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Claiming Candy

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Madison Faye

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Trick or Treat, Candy’s sweet. We’ll give her something hard to eat. We’ve waited long, behind jail bars. But this Halloween, we’ll make her ours…
Rough, untamed, and recently escaped from the psych ward at Tucker Prison. They say we’re dangerous—that we’re a couple of animals. That we’re unhinged, deranged maniacs.
…They ain’t wrong.
Tonight, we’re on the run, and on the prowl. And when we stumble upon the “date” auction at the local college sorority and see her up on that auction stage? Well, we know we’ve found our prize.
She’s far too innocent for two big, hardened, beasts like us. But, that ain’t gonna stop us. Nothing will. There’ll be no shaking us once we’ve caught a scent of her, no holding us back once we’ve gotten a peek of those sweet curves and honeyed lips.
She’s never been touched. We’ve gone far too long without. And tonight, little red is about to meet two big bad wolves out in the woods.
Two big mouths, the better to eat her with. Four big hands, the better to hold her tight between us with. Two big…well, let’s just say the better to claim her with.
Something wicked her way comes. Two somethings, actually. And tonight, sweet little Candy is about to find two things that go bump in the night…
****Grab some candy, hunker down, and get ready to pull the blankets up to your eyes! If you’re looking for hot, wild, a little scary, and fun, with a big ‘ole helping of wrong, you’re in the right place! This book contains themes that may be triggering to some readers. But, if you’re brave enough to get through it, I promise there’ll be a treat for you at the end ;).
This mfm romance is all about her - no m/m. As with all my books, this standalone novella has no cheating, and a HEA guaranteed.
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The gavel bangs, and my blood pulses through me. My skin tingles with anticipation, muscles clenching as if already grabbing her.

Claiming her.

My sweet, sweet Candy.

Our Candy.

My cock hardens, and a low, tight growl rumbles through my chest. Beside me, Jensen does the same thing, and slowly, we both drag our eyes across the stage from the girl dressed as an auctioneer to her.

Candice. Candy for short.

Five-foot-five, one-hundred-twenty-four pounds of pure sin, tied up with little brunette pigtails and pert little tits that I’m dying to get my hands on. Long legs, a tight ass, and lips that were made to stretch around my thickness. Mine and Jensen’s.

Normally, Candice is a dean’s list student here at Anderson University. She’s smart. Driven, and poised. An unblemished, straight-As track record. Perfect attendance in class. Cute and alluring, without being trampy. Gorgeous without letting it all hang out like some girls.

She’s eighteen years old, a freshman, and a new pledge at Sigma Iota Tau Epsilon sorority.

And tonight, she’s ours.

All of her. Bought and paid for. Sold to us.

She’s dressed for the Halloween-themed party the same as the rest of the little college shits filling the basement of the Sigma house. That’s where we are. Because of course we are. The huge basement of the enormous old Victorian mansion that houses the sorority is where tonight’s auction is being held.

But, there's Candy, dressed to entice.

She’s little red riding hood tonight, the red cape and all. A skimpy, silk red top that I know Jensen’s going to enjoy ripping off. Red heels that I’ll have up in the air when I get between her smooth thighs. A little red skirt that’s no match for our lust.

Tonight, Candice Littleton is ours. Tonight, and every night.

“Sold!” Beside her, the auctioneer chick beams out at the crowd, looking right at Jensen and me. We’re dressed as wolves, masks and all. But fuck, none of these pricks realize just how real that is. None of them realize how very much the wolves we are in this crowd of sheep.

“Sold, to the two very well paying gentlemen in the back!”

The crowd cheers, turning to look at us. A couple of douchebag frat brothers turning and whooping it up, trying to offer us beers.

Fuck these people. And fuck these frat boys with their pretend machismo and their wannabe toughness. Jensen and I would break them in half if it came to it. And tonight, it may.

“Yeah bro!” A wild-eyed, drunk little shit whirls, grinning sideways as he spills beer on my boot. “You gonna tear that ass up tonight or wha—”

“Get fucked,” I growl, shoving him aside. He blinks, and for a second, I can see he wants to start something. But even through my wolf mask, and with him being drunk, I think he senses the danger.

He sees the crazy in my eyes.

And he pales.

“Whatever,” he mumbles.”

Yeah, whatever.

“C’mon up and claim your prize, you big bad wolves you!”

My jaw tightens at the girl’s bubbly, valley-girl voice as she beckons us up to take what’s ours.

Right, wolves. Jensen and I are both wearing these big furry masks — ears, snouts, teeth. The works. It’s a little much, considering most of the “costumes” at the costume party tonight are either guys wearing football jerseys or girls dressed in as little as humanly possible while still saying they’re Pocahontas or a nurse or some shit.

Young, nubile, college-girl flesh everywhere, and Jensen and I have been without for far, far too long. So long that I feel the aching need for feminine skin under my hands and my lips. So long that my cock aches for release, my balls swollen with cum.

But forget the rest of these students. These phonies. These jackals.

…All we have eyes for is her.

We’ve waited. We’ve plotted. And tonight, we’re taking it all.

“You ready?” I growl.

Jensen nods, and I can see his neck muscles tensing as he swallows. The both of us move through the crowd towards the stage.

Towards her.

She’s chewing on her lip, her fingers twisting. She looks nervous. Oh, she has no idea.

I can see her whirling and talking quickly to the auctioneer chick — Melissa, her name is. She’s the president of Sigma house, and I know she runs it like a dictatorship.

Oh, that’s going to change tonight too.

Candice is talking quickly, animated, panic in her eyes as she darts them towards the both of us and then back to Melissa. I can almost imagine what she’s saying.

“There's only supposed to be one of them.”

“Wait, I don’t want to do this.”

Oh, but it’s too late. And if I know this Melissa chick, she doesn’t give a fuck. I watch as she sneers at Candice, waving a hand dismissively and shoving her towards us. She’s probably saying some shit like “it’s for the good of the house,” or “do your duty,” or some stupid shit like that.