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(Filthy Dirty Desires #1) Bred Winner

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The woman I crave just moved into the house across the street to be the nanny.
Big t!ts, big hips — damn she makes me hard.
Running my chain of auto-shops means I’m a busy man. Problem is I have no one to share my success with.
When Molly needs a cup of sugar, she comes knocking on my door.
She’s asking for something sweet, but her eyes tells me she wants something filthy.
I can see it now: her in my kitchen, barefoot and pregnant — ready for me to bring home the bacon.
Dear Reader, Major is a real man who knows what he kneads. It’s time for him to be the Bred Winner Molly has always dreamt about..... xo, frankie
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Filthy Dirty Desires Series by Frankie Love

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Frankie Love



There's only one thing I want at the end of a long, honest day's work: a woman waiting for me at home.

Not because I am some chauvinistic pig.

Fuck no.

It's because there's nothing better than a home cooked meal and someone to share it with.

God knows I'm feeling that today. I had customers in and out of Major’s Mechanic Shop from morning to night, everyone upset about one thing or the other. The brakes aren't working. Their oil needs to be changed. A faulty engine.

I do my best to keep them happy. So do the guys on my crew. But it doesn't change the fact that there are a lot of people out there pissed and they want me to do a job faster than it can be done right.

As I get in my truck and drive home, I'm wishing things were different.

I spent the last 10 years building a chain of Major’s Mechanic Shops through the corridor where I live, but it's hard not to question my choices. I spent so much time devoted to my business that I missed out on looking for love.

Now I'm 35 years old and wondering if I missed my window of opportunity. I'm not one to open my smartphone and fucking flip for a date. Hell, that's probably not even how I'm supposed to say it. Swipe, I think that's what the guys at the shop say.

I'm not going to do that for a woman. And I'm not much of a drinker. Besides, the kind of wife I'm looking for, I'm not going to find her at a bar anyway.

A buddy of mine suggested I find some mail order bride service. And damn if I'm not tempted to. But still, I guess I'm old-fashioned, thinking maybe I'll just meet my woman at the grocery store or the coffee shop. Of course, every day I don't happen to find her is another day I'm single, working hard to come home to an empty house. I'd get a dog, but I don't think it'd be fair for a mutt to be alone so much.

It's only a 10-minute drive back to my place, and I unroll the window, taking in the spring breeze. I’ve lived here in Bremerton all my life. It's a nice place here in Western Washington, and everything about this town has me believing that I'm in the right place.

Still, wouldn't it be better if I had a bride?

I pull up to my house, and as I get out of my car, I notice a small U-Haul across the street. Frowning, I cross the road, trying to see what's going on. I know the couple there, Todd and Jane, and they have two young children, Jasper and Julia. They moved in 8 months ago. I couldn't imagine them leaving already. Hell, maybe they split. Stranger things have happened, I suppose. And neither the husband nor the wife are very pleasant to be around, so if their marriage ended, I wouldn't be the least surprised. Though I'd hate that for the kids. They're sweet, always running around the fenced yard. And this winter, when it snowed, I joined them to build a snowman. It’s nice actually, seeing kids around.

When I cross the street, I ask Todd, "What's going on?"

He shrugs. "My wife hired a nanny for the kids. We both work so much. It's not fair to always have them at daycare and it's hard to find a consistent babysitter. The town is small."

I nod. "The nanny moving into the house?"

"Na, there's an apartment over the garage. Hey, Molly!" he calls. "Come introduce yourself to the neighbor. Molly, this is Major."

I try to conceal my interest. It’s hard. Because damn, the moment Molly enters my line of sight, I realize she’s something special. She smiles at me like we're in on a secret, and damn if I wouldn't want to whisper something in her ear.

She's got a heart-shaped face, red pouty lips, and her blonde hair is thick and curly. She's got curves for days and tits that are huge, and fuck, she's the nanny?

"Can I help with anything?" I ask her. "If you're moving in?"

She smiles. "Sure. I'm trying to get my mattress out of this truck, but it's kind of a two-person job.” She looks over at Todd, indicating she needs his help, but he just pulls out his phone and types something. Her face falters for a moment before recovering with a smile. "Okay. I guess this is a job for you and me," she says. "Do you mind? I'm supposed to get this U-Haul back in a few hours and I haven't got anything else unloaded yet."

"No problem. Of course I'll help, but I can carry this mattress myself," I say, eyeing the double bed.

"You sure?" she says.

I roll up my shirt sleeves and head to the back of the U-Haul. "Oh, I can handle it," I tell her.