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David knew about staying in control, about focusing at the task at hand. It was because of those traits that he was the CEO of his company, knowing that playing by the rules was how to get to the top. But when it came to Lisabeth all bets were off.
She was his daughter, Rachel’s, best friend. Lisabeth was too young for him, too innocent. But that didn’t stop him from wanting her or ultimately making her his. But being with Lisabeth would be wrong, crossing lines that could potentially ruin everything.
And yet with all of that at stake, he still knew he would go after her. Lisabeth was the only one he wanted.
She shouldn’t want him because of who he was, but that didn’t stop Lisabeth from lusting after her friend’s father. He was older, refined and experienced, and she compared all other men to him. And for years she managed to stay in control of herself and her emotions.
But what happens when they are finally together? What happens when Rachel finds out that Lisabeth and David have been sleeping together? Was everything ruined?
But in the end it didn’t matter how wrong it all might be, because being with David was where she should have been all along.
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She was much too young for him, too innocent, vulnerable.


Just thinking her name got him hard. David shifted in his chair, his cock straining against the zipper of his slacks.

He could see her out the window of his office at home, sitting by the pool, her raven-colored hair piled high above her head, wisps of onyx strands falling across her cheeks. Her skin was the color of alabaster, and the red bikini she wore was a stark contrast to the creamy tone of her body.

He groaned, thankful that he had been smart enough to shut his office door. The last thing he needed was Rachel—his daughter and Lisabeth’s best friend—walking by.


Yeah, he wanted his daughter’s friend.

They were both home from college for the summer, and although Lisabeth was twenty, well over the legal age for him to not to feel so guilty, that didn’t stop David from feeling shame.

He was twice her age, far too old for the likes of her. But hell, he’d wanted her for the last year. Ever since she came home from a semester abroad over a year ago, something in him had shifted toward her. Maybe it was her womanly curves, the large mounds of her breasts pressed against her T-shirt.

Or maybe it was the simple fact she was smart as fuck, gorgeous as sin, and a temptation the likes of which he had never felt before.

Or maybe it is the fact that I want her and that’s taboo as hell.

David watched as she took her sunglasses off, stood, and adjusted the strings on her bikini, the ties barely holding the tiny triangle of fabric over her intimate parts.

He groaned again at the visual that conjured. And then she slipped into the water, swam around for a little bit, and all he could envision was being in the pool with her, her body pressed to his, his hands memorizing every inch of her.

He curled his fingers around the edge of his desk, his cock so hard the fucker jerked. His balls were drawn up tight, and he knew if he reached down to palm himself he’d most likely come in his damn hand like a teenager.

What made matters worse was that Lisabeth was at his house more times than not, the girls catching up from being at school all year. Seeing her in the house, looking at her wearing nothing but shorts that were the size of underwear, T-shirts that slipped off her shoulders, and inhaling the intoxicating scent that was naturally her, played havoc on his self-control.

He cleared his throat and ran a hand over his face, exhaling roughly. He needed to get his shit together.

David didn’t know how long he sat there, his head in his hands, his eyes closed, trying to control himself, trying to not feel like a dirty bastard. But the sound of someone knocking on his door roused him. He glanced up just as the door opened and his daughter stuck her head inside.

“Hey,” she said and smiled.

“Hey, sweetheart,” he responded and sat back in the chair, thankful he’d calmed himself down.

“Maybe this is a bad time, but…” She leaned against the door, and he could tell that she was slightly nervous.

“What’s wrong?”

She shook her head. “Nothing, but I was wondering, since I overheard you speaking with Bridget on the phone, that maybe I can help you out with that temp position?”

He felt his eyebrows lift in surprise. She must have overheard him speaking with his secretary about needing a temporary assistant during the busy summer months. “You want to come work for me for the summer?” She shook her head before he could finish.

“Not for me.” She smiled and he knew what she was about to say before she uttered the words. “But Lisabeth, as you know, is going to school for business administration.” She smiled wider, that look on her face that had tended to get her whatever she wanted when she was growing up. “I haven’t talked to her yet, because I wanted to make sure with you first, but I thought maybe it would be good experience for her.” She shrugged. “And you need the help anyways.”

Instantly he thought it was a bad idea, not because he didn’t have faith in Lisabeth’s ability to be there and help manage his multi-million dollar company, but because having her so close to him for that long would have his self-control all but snapping. He cleared his throat and glanced out the window again. She was out of the water and toweling off. Yeah, it would be hard as hell to control himself with her around.

“Dad, you know how smart she is—”

“I know. She’s smart as hell, just like you.”

Rachel smiled. “Too bad I didn’t go into business. I could have helped you run the company.”

He chuckled. “And you’d do one hell of a job at it too.” He ran a hand over his jaw. “Let me think on it. I want to make sure Bridget hasn’t already got something lined up.” But he knew even if Bridget did he’d pick Lisabeth over anyone else. He wanted her there … needed her there.