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Bred (What A Girl Wants #2)

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Jordan Silver

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After ex Marine Jeremy Ashton takes his young charge things heat up between the two until the inevitable happens. How will they deal with this news? Will it put the brakes on their budding relationship? Or will they grow even closer?

This is a short story of 13 000 words.
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What A Girl Wants Series by Jordan Silver

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Chapter 1

I think I’ve fucked my cock raw. In the last few weeks, I’ve been inside Nikki more than I’ve done anything else. When she wasn’t getting her ass beat for misbehaving, which I’m starting to believe she does purposely now because she’s become a spanking junkie, she was getting fucked. I can’t say that she has a problem with it, because more often than not, she’s the one cornering me for dick. Her hunger was astonishing. It’s like taking her virginity opened up a whole new world for her. Sex is her new hobby and she’s very enthusiastic about it. Like any teenager, she wants to do it all now. My dick is happy as fuck, he hasn’t seen this much action in quite a while.

My hands are wrapped around her magnificent breasts as she rides up and down on my pole, her juices soaking my groin and lower stomach. We’ve been at it for quite some time already and I’d already gone through her favorite positions to satisfy her greedy little eighteen year old pussy.

“Fuck Nikki pull off pull off…” Of course she didn’t listen to me she never does. She says she likes to feel me shooting off inside her little pussy that is when she’s not begging me to cum in her ass. I think I’ve created a monster. I came hard and long holding her hips tightly against mine as she rode it out her pussy clenching and unclenching around me.

I slapped her ass for draining my balls yet again and she just grinned down at me facetiously.

In the last few weeks that grin has grown on me. Her little mischievous ass was becoming very important to the point I found myself dreading the day she left me. When I could talk again, I gave her the warning I should’ve been heeding myself, but the feel of the silk walls of her pussy were like nothing I’d ever known. In fact everything about my little Nikki was unique for me. Maybe that’s why she was already creeping into my heart.

“If you keep fucking around you’re gonna end up bred. I don’t think we can explain that shit away baby.” I think day by day I’ve been playing around with the idea of keeping her with me when the summer was over. How her family would react to that news was anyone’s guess but I’m pretty sure a baby might complicate things. She was only eighteen after all with her whole life ahead of her and some people seemed to view having a kid as the end of the world or some shit. I also know that the feelings I was beginning to have for her were unlike any I’ve ever had for anyone before in my life but I’m not too sure if I can trust hers as yet. She’s still so young after all and no matter how much she screams she loves me when I’m balls deep in her pussy it could just be a reaction to the new experience of sex, it’s been known to happen. See that’s why I’ve always avoided this relationship bullshit, too many fucking variables.

Time is running out though, she’s been here six weeks already, six weeks of me fucking the shit out of her everyday…oh shit…everyday. Like no period, no…fuck me.

“Nikki baby how regular are you?” She looked at me like she had no idea what the fuck I was talking about she was just a fucking baby herself and I might’ve knocked her up.

“Do you chart your periods baby?”

“Not really it just usually comes right on time since I was like twelve why?”

“Fuck babe what the fuck are they teaching you kids in school these days anyway? When was your last period?”

She counted on her fingers fucking unbelievable.

“Oh, uh, um.” Her eyes grew wide and then the tears started.

“Come ‘ere baby.” I pulled her back into my arms and held her tight. She was shaking like a leaf so I tried my best to calm her, fuck I knew the risk every time I offloaded inside her, but time and again I did it, it was either really fucking stupid or very calculated on my part.

“Baby calm down we’ll deal with it no matter what okay, first thing we have to do is get one of those pregnancy tests there’s no point in stressing about it until we’re sure there’s something to worry about. I’ll go into town and grab one at the pharmacy.”

The tears dried up pretty quick, she hasn’t let me out of her sight since the run-in with Pamela Sue, no matter how much I told her not to worry she was petrified that I was going to get together with one of my ex whatever the fuck they were and leave her.

“Babe seriously, do you really think I’m even thinking about that shit right now?”

She clung onto me like a limpet and wouldn’t let go.

“Fine we’ll go together.”

Chapter 2

Things had been calm for a few weeks after her ass whipping and we’d pretty much settled into a routine that worked for both of us. Our relationship have progressed pretty fast in a short space of time, the fucking and sucking have been on in full force. This little girl loves dick and she’s not ashamed to show it, which suits me just fine because I love to fuck. If I wasn’t riding her she was riding me. Sometimes she would be too tired to even move and I’d still be fucking her because her pussy has become too addictive. It amazes me that she could have this much power over me in such a short space of time but I wasn’t too worried about it, it had to happen sometime right.

I’ve also come to realize that flirting and being a tease comes naturally to my girl it’s as if she just can’t help herself but like I warned her that day as long as she didn’t try that shit with anyone else she was fine. I didn’t realize I was setting myself up for torture when I set down that cardinal law. I’ve become her only target; I’ve never had so many pussy shots thrown at me in my life. Whenever she wanted a hard fuck which was pretty much every other hour, I would get a glimpse. Sometimes she would be wearing sexy silk panties that outlined her plump pussy lips perfectly and left her ass uncovered and other times she was completely bare. She also has no respect whatsoever for my time, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing if I was in the middle of something in my office and she got hot she’d come in and out of the room flashing me her pussy or her tits. Her appetite for sex damn near rivals mine and that’s saying a lot. Her favorite thing is teasing me when I’m on the phone like the tine she’d fished my cock out of my jeans and went down on me while I was in the middle of a very important call. I got her back for that though by drilling her while she was on the phone with her parents. It was funny as hell listening to her try to explain the grunts and moans that she made while I plowed her pussy hard from behind. She’d cum hard as fuck that time while biting into her pillow my little exhibitionist.