turning into Jace.

We stayed on the phone until Track showed up at Valerie’s place. We heard his voice in the background, Jace number two, asking who was on the phone. Cassie of all people made a comment about his sexy manly voice and we all went off into peals of laughter again.

We all rang off, promising to pick things up the next day at school. I finally laid back on the bed trying to make heads or tails of the day’s events.

I wasn’t even letting my mind go to the wedding, though I thought it only fair that I go help mom and my mother in law since Jace had thrown them under the bus. I was actually getting excited now that my girls had talked me down off the ledge.