Waves of Hope (Sanderling Cove Inn #1) Read Online Judith Keim

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Hope and determination can bring results…

Ellie Weatherby and the four other grandmothers living at Sanderling Cove decide with only two great-grandchildren, it’s time to swing into action. They invite their grandchildren to spend the summer at the cove, hoping to encourage romance between them. Ellie invites all three of her granddaughters to take over the management of the Sanderling Cove Inn so that she and her bridegroom can spend the time traveling in Europe for their honeymoon.
Charlotte Bradford, Olivia Winters, and Brooke Weatherby are all at a point in their lives where they have the time to do as she asks. For Charlotte, it’s an excuse to leave her marketing career and life in New York City. After realizing her partner was never going to step up and do her share of work, Livy has just sold her bakery store in Virginia. Brooke is more than eager to leave her job as an accountant in upstate New York and, more importantly, escape the lonely life of keeping an eye on her mother who suffers from fibromyalgia and depression.
When Shane Ensley is sailing with Charlotte and another “cove kid”, Eric Simon, the boom knocks him into the water unconscious. When Charlotte rescues him, it changes everything for them. And starts the summer exactly as the grandmothers had hoped.
Grandmothers can be very determined when it comes to seeing their grandchildren happy. A family saga full of love. Be sure to read all the books in the series – Waves of Hope, Sandy Wishes, Salty Kisses.
Another of Judith Keim’s series books celebrating love and families, strong women meeting challenges, and clean women’s fiction with a touch of romance—beach reads for all ages with a touch of humor, satisfying twists, and happy endings. Be sure to check out her other delightful books and series that readers adore.



Eleanor “Ellie” Weatherby sat on the front porch of the home she and her deceased husband, William, had built in the 1970s at Sanderling Cove on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Since its original construction, the house had been renovated several times, buildings had been added to the oversized property, and Ellie was now co-owner of an upscale operation called The Sanderling Cove Inn.

She’d invited her three granddaughters to visit her. At the thought, waves of hope swept through her. She loved her granddaughters with all her heart and hoped to settle a family issue with them. Born within eighteen months of one another, they were a remarkable trio. But which one of them would be willing to do as she asked? They were each unique. But then her three daughters were very different and, to her disappointment, not close.

At fifty-nine, Vanessa, her oldest, was overly involved in New York society, a woman focused on appearance. Vanessa herself was a stunning, auburn-haired, gray-eyed woman who was used to being noticed. She’d had a tragic first marriage that fell apart after her three-year-old son drowned in the surf not far from Sanderling Cove. Charlotte, Vanessa’s twenty-nine-year-old daughter, was still trying to find her place in the world. It was no wonder. Neither of her parents was the warm, cuddly type. Ellie sighed.

Ellie thought of JoAnne, her middle daughter. Two years younger than Vanessa, Jo was a single mother. Of all her daughters, Jo was the sweetest and the one who’d suffered most in life. She’d struggled with depression for years and now fought every day with numerous symptoms of fibromyalgia and the problems associated with it. Jo’s daughter, Brooke, just turned twenty-eight and was a strong supporter of her mother, but, in Ellie’s opinion, her granddaughter should be out on her own. Both Brooke and Jo needed to add sparkle to their lives, brighten their appearance, buy some new clothes, enjoy what fun they could. Jo made a good living working from home doing IT work for an understanding company, and Brooke worked in an accounting office. They lived in upstate New York, where Jo had been her happiest before her fiancé was killed in Iraq.

Last but certainly not least, Leigh, her youngest and her father’s favorite, entered her thoughts. She was a beauty with caramel-colored hair and green eyes that sparkled. At 49, Leigh still attracted attention and favors from others, but it hadn’t always been easy. She’d had her daughter out-of-wedlock at 20, and after going back to work when Olivia was less than a year old, she’d ended up marrying her boss a few years later. Her husband, Jack, pampered her, which seemed appropriate after she gave him two sons, whom they both adored. But it was Olivia, with strawberry-blond hair, blue eyes, and a short figure, who was Ellie’s favorite.

Ellie kept in touch with her daughters frequently, but she didn’t often see them. Vanessa hated Florida after losing her son there, Jo didn’t like to travel, and Leigh was a social butterfly, a southern belle who was usually too busy. However, all three daughters encouraged their girls to visit her in Sanderling Cove. Ellie loved their times together, loved them in a way that was easier than being a parent to them. Grandmothers could get away with saying quite a lot, and Ellie was known for not holding back. She tried to be a supportive, loving figure in the family and did her best to hold them all together.