Craving His Virgin Mate (Poison Wolves MC #2) Read Online Sam Crescent

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All of her life, Agatha Preston never felt like she belonged. Her parents made her keep secrets about herself and what she was capable of. After their death, there's nothing for her in the city. She doesn't know what she's looking for until she finds it in a small town called Poison. The locals are awful and rude, but she loves the town and there's no way she's leaving.

There was a human in town and that always had the pack on edge. They had to keep every single part of their lives in check, which was exhausting.

Boyan tried to persuade the little human to leave town. There was only one problem—he knows there's something off about her. Agatha is not quite human, and she’s not quite wolf either. It’s in her scent, in her eyes, and certainly in her ability to heal fast.

The woman he starts falling in love with is not all wolf and she isn't all human. A year ago, they discovered a vet who found out about them, and he tried to turn innocent people into wolves. Several humans had been infected with wolf blood. None of them had survived. The vet had a lot of files in his practice—one of them titled Agatha Preston.

Panic unlike anything he’d ever felt consumes him. He finally finds his woman that was all his and now, there was a chance he wasn’t going to keep her. They have to find someone who worked with the doctor before it was too late. Every second she stays in Poison, the stronger her wolf is becoming.

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Chapter One

Agatha Preston thanked the young waitress who served her. Before she could ask any questions, though, the woman was gone, walking away without saying a word. She wasn’t worried. In this small, quaint town, which she believed was named Poison, a lot of the locals were very offish, especially with her.

She had noticed most were perfectly fine with one another and more than welcoming, but it seemed when it came to her, they were not exactly forthcoming. She’d arrived in town two days ago, and at first, no one had been helpful. Whenever she asked about a hotel, they would look at her cluelessly, but that didn’t matter.

Her original plan had been to stay for a couple of days, take some pictures, enjoy the scenery, and move on, only that hadn’t happened. All it had taken was two days for her to fall in love with the town. Not the people, just the town. It was like a small village in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by forest—a place for people to get lost, and right now, she didn’t want to leave. For the first time in forever, she finally felt peace and at home.

Staring down at her burger and fries, she felt her mouth water, and she took a large bite, closing her eyes at the exquisite taste. The food alone was to die for. She grabbed some ketchup and squirted a nice, big dollop onto her plate. The diet was gone. She didn’t even know why she bothered to lose weight. There was no boyfriend waiting in the wings. Not even her adoptive mother was around to glare at her unhealthy eating.

Another bite of the cheeseburger, and before she had even finished, she shoved a fry in. She was so hungry. Every now and then, she caught people staring at her, but she refused to feel self-conscious. She wasn’t eating like a pig. There was no dribble of sauce down her chin, nothing, and what did it matter if there was? She wasn’t hurting anyone.

Pushing her negative thoughts to the back of her mind, she looked down at her food and made an effort to not look at anyone else.

The plan for the day was to go exploring. She wanted to see if there was a house or an apartment for sale, which meant she could prolong her stay. The hotel she stayed at wasn’t exactly welcoming. Each morning, noon, and night, the owner, who refused to introduce herself, asked when she was leaving.

She couldn’t believe how inhospitable they were being, but then again, she wasn’t exactly known for giving in to rudeness. Her adoptive parents had always told her to stand her ground for what she believed in. They’d been the rocks in her life up until a year ago, when they had died in a horrible auto collision. The pain of losing them had been so acute, and little by little, through traveling, she’d been able to soothe her broken soul.

Traveling helped a lot, and she documented her experience in her blog. Everywhere she’d been, she’d made a post, or several, talking about the food, the scenery, the vibe, all of it. Ever since she arrived in Poison, she hadn’t typed a single word. There was so much she wanted to say, but at the same time, this was a tiny piece of heaven, and she knew that, deep in her soul.

Agatha’s attention was pulled away from her food and drawn to the main door, which was open as it was the height of summer. She spotted two large men wearing leather jackets who seemed to pull all the diner’s gazes toward them. They walked past her table, and one of the men, who sported a long ponytail, stopped and looked at her.

Poison Wolves MC. They were a motorcycle club. She had seen quite a few in the past year, but none of them had looked like this. They were tall men, large, and muscular as well. Both wore jeans that clung to them like a second skin.

Agatha couldn’t look away, especially from the guy with the ponytail. She didn’t even know why she was drawn to him. He moved toward the counter, and she noticed he watched her. She had already finished her food. This was not normal for her. She wasn’t used to such scrutiny and it was making her nervous. Why was he staring at her? Her hands shook a little and her stomach seemed to twist as she continued to sit at the table.

Agatha grabbed her bag, lifted her tray, and carried it across the diner to where she saw several empty trays stored. Sliding hers inside, she turned and made her way to the counter, only to stop when Ponytail stood right in front of her.

“You’re not from around here, are you?” he asked.