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Black Forever (Obsidian #4)

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Victoria Quinn

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The second the whip was placed in my hand, I snapped.
I couldn't turn away.
I needed this.
The man I fought for so long has returned, more feral than before.
Will Rome still love me?
Or will she leave?
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Obsidian Series by Victoria Quinn

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The sound of the whip was amplified in my ear, sounding three times as loud and three times as powerful. My fingers gripped the leather handle like it might slip away at any moment. I lashed it across her back and her ass, making her moan and cry at the exact same time.

I finally felt like myself again.

When I told Isabella what to do, she obeyed. Having that unfaltering obedience gave me an adrenaline rush like no other. I had the power once more, the absolute control. I got what I wanted and was respected as the strong Dom that I was.

Her back was marked extensively, and I had my fill. I replaced the whip on the stand and took a seat on the leather sofa against the wall. My heart was still beating a million miles a minute, throbbing inside my chest like I’d just won a marathon.

Isabella remained on her knees, not moving despite the uncomfortable position. She didn’t raise her head or lift her gaze. She stayed still like a statue, fulfilling her role as a sub beautifully.

I propped my fingers across my mouth, letting my fingertips rest against my bottom lip. I stared at where she waited, enjoying the silent power I had over her. Jackson left long ago, retreating to his office so I could have privacy to be the man I truly was.

After making her sit just like that for nearly ten minutes, I allowed her to move. “You can relax.”

She immediately pulled her legs from underneath her because she was uncomfortable. She felt the marks along her back then turned her gaze on me.

“Eyes on the floor,” I barked. “I never gave you permission to look at me.”

She snapped her neck and stared at the floor, making up for the error by being still.

My body tightened in approval at her reaction, overwhelmed by the high her obedience gave me. My fingers moved over the stubble of my chin while the other hand made a fist. I couldn’t combat the joy that coursed through my veins. I felt more alive than I had in nearly a year. Instead of feeling guilty or ashamed, I felt free. “You’re not to touch me. Do you understand?” My own voice echoed back at me, amplified by the four solid walls surrounding us. It was amazing how quickly I fell back into place. It was like my true self had never left in the first place. This was the man I was all along—underneath my mask.

Isabella’s eyes didn’t move.

“You may speak.”

Like the good submissive she was, she didn’t do anything unless I specifically allowed it. “Yes.”

I growled in response, telling her that wasn’t the right answer.

“Yes, Sir,” she said quickly, her breathing deep and erratic. She fell right back into our dance, her arousal obvious in the way she licked her lips. There would be no touching, and certainly, no fucking. But it would get her aroused for the man she chose to sleep with.

“You will do as I say, when I command it.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“We’re not monogamous. You’re free to be with any Dom you want. But when I walk in here, you’re mine. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

I felt like a king in that moment, a man with more power than a superhero. I was a Dom again, the darker version of myself. The fact that it felt so natural only convinced me what I was doing was necessary, not wrong. “Get on the bed. Ass in the air.”

She nearly ran to the bed because she was so excited, probably hoping I would fuck her like a dog in heat.

“One hand on your left cheek.” I didn’t get up from my spot on the couch. My hands came together and rested in my lap.

She balanced herself on her knees and one arm before she placed her left hand on her ass cheek.

“Spank yourself, Isabella. Hard.”

I’d never asked her to do anything like this, so she hesitated.

“What did I say, Isabella?” My voice turned threatening all on its own.

She smacked her palm against her left cheek, making a loud clapping noise.

“You can do better than that.”

She did it harder, this time leaving a handprint.

I stared at her with satisfaction. “We’re going to do ten of those. You’re going to count with me. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”


She pulled her hand back before she slapped it hard against her left cheek, making it turn red along with the whip marks I already gave her. Her breath came out shaky, her words a whisper. “One…”

“That wasn’t good enough, Isabella. Start over.”

Her hand shook before she obeyed, slapping herself harder. This time, her word came out loud. “One…”



I didn’t know when Calloway would be home, so I had dinner and put the leftovers in the fridge. I had some laundry to do along with other chores, and without him there to distract me, I got things done pretty quickly.