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Anarchist Season Two: Book 1-2 (Anarchist Season Two #1-2)

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Jordan Silver

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Lawton and his crew find themselves embroiled in even more conflict now that the man responsible for his family's murder have been taken out. Brandon finds out that the woman he slept with is the granddaughter of the local KKK leader, and now she might be carrying his baby. A situation that is dangerous for both mother and child if found out.
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Anarchist Season 2 Book 1


Jordan Silver

Chapter 1


We headed out after the jackass who was trying to get himself killed. My wife of a few hours was standing in the yard watching me with what I am sure was fear in her eyes, and I couldn’t even take the time to reassure her.

It felt wrong to leave her like that, but there wasn’t much I could do about it now. One of mine was in danger. Better she get used to this shit now anyway, because these fucks are always going to be up to some shit.

“Okay what the fuck do we know about these fuckers in the hills? Has anyone ever been up there before?” I’ve never had any cause to move in those circles and I tend to ignore stupidity at all cost, so I didn’t know too much about the local hate brigade.

I do know that there’ve always been rumblings since I was a kid, about the dumb shit they got up to in the surrounding areas. Beyond that, dad hated their guts so that was enough for me.

“I’ve had to go up there a time or two when I was with the sheriff’s office. It’s just a shotgun with a porch. If I remember correctly there were three bunkhouses and some sheds on the property. It’s been a while though so who knows what the place looks like now.”

“What kind of heat they packing Clay?”

“It use to be AKs but every time we raided them, they’d just get a new shipment. The old man is a piece of work. He’s got to have connections in high places because nothing ever sticks to this asshole. I’m pretty sure he has my ex boss in his pockets too, but who doesn’t?”

“I’m not interested in his politics right now, I just want to get our boy the fuck out of there. Then I’m gonna deal with the rest of you fucks for not having his fucking back.” They knew the rules. With all this heat on our ass we never did anything alone.

“We were going after him Law, but we couldn’t leave the place unprotected with you gone. And that hard headed fuck only came back long enough to tell us where he was headed before heading out on his own.”

That didn’t sound too good. Brandon is one of my more levelheaded men. If he went rogue then I was about to have a shit storm on my hands.

“What kind of mood is he in?”





I kept my emotions under control as I made my way through the woods like a fucking thief. This was a fool’s errand to be sure, going into enemy territory alone; but this was my fuck up and I didn’t want my boys getting caught in the middle

I guess it was a stroke of luck that this shit happened while Law was away or we would most likely have had words about my suicide mission. But if what I believe is true, not even my best friend could’ve stopped me.

I kept replaying the moment when I realized what it was that she was buying. That feeling will stay with me for the rest of my life, weak knees and all.

I’d been watching her ever since they’d told me who she was. The truth is, I was intrigued. There had to be a really good fucking story behind what the fuck the granddaughter of the local hate mongrel was doing in my bed.

From what little I’d learned after that night, she had been away from here for a while, having moved with her mom, who was the daughter of the old grand wizard or dragon or whatever the fuck these idiots call themselves.

There really wasn’t much anyone could tell me other than that, so I was still no wiser to her reasons for fucking with my life.