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Death Wish (Deception Duet #2)

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K. Webster

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All I wanted is for my little sister Della to be safe and happy. And maybe, in brief stolen moments, I dreamed of a happy ending for myself with a brown-eyed man. That hope has turned into sharp, bright fear. There's only survival now.

I'm the daughter of a controlling and cruel billionaire, so I understand about power. But I find myself fighting anyway. I find myself testing them.

I have claws and I bite. I’m not going down without a fight. It's like I have a death wish.
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Deception Duet Series by K. Webster

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K. Webster

Chapter One


What have I done?

Disgust at my naivety has my stomach churning. It’s the fear, though, that has every muscle tight with tension and every hair on my body standing on end.

I did this.

To myself. To us.


I try to glean a sense of what I’m in for, scanning his bedroom for clues. It’s too normal for this situation. His bed is unmade from the morning before and clothes are scattered all over the floor. There’s a picture of him and his brothers framed and sitting on his desk. Nothing says that he’s a kidnapper…or worse.

A sob of horror tries to make its escape, but Scout’s hand is clamped almost painfully over my mouth. His arm around me is powerful and unyielding.

I’m trapped.

Walked right into the one he set for me.

Now I’m all alone with Scout. In his bedroom.

Flashes of the bathroom at school assault my mind. Any pleasure I thought I got from it is erased in an instant. Whatever pain he inflicts on me this time will be worse because I won’t enjoy one second of it. On Friday, when it happened, I cared about him. Thought he was sick. Craved his touch and attention. Needed the promise of safety he offered.

What a joke.

And I’m a damn fool for falling for it.

“You won’t scream,” Scout says, voice cold and sharp like an icicle, piercing its way into my heart. “Because if you do, I’ll tape your pretty mouth shut. Plus, you don’t want to upset your little sister.”

I gag and tears flood my eyes. Though the urge to scream and hope someone will hear is high on my list of wants, I know that I won’t. Not if it means risking Della’s safety. I got her into this mess and I’m going to have to get her out of it.

“Are you going to scream?” He takes some of the pressure off my mouth and nuzzles his nose against my hair, hot breath tickling my ear. “Hmm?”

I manage to shake my head, almost imperceptibly.

“Good girl,” he praises.

Slowly, he releases his hold on me. My legs are trembling so badly, they buckle. He grabs on to my biceps, keeping me from collapsing completely.

“W-what are you going t-to do to me?” I demand, voice hoarse with tears. “What d-do you w-want from me?”

His thumbs massage into my skin. I want to squirm out of his grip but I’m too terrified to move. He doesn’t answer my questions.

“Where’s Della, you freak?”

“She’s fine. All things considered.”

“I will kill you if you hurt her,” I threaten. Panic swells up inside me. “Do you hear me?”

“No one’s hurting the kid.” He winks like that’s supposed to convince me. “Did you carry her the whole way?” Scout asks in a velvety tone that seduces me into a false sense of security. “No wonder you can barely stand on your own two feet.”

My knees wobble again. His fingers bite into my flesh so I don’t fall. If I can’t stand, how in the hell do I expect to somehow grab my sister and run? I’m in way over my head. So over my head, I’m drowning.

Someone pounds on the door behind us and I shriek.

“Scout,” a deep voice growls. “Open this door.”

“No can do, Sparrow,” Scout calls out, grinning at me. “Me and the lady are having a discussion.”

Sparrow. I had sex with Sparrow in his car. Chevy.

“Chevy, please,” I croak out, begging the other man to help me.

Scout shakes his head at me. Sparrow slams another fist on the door making me jump.

“Open the goddamn door. I won’t ask twice,” Sparrow warns.

“Or what?” Scout taunts. “You’ll huff and you’ll puff and then blow the door in?” He laughs. “This door is solid. You’re not getting through.”

Sparrow slams another fist against the wood. “Fuck!”

His heavy footsteps thud away, leaving me alone with this crazy person.

“I can’t…I can’t…” I try to suck in air, clawing at my throat and wondering why I can’t breathe.

The room spins and darkens. With each unsuccessful attempt to bring air into my lungs, I grow dizzier and more lightheaded than before.

Help me. Somebody help me.

Tears continue to stream down my cheeks, but air is still difficult to obtain. A blanket of inky darkness covers my line of vision, blinding me to everything. My feet move but not on my own accord. He’s picking me up, I think. The world goes completely black and soundless.

Everything blurs into focus again, though I’m unsure how long I was unaware and out. I’m now on a bed that smells smoky, like I’m lying atop the devil’s favorite blanket. Cool air kisses my thighs, jump-starting my heart.

“W-what are you d-doing?” I croak out, frantic eyes meeting his.

“Undressing you.”


“That word doesn’t work here.” He flashes me a sinister grin before divesting me of my jeans completely. “Remember, you promised not to scream.”