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You always hear stories about men leaving their wives for the babysitter. Society is quick to rush to judgment on that one, like a lion on a gazelle’s hind quarters. But has anyone ever really stopped to question why? Is it that all men are so weak that they can’t refuse a little sweet on the side, and so they throw away their marriage, children and sometimes half their wealth? How stupid can all these men be if they’re running around being led by their meat? It’s a wonder anything gets done in life if that’s the case. Well I may have been one of those people in the past, one of the ones who questioned just how hard did the old guy put up a fight to deny the little tease etc. But since I’ve become one of the crowd myself I can tell you, things aren’t always what they seem.
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The way he looks at me makes me so hot it should be illegal. Just one of his looks can make me cream myself. I'm in a constant state of need whenever he's around, which of late has been a lot.

The man should come with a warning. There should be billboards plastered around town: Warning, hot sexy male with smoldering panty dropping eyes on the loose.

If only he meant something by them though, those panty melting looks. But I knew that was just his way, he couldn’t help that he was extremely gorgeous with eyes that made women turn into puddles at his feet.

I wish I could jump on that like my girls would say but I can't. It's just not in me, I'm not that bold, but yum. I’m pretty sure none of the boys I know will ever add up, but I can always dream.

Some days though I just wish…Oh well, you know what they say about wishes. Besides he would never want me like that. He's this big time football star; he could have any woman he wants why would he want me?

I’ve seen and heard the way the women of this town talk about and try to lure him in and if they were on his tail, I didn’t stand a chance. At least that’s the way I see it in my eighteen year old mind.

But boy, if given half a chance, I wouldn’t hesitate. I’d lay down for him anytime anywhere, no questions asked. Why? It’s not because I’m a bubble headed bimbo without a working brain cell.

It’s because for the past two years that I’ve worked for this family, I’ve gotten to know him. I’ve seen him with his children, and even with his wife when he had one.

He’s truly a one in a million kind of guy. I remember the first time he made my pussy weep just by brushing his arm against mine.

Nothing sexual, he was just reaching for a glass and I happened to be in the way. He hadn’t even noticed, while I’d been left standing there at the sink with my neck and chest red and wet panties.

Or the time my womb actually clenched, yes, that’s a thing, when I watched him nurse his little girl through a fever. I think that’s the day my lust turned to love.

From that day until now, I’ve seen him through dreamy eyes. Some days it’s hard to be around him, those are the days when I know there’s no hope of us ever being together.

But the more I tell myself to stay away, the more I’m drawn to him. I wonder if he ever feels my eyes on him whenever he’s around? If he’s ever caught me out the side of his eye.

I would be so embarrassed if he did because I’m pretty sure I’m drooling most of the time. I do go into a comatose state if I’m around him for more than ten minutes so it could be.

I shook off my musings and got back to what I was doing, or tried to. “Did you need anything else sir?” Like me spread out on your desk? I’m here to serve. If only!

“I told you about that sir shit, and the answer’s no sweetheart.” He had his head buried in the paper he was reading over so he missed the way his endearment made me blush, and squeeze my thighs together.

Not to mention the reminder of what had happened the last time I called him sir. My body tingled and grew flush at the memory that had lived in my dreams for days afterwards.

It was just after his divorce was final and I guess he was in a mood. I’d asked him a question pretty much like the one I just did. But instead of the mild mannered, even tempered response I’d expected from the usually sociable heartthrob. I’d gotten a gruff, “Only women I take to my bed call me that little girl.”

I’d been stunned into silence, not just at his words, but the look in his eyes when he said them. I was left standing there staring after his departing back. Unsure of what to do next.

There’d been a whole myriad of emotions running through me on that particular day. As someone who’d been secretly crushing on him for some time, the fact that his divorce was final was huge.

It feels a lot better lusting after an unmarried man, someone that didn’t belong to someone else. I’d had butterflies in my stomach all day because I knew I no longer had an excuse for not making a play for him. I never would’ve while he was married, no matter how he made me feel.

Then those words and the way he’d said them had sent my mind travelling far and wide and my imagination went wild at the implications.