All Night Long (Vegas After Dark #1) Read Online Tory Baker

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Wylde “Wylder” Hayes is on a mission, one that doesn’t include falling for his sexy new employee.
Wylder’s out to make his new hotel and casino the hottest spot on the Vegas strip. He’s going to make it a success, even if rubbing elbows with the local Kingpin is involved.
One glance at Celeste has him thinking more about claiming her than chasing after money. Her sweet as sin curves, soft smiles, and lips that promise heaven have Wylder ready to make their night together one that neither of them will forget.




Six months, that’s how long this has been in the making, getting my hands dirty in more ways than I care to admit. There’s no way I would have been able to finance it all or get any type of loan, construction or business for the enormity of the once bankrupt and abandoned hotel. It sat for well over three years until it was finally auctioned off. That’s where I came in and bought it at a price no one would touch. A friend who has more connections than I could ever have helped me out. Even if I am a self-made millionaire, it doesn’t touch the billions that come with Nico and his family.

We were the kids, my sister and me who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, living in a single wide trailer, raised by parents who did their damnedest to give my baby sister and me a better life than what they had. Mom worked two jobs, Dad worked as much overtime as he could get, but instead of moving us out of the trailer park into a more affluent home, they socked away as much as they could. My college was paid for, and once I was settled, that’s when they moved. When I made my first million back from my first investment, capitalizing on real estate, flipping homes at first then moving on to commercial buildings, I paid off my parents’ house. As much as they didn’t feel it was my right to do that, I did it anyway. It was easier to ask for forgiveness than asking for permission.

This hotel, though, was something on a bigger scale; you needed more than millions, especially in a place like Vegas. For a hotel that housed all the modern amenities plus gambling, the bond alone would have taken me years to come up with. So, I bucked up and called in Nico. I needed the money, his family needed a place to launder money. Is it illegal? Yeah. Am I a sell-out? Probably, but at least I’m man enough to admit it, and I’m damn sure not corrupt. I was the one sleeping in my office, never leaving unless it was an absolute necessity, only to shower and eat. It was worth it, especially now, as I’m doing the final walk-through with Monica, my human resource manager, and her assistant, Pierre. Our soft opening is tonight. We’ve invited well-known celebrities, public relation companies, a few magazines, and it seems the room where the blackjack and roulette table are located is seeing a lot of action.

“Ready to see where all the magic will happen for the people who want to get away?” Monica asks as we walk outside the back doors leading to the pool. There are people sitting around the bars. There’s even a swim-up bar that will get a lot of use during the daytime tomorrow seeing how this only started tonight and will run through the weekend.

“Hmmm, and you think it’s the spa?” Pierre clears his throat, a smug smile plastered on his face. I’d like to say I know a lot about what every person wants, but I’m not a mind reader, especially when it comes to something like a spa.

“Guaranteed. You’ll get a return on your investment in less than four months. Wylder Casino and Hotel offers more than meets the eye, and wait till you see what we’ve got up our sleeve,” Pierre chimes in. These two would know more than me. They may work in human resources, but both have a background in marketing and a keen eye to detail, much like myself.

“I sure hope so.” Jesus, the amount I have invested in this place, I’ll owe Nico and his family for more than the ten years we agreed upon. He may be a longtime friend, but no fucking way do I want the Italian mafia at my heels because I can’t produce the cash to work in their favor.

“Well, allow me to introduce Viva la Tranquillità.” This is the one area where I was a fish out of water, so I made sure they had what was needed in terms of rooms for the spa, keeping it basic so that whoever was managing it could make it their own seeing as how they’ll be paying a certain amount of money a month from the spa’s profit.