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Dominic Hearst is a SEAL who has found a life of peace and quiet in the mountains of a mall sleepy town with his young wife of six years. Theirs is a love that nothing can break, or so he thinks. Until this last deployment when he return to rumors of his wife in the arms of another man. Now he'e set on a course of destruction, until his wife turns up pregnant and claims the child is his. Though she's proclaimed her innocence throughout he was too angry to listen. Now new information has come to light that may cast some doubt on the allegations and this hot blooded soldier is in a race to get to the bottom of the truth before he destroys everything he's ever held dear.
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Chapter 1

Dominic please, you've got to hear me out."

"Bitch which part of get the fuck out of my face don't you understand?"

"Please we can't leave it like this."

"Yes we can, now get your shit and get the fuck out my house."

"If you really loved me you could never treat me this way."

"Bitch are you mental, what the fuck would you know about love you fucked another dude, how's that for love?"

"But I didn't not really, it never got that far."

"Slut, I don't care if you sucked the tip of his dick but went no farther, you fucking cheated, if you held his fucking hand it was cheating, now get the fuck out; I hate you."

"Where the fuck you going with my dog, uh-uh, he stays, now get the fuck on. Besides, Simon Shaw is a dog one dog should be enough for you. Don't give me that puppy dog look like I did something to you. Do you remember telling me I had to trust you? Well this is where that got me, trusting your lying ass; now get the fuck out so I can call up one of the many women who I passed up because I thought we meant something to each other."

"Dominic, don't."

"Doesn't feel good does it? Well fuck you, that's what you did to me, now you know how it feels."


"No, I wouldn't fuck you with a plastic dick so how the fuck can I take you back? Now for the last time, get...the…"

She's gone, I wish she'd taken this pain with her; how will I ever get over her, how did you live without your soul mate? But the anger was too strong, I've never been this fucking mad at anyone or anything in my life.

She'd snuck out and went to see that fucking mutt behind my back. I believed her when she said that nothing happened, other than him stealing a kiss for which I had kicked the ever-living shit out of him. But the fact that she insisted on keeping up this friendship regardless of how I felt, no way. I'm a man fuck that shit. If my woman would rather please her friend than me well then, she could fucking have him, I'll get over the pain.

"Yeah right Hearst, you know she's going to be back here before long and you know you're gonna buckle, pussy."

No I’ll take her back because that's what real men do, they forgive and move the hell on, but first I had to make her pay. Besides I know enough to know I’ll never love another woman the way I love her, cheating bitch.

I stomped around the house like a maniac, nowhere to go; you can’t outrun your own demons now can you? If I could gouge out the last few weeks of my life I would and start the fuck over, but that’s not an option either is it? Life doesn’t work that way, no instead it throws these fucked up situations in your lap and ask you to deal with them like civilized Homo sapiens. And the fuckers throw in the death penalty just for kicks. A man ought to be able to handle his shit without fear of retribution. Fuck!

Chapter 2

I'm not going to drink one drop of anything, I won't fuck myself up because of those two. I had shit to be doing anyway. I heard a car pull up outside and went to the window. Fucking chief Cooper; the fuck he want? I had nothing to say to him either. I opened the door before he reached the porch. "Something I can do for you officer?"

"Yeah, you can tell me what the hell you did to my daughter."

"She say I did something to her?"

"Not in so many words but I know something's wrong when she asks to come back home and her eyes are red and swollen. Talk to me son, what's going on?"

"Oh, so now I'm your son all of a sudden, what happened to all that shit you use to give me? You're here to plead your little girl's case, well turn your ass around and get the hell off my land."

"Listen Hearst, you might want to watch how you talk to me."

"Uh, Silas, fuck you, this is my place, no one invited your ass here. I didn't break any laws, this is a personal conversation so if I want to tell you to kiss my ass, I will. Kiss my fucking ass, now get the hell on." I turned and walked back into my house, the fuck. He came over here to threaten me? I ought to report his ass to somebody for this shit. I didn’t wait around to see if he left or not, I didn’t really care one way or the other. She was his problem for the next little while let him deal with her cheating ass. Right this minute I didn’t want to see or hear her fucking name, I wanted no reminders that she even existed.