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Dr. Love

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Billionaire Dr. Noah Whitney was an expert on hearts, but he kept his own locked up tight. Then he met Samantha Kendall, and his heart beat for the young violinist from that day on.

Luckily, being a surgeon had taught Noah patience. Because the six-month wait to claim Samantha were the longest days of his life.
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I stepped off the elevator and waved to the receptionist as I walked back to my brother’s office. My fraternal twin, Rhett, was a real estate mogul who’d made billions in the real estate game. As a silent partner, I’d reaped the same benefits. We’d both hired K-Corp—a coveted investment firm with an impeccable reputation—to handle our portfolios, and that had further padded our bank accounts. But despite his considerable worth, Rhett was a workaholic—although, truthfully, that was the pot calling the kettle black.

As a surgeon with a rare specialty, I worked as much as he did. I also ran several research foundations and had spent the past twelve years developing new groundbreaking surgical tools. The research showed an astronomical drop in casualty rates for certain heart surgeries, and it had been fully approved by the FDA last year. To my shock, I’d been awarded a Nobel Prize for my inventions, and I put the award money into funding more research.

In my position, I couldn’t exactly pass off my work to underlings. Rhett didn’t have that excuse, something of which I frequently reminded him. Generally, his response was less than receptive, but recently, he’d met the woman of his dreams and started singing a very different tune.

He’d introduced her to me, our sisters and their families, and our parents a few weeks ago. I’d been threatened with bodily harm by both Rhett and my mother if I didn’t show. Luckily, there were no emergencies that night, and I was able to see firsthand why my brother had fallen in love with Charlotte Kennedy. They were perfect for each other, and I was ecstatic to have a new sister.

“Hello there, Lois,” I greeted Rhett’s assistant with my most charming smile. Lois was a pit bull, and even though she could be stubborn, bossy, and tended to mother him from time to time, my brother would be lost without her. I’d tried to lure her away a few times, but she was also incredibly loyal.

“Put that smile away, Noah. It’s wasted on me.”

I pretended to pout. “I don’t know how you can break my heart and not even care.”

She raised an eyebrow. “First of all, I would think a world-renowned heart surgeon would know how to fix a broken heart. Second, go bother Rhett. I’m busy.”

I sighed, gaining a micro smile from her as she turned back to her computer.

“Hey, brother,” I said as I strolled into his office and took one of the seats in front of his desk.

“Noah.” He glanced up at me, his face a mask of shock. “Are you early?” He looked at the clock and double blinked.

“Yeah, yeah. The surgery I had scheduled for this morning was canceled. I figured I might as well head over here once I was done with some paperwork.”

His green eyes, so much like mine, glinted with amusement, and the corners creased when he smiled.

Rhett and I looked quite a bit alike for being fraternal. We both had a big frame and kept ourselves in tip-top shape. We were muscular in a way that would look bulky on other men with a smaller stature. We both had short, light brown hair, although mine was slightly longer. Our jaws were strong and chiseled with narrowed chins. The major difference was that while Rhett had a perpetual scruff on his face, I wore my facial hair in a neatly trimmed full beard and mustache. We weren’t oblivious to the fact that women found us very attractive, but neither of us had ever cared. At least until Rhett met his soon-to-be wife.

We’d made the World’s Sexiest Billionaire lists a couple of times, which bothered Rhett way more than it did me. But that was mostly because I was used to being in the spotlight due to the foundations I headed up and the groundbreaking surgical equipment I’d invented. I’ll admit, though…I might have pushed them to put Rhett on the list the last time, just to annoy him. I’d even done the interview for him. He’d been royally pissed while I’d almost fallen out of my chair laughing.