Uncovering Seven (Alias Protection #2) Read Online Annie Miller

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MI6 Operative Jude “Seven” Butler left everything he loved and joined an elite group of assassins in the United States. Why? He had nothing keeping him in England, not since he believed he was responsible for the death of the woman he loved.
When a mission went sideways, Seven relied on no one to have his back. Not his family, not his MI6 partner, and most definitely not the agency. Leaving the past in the past where it belonged, Seven believed nothing would ever make him return to his motherland. Then one text message changed everything.
Aria McClaire had been keeping a secret for years. She let everyone believe she was dead, including the man she loved and the child she bore. Until the picture changed everything.
The minute the flash went off, she knew her secrets were going to be revealed, and the only one who could save her and their daughter was the man she left to take the fall for her death.



Who knew saying yes to his date would forever change Aria's life? If she'd known, could she honestly say she would've rejected his invitation? No. Even knowing what Jude's love would cost her, she'd do it all over again. This time, however, she'd pray for a different outcome. Maybe even a happily ever after, even though she knew that wasn't in the cards for either of them.

So why hadn't she told him the truth about who she really was? And more importantly, why hadn't she told him about Victoria?

Those were just a few of the questions that kept her up at night; they were always playing on an endless loop... Why? Why? Why? But she knew the answer... She couldn't trust him. What little she had uncovered had forced her hand. Jude's betrayal had forever altered her life. He was to blame for his own sins, but he'd also given her no choices. He'd wanted her dead. She still wasn't sure why but knew in time it would all be revealed.

Even now, at the ripe old age of thirty-seven, Aria knew keeping the truth from him had been the wisest decision she'd ever made, even if it wasn't the easiest.

Why had their paths crossed in the first place? Was it by accident or by design? Had she been just another mark? Another threat? Or had meeting the MI6 operative been by accident? Would fate play such a horrendous joke on her? To fall in love with the one person who could bring down years of hard work. Years without her family? And years without love or commitment? Had meeting Jude been the only catalyst for her decision to end her life, leave her daughter behind, and flee for safety? The answer was straightforward... Yes. Jude Butler was why she'd left everything behind.

Snap out of it, Aria told herself. Somehow, she had to get inside the mansion. She couldn't sit on the sidelines any longer, hoping her daughter would be safe and pray Jude would protect them. Even if he hadn't known who Victoria was, his character wouldn't let her suffer. It was the same reason she had let everyone think she was dead. She was afraid, and she was never afraid. But it wasn't only fear and insecurity that had her driven her determination. She knew Jude wasn't a family man. He'd feel trapped. And yet even years later, she wondered if she had given his feelings any consideration, would she still be looking through her sniper's perch? Had she given him credit for the kind of person he was? No, she'd kept Victoria safe and out of both of their lives. And while giving her up had been the hardest thing she'd ever done; she wanted Victoria to have a happy childhood. She'd chosen who Victoria's parents would be. Tony was a former FBI agent who now owed his own private sector securities company, and Rhonda was a stay-at-home mother. Victoria was in a safe and loving home. It was that knowledge that had kept Aria from bringing her daughter home. It was also what kept her in hiding until she heard of Tony and Rhonda's death. She knew it was Raphael who had ordered the hit.

Today, she was going to reclaim what was hers. Today, she was going to find her daughter and never let anyone else raise her again. Today was the day she'd save her daughter once more, and today would be the day she called Jude and told him the truth. Six years of lies would finally end today, after she had her daughter back in her arms.

So engrossed in her own thoughts, she'd nearly missed the text.

"Abort. MI6 has secured the hostages."

With shaky hands, she replied to her handler.

"All of them, including the six-year-old?"

"All of them. It's in MI6's hands now. Come home."